May 29

RuBooks is a enhancment of the Books application.
Rubooks can open OC/PDF/XLS, FB2, including support to zip-archived files.
I has localization support for Russian, German, Chinese, English and Japanese.
With rubooks you can search Texts, scrool with the volucom buttons, has support for table of contents, book cover and you can virtually open any book file anywhere on your device.
Overall this app is a good improvement over the old books app :)

1) Locate and install the app.

2) Drop any book in your /var (u can use my how to get files on your device tutorial here)

3) Let’s Start the app and have a look at the options.

The text display screen will let you select the font, font size, colors, enable the keep line on scroll, use the volume buttons to scroll, and enable the bottom toolbar.

You can enable the auto-hide function of the navigation bar and bottom toolbar. If you enable this and need it, just tap your screen once and they will appear.

Toolbar options screen let’s you chose left-handed mode, inverse navigation and enlarge tap zones.

The file import screen let’s you select your txt encoding, smart conversion, render html tables, chapters, split automatically.

The tap-scroll speed can be set to slow, fast and instant.

This little app is available in the through the BigBoss packaging source, see our sources page.



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8 Responses to “RuBooks”

  1. Jash Sayani Says:

    This app is really cool !!!!!

    It can read PDF files ! I have 100s of cool PDF eBooks that I can read ! :smile:

  2. JJ Says:

    How do I copy PDFs to my Ipod touch? I have installed ruBooks but I don’t know hot to use it!

  3. Multinova Says:

    Please check iphone USB file management the links on the right bar ->>>

  4. Multinova Says:

    Or SSH management —>

  5. Jake Says:

    is there any way to save your progress on pdfs? i can’t seem to youse the find function either. not counting those issues great app,

  6. zerez Says:

    use DiskAid for Mac ….
    Need a jailbreak iPhone to access to root and to ur var folder…

  7. Cecil Says:

    This app will not open on my phone. It is a 3g, 3.1 firmware and it is jailbroke. What is going on?

  8. jose Says:


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