May 30

I received the following mail today and decided to share it with you.

As you probably know, we have designed a fring pre –release version for the iPhone which we made available for the guys to play with around mid April. Also, while not originally designed for, by now we have huge number of iPodtouch users downloading and communicating via fring ….. and they tell us what needs more work.

So here’s a quick heads’ up: we releasing this morning an updated version of fring for iPhone. This version while designed for the iPhone is also addressing issues in the iPodTouch.

I didn’t yet have the time to test the updated version. But for now you can read my full review if you need to get some more detailed information.

The full fring review can be found here.

Have a look at the following developer video, it’s actually very funny .. ipod no voice .. iphone voice :)

This little app is available in the through the Fring packaging source, see our sources page.


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One Response to “Fring update for iPod Touch”

  1. Mirza Says:

    it says package failed… :cry: what should i do…i’ve restarted,refreshed…readded thee sources even…any help?

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