Jun 03

Remind you is a new application that transforms your slide to unlock screen to a calendar view. The app doesn’t have much special visual tricks or extra features, but if you’re the kind of man/woman who quickly needs to look at the next meeting, then this app is something for you. However.. there’s 1 thing about this app that i do need to mention! It’s price is 19,95$. We still have great alternatives like iToday and Intelliscreen.

1) Locate and install the app

2) Let’s run the app and have a look at all of it’s options.

3) When you start the app, there’s only 1 settings screen.
This gives you the following settings.

  1. Enable or disable the app
  2. Set the fontsize
  3. Chose the font
  4. Select the font color
  5. Enable font boldness
  6. Set 24h time
  7. Dimm the wallpaper
  8. Set the dimming level
  9. Set the registration

4) The final result will look like this. I did found another problem with this app. When your iPhone is docked, the agenda will not show up.

This little app is available in the Installer.app through the BigBoss packaging source, see our sources page.


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16 Responses to “Remind You 1.0 – Reminder app for lockscreen iPhone”

  1. PD.. Says:

    i uninstalled the app but still shows my old events in Home page..i tried to install it again to disable it first then uninstall it, but now even if i disable it it overlaps new Events on top of old ones and my home is sooooooooo messy… what should i do to get rid of it???

  2. Multinova Says:

    Install the app.. Then disable, then remove and then uninstall the app.
    Chose another background and your problem should be resolved :razz:

  3. Andres Says:

    hey, i need some help, i installed the app but then i had problems with it so i tried to uninstall with the installer but i coudnt so i tried via ssh but i still have some prblems, my question is if the app copy some files to different place that app or just there??


  4. Sarj Says:

    Do not install this apps i installed it and my phone functions stopped working so turned the phone off now my phone is dead and i can not even turn it on

  5. lildude Says:

    please don’t install the application its a waste of time and everything freezes and not sure if this is working at all.

  6. IK Says:

    I also installed this App and now the Phone is completly frozen. It just does not respond. This is a Complete waste of time…

    How do i get out of this situation now ?

  7. PD.. Says:

    Thanks alot … it worked

  8. hady Says:

    I also installed this app and I am really upset, my iPhone is completely frozen too. a screen showed to enter a passcode but i could not type the passcode at all. I was panic, I removed my sim card worrying that my iPhone keep connecting to the internet, I called my friend asking me to shut it down by pressing power on/off and home buttons simultaneously, it rebooted showing apple logo but it REBOOTS IN A LOOP. I tried to do restore and recovery (by pressing power on/off and home buttons simultaneously, when the screen turn black I release the power on/off button only hoping recovery or restore icon turning up), It can’t be done. Reboot keeps looping. Try to connect my iPhone to my computer, the Itunes cannot recognise my iPhone. PLEASE HELP!!!

  9. Sonie Says:


  10. hateyou Says:

    Lousy Apps! hang my iPhone and can’t switch on!! :evil:

  11. Nightrider Says:

    I installed intelliscreen on my iphone (1.1.4) and the system required me to reboot. When I shitched off and on my phone, it hung up just displaying the apple logo in the middle of the screen. I just cannot get the phone to work. What shall I do? Please help. Thanks

  12. David Says:

    i updat my IPHONE to 2.0, but now the REMINDYOU software is not availible anymore!?
    were can i download it because i have a registered software

  13. Guest Says:


    I faced the similar issue after installing this app, my iphone(1.1.4) started hanging as soon as i installed this app.

    I have tried multiple restarts which never helped, I was not able to remove that app ,as my iphone restarts before i select the app and uninstall it….finally i managed to remove that app after multiple retries…now my iphone is back to normal….

    be careful if you are installing it for the first time…..


  14. iphone Says:

    annnnd… NEEDS to find a way to have better reception with this phone and STOP dropping calls!

  15. Joasi Says:

    after installation – jailbreaked 2.2 – the app only panics and keeps on panicing.
    any idea, eg. newer version or something else missing?
    i know from friends this app is a killer app :)


  16. mapp Says:

    Slapper is a very nice reminder app. I love it!

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