Jun 04

VLC by is a popular multi-format video and audio player for a wide variety of systems. Within the past few days ZodTTD has successfully ported over VLC to the Apple iPhone and iPod Touch, according to ZodTTD the app will soon play FLAC, OGG and perhaps VCD, DivX, XVIX, WMA, WMV. The app is still in beta at present, and you can only get if if you are a donating member of ZodTTD.

To become a beta tester, simply donate via his site.

I have some screenhots but i didn’t got the time yet to thoroughly test it. I’ll keep you guys updated when this is released in the installer.

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12 Responses to “VLC for iPhone soon to be released (vlc4iphone)”

  1. joopmicroop Says:

    nice app, wich I already had it. It’s a putty tough that it is donationware..

  2. George Says:

    This is a crapy app. I prefer the default iPod app. Its bug-free… :smile:

  3. Jash Sayani Says:

    Hey Multinova,

    Which one is the “Network” app on your screen… ?

  4. sebax Says:

    Would be nice to play avi and load subtitles, but the interface and buttons are really crappy tho..

  5. Matthew Fleigle Says:

    I paid the $5, and the app doesnt work for me. I tried mpg and mp4 and neither worked

  6.   No more video conversion? VLC coming to iPhone? — winandmac.com Says:

    […] [via iPhoneFreakz] […]

  7. wut Says:

    Finally! All this thing really needs to do is play xvid. I’ve seen people request other formats like flv WTF do you think youtube is for. Or mp3/4 dude do you even have an iPod? Xvid player is all that’s needed for tv shows andmovies. HR formats are useless given the screen res and storage space.

  8. buyasonyClie Says:

    VLC IS OPENSOURCE AND FREE… by “donating” you are violating sourceforge’s policies douche.

  9. metallerium Says:

    here is the “vlc4iphone.app” WORKS with firm 2.0, 2.0.1, 2.0.2 and 2.1 tested by me…
    you can upload via SSH or convert to (.IPA) dragging the folder (.app) to itunes… enjoy!!

    aqui les dejo el “vlc4iphone.app” TRABAJA con el firmware 2.0, 2.0.1, 2.0.2 y 2.1 ya lo he
    probado y aprovado por mi que si funciona! puedes subirlo via SSH or convertirlo a “.ipa”
    arrastrando la carpeta “.app” al itunes y luego sincronizando… disfrutenlo!



    and here you got another of my uploads, is the guitar hero tap it in IPA and APP file for use
    with itunes or upload vis SSH… enjoy!

    y aqui les otra de mis subidas, se trata del guitar hero tap it en .ipa y .app archivos para usar
    con itunes o subir via SSH… disfrutenlo!


  10. sebax Says:

    does this really works??

  11. BIGIFA Says:

    i second that someone makeing profit out of the VLC open sorce is a huge no no bloody scum bags

  12. toni kay Says:

    works for me but how do i delete the video that i have downloaded?

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