May 25

Are you getting bored of the same blue theme color?
Well i made some packages that will let you change your theme interface colors to, yellow, lightblue(aqua), darkblue, grey, black, orange, lemon, green , lila and for the girls pink !

What do you have to do to get this activated onto your iPhone or iPod touch?
Add to your list of sources and chose the color that you like.

Some examples :














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76 Responses to “Change your color themes”

  1. me Says:

    nice!!! thank you!

  2. me Says:

    Does it change to default if we uninstall it from the installer?

  3. Dave Says:

    Excellant work thank you

  4. Multinova Says:

    yes it reverts back to the original :razz:

  5. Multinova Says:

    You’re welcome :grin:

  6. Nikola Says:

    Great, I really like it.

    Only one problem, I installed the lime theme and the arrows > (in sms where you have a number in a message) show a white line above them. Also they are a bit pixelated around the edges. Otherwise it’s really great!

  7. eyal Says:

    help!! after i instlled two themes black and yellow i did uninstall
    when i got back to the springboard it restarts all the time

    (i think that the files was not revert to the original)

  8. Multinova Says:

    you schouldn’t install multiple themes.
    1theme and then remove it
    after springboard refresh install another theme.

    Do you have ssh access to the iPhone/iPod ?

  9. eyal Says:


  10. Multinova Says:

    i mailed you the file that you need to copy back to your iPhone.
    It should fix your issue :razz:

  11. Stoffels Says:


    I have the same problem. I can not acces installer, SMB pref, BossPrefs anymore. It starts but then it goes back to springboard. I can not set SSH to on because i can not go into bossprefs. Please help me…

  12. eyal Says:

    i didn’t got it can you please send it again

  13. Multinova Says:

    is your ssh disabled by default ? If not reboot your device and try to connect to it

  14. Multinova Says:

    Here’s the file you need :

    Upload this file back to

    Should fix your issue :)

  15. Stoffels Says:

    I disabled it in bossprefs. Reboot does not help me!

  16. eyal Says:

    thank you very much it worked i love you man
    You are the MAN
    10X 10X 10X 10X

  17. Multinova Says:

    Ok don’t give up hope just yet.
    download the file i put above.

    Try to connect to your device with the following tutorial.

    If the t-pot thing doesn’t work, you can try it with iPhone pc suite

    one of the 2 should work for you..

  18. Multinova Says:

    you’re welcome :razz:

  19. Stoffels Says:

    Does these work on mac? I have leopard!

  20. Multinova Says:

    you’re in luck

    For mac you have iFuntastic which has a filebrowser :)
    I wish i had a mac, then i could make tutorials for mac :idea:

  21. Stoffels Says:

    i try tommorow! Thanks!

  22. JTik Says:

    These are really, really awesome!! Great job, I’m suprised no one has done this yet it so cool. I would love to see a red theme and a burgandy one. A few things are still blue, safari loading bar, iPod shuffle button, not sure what else. Ya those arrows are a little pixelated, but this is still awesome. The windows are also black!

  23. JG Says:

    This thing makes my iphone go crazy! :shock:

    .. i installed the blue one. halfway through the instalation it just goes back to the main iphone screen… and all the colors are messed, weird lines.. mixtures of colors.. Apps also all crash.

    i ssh’d in.. and the new “other.artwork” was there, and the old one was changd to ” other.artwork_old”.. when i went in installer to uninstall the color, there was nothing, so the only way to get rid of the new package i downlaoded, was SSH’ing.

  24. Rony Debs Says:

    sup! how can i change the text color of the icons on springboard from white to yellw?

  25. Rony Debs Says:

    anyone has an idea how to do it manually?

  26. Multinova Says:

    JG, Sorry to hear that, the packages have been tested on multiple iphones, even with Customize installed.. so i think you might have had another program that adjusted the themes..

  27. sikorski Says:


    Is there a way to make custom colors?, I like the upper bar black but I will like to change the other elements colors.

