May 25

Are you getting bored of the same blue theme color?
Well i made some packages that will let you change your theme interface colors to, yellow, lightblue(aqua), darkblue, grey, black, orange, lemon, green , lila and for the girls pink !

What do you have to do to get this activated onto your iPhone or iPod touch?
Add to your list of sources and chose the color that you like.

Some examples :














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76 Responses to “Change your color themes”

  1. mandms Says:

    I uninstalled this but my icons remained the same green, is there a fix?

  2. Multinova Says:

    Ok don’t give up hope just yet.
    download the file i put above.

    Try to connect to your device with the following tutorial.

    If the t-pot thing doesn’t work, you can try it with iPhone pc suite

    one of the 2 should work for you..

  3. elr0y7 Says:

    Uh I think you have your lemons and your limes mixed up…and where’s the red!? Common, you should at least have the basic colors! :roll: ;)

  4. heyzues Says:

    is there anything like this for firmware 2.0?

  5. Kim Says:

    Help! I just tried downloading this on my phone and when I go to apply the pink color, it says, “Error- Unable to decode package. More info at your site”. Any ideas???

  6. Ashley Says:

    I need help I really don’t understan how to do this!

  7. Adam Says:

    Please help me i added the you provided and i copyed it to my ipod touch beacuse i thought somthing was not working and it over wrote the original that was on my iphone and my ipod touch app store are all not working please do you have the original file!

  8. KIsses Says:

    how i do i get to sources on i phone:(

  9. christy Says:

    hi, there. i tried to add the link above to my source but it says “did not find repository. the indicated repository could not be found…and so on”

    i have an iphone 3g (white) and i really want to change it but it keeps showing me the same error.

    please show me how to fix it. thank you.

  10. JAY Says:

    hi i was just wondering if u could get these for the iphone 3gs on firmware 3.1.2 change the interface to pink reali want it???

  11. elena Says:

    Hi there,
    I wanna know where do i find the source area to put the link in?
    Thanks :)

  12. Jono Says:

    hey, your repo isnt working anymore… it says its invalid.
    is there a new one?

  13. Shimmy Says: could not find

    it doest work!!!!


  14. Eric Says:

    I REALLY WANT THESE BUT THE REPO IS GONE! Anyway I can download the file and install it manually?

  15. LynzeeKeeeith Says:

    i am soooo confused..? how do you download and install the color themes? please explain in word that are easy to understand

  16. airjer Says:

    I’ve been googlin my ass off trying to find this specifically and it’s down :(.

  17. thunder-o Says:

    why i can’t download it on the cydia?
    it can’t find

    what’s take place?is there a new one?

  18. Craig8318 Says:

    Did not Find Repository

    iPhone1,1 3.1.3 custom firmware

  19. Ember Says:

    trying to figure out how to make my Iphone Orange…
    could you email me a step by step?

  20. Tyler Says:

    Ok where do I go on my phone for this?

  21. Life808 Says:

    What do i put in my iphone to get this app?

  22. Carl13 Says:

    Hi there I’m confused how do I get this on my iPhone so I can start using it?

  23. Olly Says:

    What app/software do you need to get this???

  24. Court Says:

    How do I add that website thing to my sources?

  25. Court Says:

    I have an iPhone and I really want this but I have no idea how to get that website thing into my sources… Or even start to get this on my phone. And idk what my sources even are! Haha Please help! :)

  26. Nat Says:

    I need help I don’t have a clue how to do this! Lol x

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