Jun 05

Until today I both had intelliscreen and iToday installed on my ipod touch. I used iToday because I preferred the layout and it showed more calendar items at once, then Intelliscreen. But today the 1.02 update for Intelliscreen got released with some real nice new features that definitely made me switch to Intelliscreen. Intelliscreen, the application that allows you to customize your lockscreen with live rss feeds, wheater reports, mail inbox, calendar items, sms inbox and several other options, now has a feature to manually customize the layout of the items.

Under the button View Layout, you get a preview of your lockscreen.
There you can add/remove the items with a single tap, lock items on the screen by double tapping them, move the items up and down in the screen, but most important of all you are able to resize the items by pinching them.
For me that’s a big plus, because it really bothered me how the old Intelliscreen only showed 2 callender items and I had to scroll down in my lockscreen to view more.
Now you can make your lockscreen items as big (or small) as you want.
What’s also very usefull is that there is an Intelliscreen #2, that means the application allows you to have 2 pages with different items.
By tapping the ‘2’ in you lockscreen (after you customized the 2nd page in Intelliscreen), you are able to view the 2nd page in the lockscreen. An interesting feature because you are now able to store more items in the lockscreen.
Yesterday the v1.01 update was released with another interesting feature. In this update they added a ‘IntelliSkin’ option, the ability to customize the intelliscreen with different colours and borders through skin packages.
The Intelliskin also has an option to request skin packages from HTTP.
There’s one downside of the application, from version 1.0 (being done with the BETA period) the developer added licenses, which means the application now costs money (it does have a trial period for 10 days).
There are 3 Different licenses:

  • Basic License for $4,99

But this excludes some of the hottest features like:
Show mail from multiple accounts
Resize Layout (ie, show just the Calendar)
Skin Choices
Alert Reminders for call, unread email, or unread SMS
Add Custom News/RSS Feed
2 IntelliScreen – simply press the #2 at the top for page 2
Show multiple weather location
Upcoming IntelliScreen features

  • • Premium License for $19,99

In Addition To Basic Features:

Alert Reminders for call, unread email, or unread SMS
Add Custom News/RSS Feed
Resize Layout (ie, show just the Calendar)
Skin Choices
2 IntelliScreen – simply press the #2 at the top for page 2
Show mail from multiple accounts
Show multiple weather location
Upcoming IntelliScreen features
Upgrades through version 1.x (bug fixes – and new functionality)

  • • Premium License with Support for $49,99

Premium Features including 6 Months Support (you can read the License Agreement on their website for more details)

1) Locate and install the application

2) Some screenshots of the changes.

To sum it up Intelliscreen is a great application, I really love the new features but I have to think twice if the prices are worth it to get a license for it. Cause I am not really into paying money for applications, but just maybe Intelliscreen might change that.

This little app is available in the Installer.app through the Intelliborn & Modmyifone source, see our sources page.

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7 Responses to “Intelliscreen v1.02 -today screen for iPhone”

  1. me Says:

    why is the price so high? i would pay if it’s 10 dollars.. but 20 dollars?? sigh..

  2. Braden Says:

    The prices for this app are ridiculous!
    I upgraded to Intelliscreen 1.0 via Installer, and then saw that I was now under a 10 day trial. But luckily, I have a reoccuring problem of outdated version of apps showing up in my updates tab in installer, and it was showing the old (free) version of Intelliscreen Beta as an update. This allowed me to “downgrade” my new Intelliscreen version to the old free beta. Now I still have my alerts! Yay!

  3. Jeff Says:

    I like this app and dont mind paying for things that alot of hardwork goes into, i.e. iphone video recorder. However is this app going to work on the next firmware upgrade?

  4. me Says:

    the answer is no… only version 1.0 is supported when u buy it now.. thats ridiculous i say..

  5. dimitrios tsolakis Says:

    its all nice but cant seem to remove disable its like bugged stuck

  6. Dave Says:

    Man can u some how get that old beta version to me.

  7. admonkey Says:

    Braden: how did you downgrade? is this still possible? I’m trying to downgrade away from 2.32 to a older version since they removed coverflow from intellidial. I loved that feature for my favorite contacts, but now it’s not there
    plz hlp puckett221@yahoo.com

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