Jun 03

Pool is a fun application to play a game of pool, 8-ball or 9-ball on your iphone, or ipod touch. With Different gametypes (single player, vs. Computer and 2vs2) it’s a fun game to kill the time. The game has a few new features after the 2.1 update. Allow me to briefly explain what changed. First of all the developer improved the important AI algorithm, balls go where they should go with the correct movement. Thanks to developer RipDev the game now also contains some sound effects that definitely cheer up the game some more.And there are also 2 important bugfixes by the developer.

The problem where you are able to ‘lose’ a ball (lost-ball-bug) is fixed and the strange ball behavior near the pocket is fixed too. It’s a fun game to play, but there are still two things bothering me. One, the developer is charging for the application (you have a 3-day trial period) and second, the strength with which you can hit the ball is pretty great. The game isn’t very realistic when you can hit a ball with a certain speed that it can hit the sides for about 9 to 10 times. Besides that it’s a fun game to play, too bad it will cost us..

This little app is available in the Installer.app through the Rip-dev packaging source, see our sources page.


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6 Responses to “Pool 2.1 – Billiards for the Apple iPhone”

  1. Pedro Vaz Says:

    How can i get the activation code?

  2. Pedro Vaz Says:

    Hello, i can i get the ACTIVATION CODE?

  3. Haneef Says:

    How can i get the activation code?

  4. Pink Says:

    Strange thing… There’s no activation code in public and this staff can’t be broght now..

  5. Pedro Vaz Says:

    But, i cannot understand, if they are not selling this app, why they still publishing news about it. If this app, isn’t available for download, please, stop mentioning it. WHO CAN GIVE ME THE ACTIVATION CODE? I WILL PAY IT! I NEED THIS GAME.

  6. who? Says:

    activation code: 92572123

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