    If you tell me how to do it i will gladly make some new colors so you can post them.


  28. ramendude5400 Says:

    hey, i was wondering if u could make the volume bar change colors too. and the little bubbles in the corner of the email icon when i get new emails. it be very cool if u could do that

  29. Joshe1234 Says:

    :mrgreen: FINALLY, I wait and wait…….eventually the changing colour themes…..GREAT WORK!!!! await something similar to sb… need to install and reinstall….and even with pattern underneath….then that’s perfect!! :!:

  30. Toto Says:

    Hmm.. i don’t know why, I can’t find those mods in installer (even though “iPhoneFreakz” did appear, but only containing “Blueish Battery + several SMS sounds…)

    Besides when checking thru Firefox, I cannot read “Interface” anywhere… how come ?
    And no, I couldn’t install any of those interfaces, so it shouldn’t be a uninstall issue…
    Anyone has a clue ?

  31. Multinova Says:

    That’s strange? Maybee your isp is caching the sites ?
    If you look at in your web-browser and search for Change your theme, you would find the entries .. :wink:

  32. Multinova Says:

    Yes there’s a procedure.. but it’s not that easy .. i might write a how to for this .. but i will need some more time :)

  33. Toto Says:

    Actually it looks like isn’t up-to-date… but now I’ve entered and I can get them ! :o
    Anyway, thanks for your help!

  34. Multinova Says:

    That’s really strang, there’s only 1 repo.xml on my server.. must be internetprovider caching :razz:

  35. sebax Says:

    Zup, i found this really nice :smile: .. shame i cant get it to work :sad: , i try to download it once and couldnt complete beacuse of the wi-fi here at office… i tried later and i got the “package download failed” error, im sure isnt the internet anymore cuz i just updated anothar app and worked fine, its not disk space cuz i have boss tool and have plenty of space for apps and so… could it be server error? i’ ll try again at home tonight… THX anyway.

  36. Maynemer Says:

    Hi, great mod!!!!! Awsome!!!! I just have one cuestion. When I installed one of the themes I realized that if I open any application the app first charge the original theme and then it changes to the one I downloaded… Any solution??? And please make a how to!!!! I’m really excited abou create my own ones!!!! Thanks!!!!

  37. Scotty Says:

    i got this working and i absolutely love it (as much or more than customize) however somethings i dont like such as the black top bar and how the button colors change. i searched through the folders of the ipod touch (not too thourally) but i couldnt find any new files that i might be able to edit on how to change this. if you dont mind could you please tell me which files i might modify and where they are located on jailbreak 1.1.4
    thanks alot keep up the good work :lol:

  38. Cuatex Says:

    Please tell us how to create this, i have downloaded the artwork to my pc, and try to opened on iphoneshop but i cant. Please, i like this a themes a lot, but i want to create mines.

  39. radex Says:

    Hello? I have the same problem!! could you mailed me the file that I need to copy back to my iPhone too!!!and could you tell me in which folder i should copy it!!???THANK YOU!!!!

  40. radex Says:

    thanks a lot man!!!!!I love you too!!!! it`s really worked and I i was very happy!!!!!

  41. Multinova Says:

    I’ll try to write a how to guide over the weekend :)
    I’m very very little low on spare time for the moment :(

  42. Multinova Says:

    Maynemer, sorry i don’t understand your question :roll:

  43. Maynemer Says:

    The problem is when I changed the skin for the first time i tried to open the SMS app, then the skin that SMS loaded was the original one not the one I installed.. Then after it loaded the SMS app the skin changes.

  44. Cuatex Says:

    what do you use to open the .artwork, iPhoneShop??what version?? from googlecode wiki there aren’t a version for 1.1.4

    Thanks for the tutorial.

  45. macswitcher Says:

    howdy sir – i am quite new in this things. after i downloaded the iFuntastic, i should just upload the artwork zip file to where you have instructed is that it? i should not have downloaded two files at a time. now this. :-(

    please help. thank you.

