May 28

The following screenshot popped up when someone found it in a images directory on After studying it briefly, we came to the conclusion it had to do something with the new Mac AppStore that is coming up. It looks like some profile setup for the iphone.

In March 2008, Apple announced they wanted to control the sale and distribution of applications for the iphone and ipod touch. The applications would be distributed in a so called Application Store, Apple is going to launch. CEO Steve Jobs described App Store as “an application we’ve written to deliver apps to the iphone. And we’re going to put it on every single iphone with the next release of the software.”

The release of Mac’s AppStore is expected in June. Unfortunate for the ipod touch owners, they will probably have to pay a small fee to update to 2.0 firmware with AppStore.


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7 Responses to “First AppStore Screenshot??”

  1. tysiphonehelp Says:

    It think it will be more fancier than that.

  2. iphoneinator Says:

    this isnt what it looked like in the demo on the march 6th event. even if that wasnt real i would think they would make it like the demo.

  3. mk Says:

    This is a Konfigurationprofile-Example for Exchange:

  4. RvdP Says:

    Thanks for the comment there mk, you are absolutely right!

  5. Jash Sayani Says:

    Thats just Awesome !
    Waiting to download apps from AppStore !

    PS: Do we need to pay 99$ for registering for AppStore or We can submit apps for Free if we develop freewares..?

  6. iTouch Says:

    This is the appstore!

  7. RvdP Says:

    There is a 70/30 revenue split with Apple for the applications, but when the developper decides to offer it for free, there are no charges at all.

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