May 27

DreamCatcher, the creators of the iPhone video recorder are launching a contest.
To celebrate the blossom of iPhone Video Recorder, we, DreamCatcher are launching a video contest for the most creative and smooth videos which are made using iPhone Video Recorder. The Contest organization committee will choose top 10 winners from the participants by the end date June 30th, 2008.

Videos will be ranked based on these criteria:
1. Use of DreamCatcher’s iPhone Video Recorder.
2. Youtube users rate and views counts.

3. Creativity.
4. Smoothness.

Ranking of the videos for the Finalist Prizes is based on the decision of the DreamCatcher contest organization committee and DreamCatcher’s decision is final.

Below are simple steps to join in the Contest:
1. Record videos with DreamCatcher’s iPhone Video Recorder.
2. Upload the videos to Youtube.
3. Join in the Youtube group “ivr”, and add the videos to the group: YouTube group ivr.
4. Promote your videos on Youtube.
5. Good Luck!

First Prize
Apple iPhone or equivallent(399$)

Second Prize
Apple iPod Nano or equivallent(149$)

Third Prize
Apple iPod Shuffle or equivallent(49$)

7 other winners
iPhone Video Recorder + iPhone Audio Recorder Power Pack

Contest details here

For the people who don’t have the iPhoneVideoRecord, you can grab it via the iPhoneVideoRecorder source. See our sources page

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19 Responses to “iPhone Video Recorder contest. (win a free iPhone)”

  1. tysiphonehelp Says:

    When will the winners be announced?

  2. Multinova Says:

    How the Contest Works
    The contest begins on Thursday, May 20th, 2008 at 8 pm PST and ends on June 30th, 2008 at 8 pm PST.

  3. tysiphonehelp Says:

    Yeah i seen the link to the site. Found everything there i just didnt see it when
    i posted the comment. lol Thanks though. ;)

  4. Andy Says:

    Cool; this will definitely advertise their applications. :lol:

  5. iphoneinator Says:

    i know this is off subject but does the newest version of winpwn allow installer or cydia to work? (preferably installer)

  6. Andy Says:

    I know Installer works, and I believe Cydia works as well.

  7. iphoneinator Says:

    oh, thanks, would you recommend switching over to it? i currently have my iphone jailbroken with iliberty+ and really wanna give it a try.. do all apps work with it?

  8. Andy Says:

    It’s just another safer method of jailbreaking. The apps will work. This just gives you more options: change boot logos, unlock, change bootloader, activate.

  9. iphoneinator Says:

    yes ive used it with 1.1.4 and i liked it except it messed up.. one more question. do they have a custom firmare for the latest beta 2.0 (5a274d) available. if i remember right you need the firmware to be custom for it to work.

  10. Andy Says:

    Correct, you can just download the 2.0 FW, and then customize it yourself.

  11. iphoneinator Says:

    ummm well… i feel really stupid but.. can you tell me how to do that? its been a while since i used winpwn and i forgot how. :oops:
    thanks a lot!

    p.s. ive posted this for the second time becuase i dont think it posted the first incase you see me say that twice!

  12. Andy Says:

    I can’t at the moment. I’m studying for finals.

  13. iphoneinator Says:

    awww man well.. is there anyway you can give me link to the page to tell me how? i REALLY wanna/need to know!

  14. Multinova Says:

    both version allow for installation of installer and cydia,

  15. Multinova Says:

    my winpwn tutorial shows you how to get firmware 2.0 on the iphone. However, as the framework of 2.0 has changed, most app’s will not run on the new firmware.

  16. Andy Says:

    Correct. So, basically, you can switch to 2.0 just to mess around with it, but, for functionality purposes and everything, you will have to go back to 1.1.4 because there are only a handful of applications that function on 2.0.

  17. iphoneinator Says:

    yes i read your tutorial and it helped but it showed that the latest version of the 2.0 software pwnable was beta 3. andy made it wound like he was saying you could create a custom ispw for beta 4 and 5 and that is what i was trying to figure out but i seems as if you cant. i really only use about 3 apps most of the time and that is mobilechat, snapture, and customize. i also use terminal a lot but i would have no need if most apps dont work. thanks for the help though everyone. might anyone know when beta version 4+5 will be released for winpwn? and when most apps will work if ever?

  18. Jash Sayani Says:

    I Agree !

  19. Jash Sayani Says:

    Yeah! I used 2.0 for a week and then switched back to 1.1.4 because there were no apps for it !

    Apple has changed the whole API and so the current apps cant work in that environment.

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