May 30

iPhone Video Recorder received an update to version today.
As i haven’t reviewed this app before, this is a excellent opportunity to have a look at it.
iPhone Video recorder the brainchild of the company DreamCatcher.
The app allows you to record video on your iPhone at approx 15fps. It compresses the audio and video at mp4, this let’s you record up to 1 hour of video and still only have a file size off about 60mb.
There’s only 1 little problem.. it’s not free, a license will cost you about 19.95$, but you will receive updates for all the versions to come. Even a free upgrade to the 3G iPhone will be given when you have a official license.

I’ve been using this app for some time now, and i personally like it very much.
Let’s check it out.

1) locate and install the app.

2) When you launch the app, it will warn you that you have the unregistered version.

The unregistered version is limited to record up to 30 seconds and this only for 30 times.

3) Let’s check the settings.

The first screen let’s you set the general settings. Here you can enable the auto encoding (the app will start encoding your movie as soon as you have stopped filming) and enable your signature (only in the registered version)

The video settings let you adjust the video mode, image quality and the brightness.

The Audio settings will let you chose the level of the amplifier and the audio bitrate.

4) Let’s make a video. To start recording just press the camera button. When you’re finished press the camera button again, the app will autostart encoding if you have enabled this, or it will go back to your splash screen where you can see all your movies.

Videos that need to be encoded will be in red. videos that are already encoded will appear in green!

5) Let’s share the video. And upload it to youtube so that you guys can see what the quality is.

The youtube/google tap will let you add any account of google or youtube. The app also has a direct buttons to create accounts if you don’t have any.

The final result .. (this is just a proof of concept of me and a friend toying around on a iPhone)

Don’t forget to check out DreamCatcher’s contest, they are giving away some very nice prices.

This little app is available in the through the iPhoneVideoRecorder 1.2.0 packaging source, see our sources page.


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2 Responses to “iPhone video recorder 1.2.4”

  1. thabigboss Says:

    lol they already cracked this vr :mrgreen:

  2. Allen Says:

    The new takes away the ability to run the 30 second recordings.

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