  46. macswitcher Says:

    for mac users, you can also use fugu or cyberduct to access the system files. :-)

  47. Multinova Says:

    It seems you already found it :)

  48. macswitcher Says:

    yep i did. :smile: thanks a lot! hope you’ll have your mac already so
    you could have tutorials for mac, too!

    thank you, thank you. :grin:

    more power.

  49. GutzPilz Says:

    Hey Guys !

    I’ve made a GANT-Theme for Customize2. Check it out….
    Name of the Theme is “GANT1″.
    If u like it, RATE IT !

    Thank u GUYS…
    Best Regards, GutzPilz.

  50. Rony Debs Says:

    Hi Multinova! Pls bro I would like to change the color of my icons’ text from white to yellow, if you know the way pls help me, thnx in advance!

  51. mandms Says:

    I uninstalled this but my icons remained the same green, is there a fix?

  52. Multinova Says:

    Ok don’t give up hope just yet.
    download the file i put above.

    Try to connect to your device with the following tutorial.

    If the t-pot thing doesn’t work, you can try it with iPhone pc suite

    one of the 2 should work for you..

  53. elr0y7 Says:

    Uh I think you have your lemons and your limes mixed up…and where’s the red!? Common, you should at least have the basic colors! :roll: ;)

  54. heyzues Says:

    is there anything like this for firmware 2.0?

  55. Kim Says:

    Help! I just tried downloading this on my phone and when I go to apply the pink color, it says, “Error- Unable to decode package. More info at your site”. Any ideas???

  56. Ashley Says:

    I need help I really don’t understan how to do this!

  57. Adam Says:

    Please help me i added the you provided and i copyed it to my ipod touch beacuse i thought somthing was not working and it over wrote the original that was on my iphone and my ipod touch app store are all not working please do you have the original file!

  58. KIsses Says:

    how i do i get to sources on i phone:(

  59. christy Says:

    hi, there. i tried to add the link above to my source but it says “did not find repository. the indicated repository could not be found…and so on”

    i have an iphone 3g (white) and i really want to change it but it keeps showing me the same error.

    please show me how to fix it. thank you.

  60. JAY Says:

    hi i was just wondering if u could get these for the iphone 3gs on firmware 3.1.2 change the interface to pink reali want it???

  61. elena Says:

    Hi there,
    I wanna know where do i find the source area to put the link in?
    Thanks :)

  62. Jono Says:

    hey, your repo isnt working anymore… it says its invalid.
    is there a new one?

  63. Shimmy Says: could not find

    it doest work!!!!


  64. Eric Says:

    I REALLY WANT THESE BUT THE REPO IS GONE! Anyway I can download the file and install it manually?

  65. LynzeeKeeeith Says:

    i am soooo confused..? how do you download and install the color themes? please explain in word that are easy to understand

  66. airjer Says:

    I’ve been googlin my ass off trying to find this specifically and it’s down :(.

  67. thunder-o Says:

    why i can’t download it on the cydia?
    it can’t find

    what’s take place?is there a new one?

  68. Craig8318 Says:

    Did not Find Repository

    iPhone1,1 3.1.3 custom firmware

  69. Ember Says:

    trying to figure out how to make my Iphone Orange…
    could you email me a step by step?

  70. Tyler Says:

    Ok where do I go on my phone for this?

  71. Life808 Says:

    What do i put in my iphone to get this app?

  72. Carl13 Says:

    Hi there I’m confused how do I get this on my iPhone so I can start using it?

  73. Olly Says:

    What app/software do you need to get this???

  74. Court Says:

    How do I add that website thing to my sources?

  75. Court Says:

    I have an iPhone and I really want this but I have no idea how to get that website thing into my sources… Or even start to get this on my phone. And idk what my sources even are! Haha Please help! :)

  76. Nat Says:

    I need help I don’t have a clue how to do this! Lol x

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