May 26

3 new pictures have surfaced on the net off the iPhone 3g.
They show us the new iPhone in 3 colors (white, red and black). A thinner chassis, 2 camera’s (one in front and one in the back (enhanced cam)).
To me these are fake ones again, they do look nice, but i’m missing some of the apple look, but then again we never know for sure until Apple will release them :)

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15 Responses to “New iPhone 3g pictures !”

  1. thabigboss Says:

    :shock: well they look fake :grin:

  2. Braden Says:

    I sure hope they’re real. They look amazing!

  3. iphoneinator Says:

    these look a lot more legit than other rumor/pics weve heard! any way we can know where theyre from?! i would totally buy the 2nd gen iphone if this is it! (the slogan also seems very appleish to me :wink: )

  4. haris Says:

    they dont look fake cause is the same with current except the 3g camera spot

  5. iphoneinator Says:

    also what makes you think these dont look so apple to you?

  6. Kleinerfeigling Says:

    The new App Store Icon is missing and i don’t think that Apple would show their new iPhones with an old Firmware

  7. Eivind Says:

    The top picture is taken from Apples iPhone gallery.
    Same reflections and angle!

  8. iphoneinator Says:

    they would if they plan to bring this out before the iphone 2.0 software update which i hope they do! (and think they will)

  9. iphoneinator Says:

    the only thing that doesnt look to appeling to me is the black camera on the front of the white iphone… youd think they could hide it a bit better.. if this is the real thing (which, once again, i think it is). assuming these are real i wont be buying a white one.. most likely a black and maybe a red but probably not

  10. Jash Sayani Says:

    Well, thats some good Photoshop work! But Apple has confirmed that it will be thicker thsn the current iPhone due to integrated 3G and GPS. And will be Glossy Black from front & back. !

  11. Bugs B. Says:

    well actually, they didn’t say it would be thicker… they said that the battery will be thicker..(which might makes you think that the phone it self will be thicker)… but its not … it’s gonna be the same size… the new chips they’re using is actually thinner than this one…. which makes more room for the battery, hence thicker batteries….but it’s gonna be the same size at the end

  12. reflection Says:

    doe’s anyone think it’s going to extremely hard to buy an iphone 3G on july 11th,please respond as soon as possible. :razz:

  13. What Says:

    The red looks ugly but they should come out with other colors.

  14. iphoneowner Says:

    the new iPhone 3g is an awsome phone it has all you need and it’s like a mini computer all in one it’s a realy cool phone it has so many features that will keep you entertained for hours trust me it’s not fake I’m busy using it right now! The awsime silent mode feature is realy nice(on the side of the phone)

  15. dylan Says:

    i whant it but it looks fake how do i now it is not fake huand how much r they

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