May 24

PocketTouch is a tool made to make the controlling of your iPhone or iPod touch much easier when it’s in your pocket.
PocketTouch let’s you control your music with gestures (swipes) and taps on the screen.
The app works but i did have some issues. (expecting update any time)
When you shake your device, the application crashed.
Nevertheless this app can be very handy if you are doing some sports. There’s no need to get the iPhone or iPod out of your pocket. If you’d like to skip a track.. just swipe your finger over the screen to the right and the next song will play.
I’ll include some more options after the link.

1) Locate and install the app.

2) Let’s run the app and have a look.

3) If you don’t arrive on the settings screen, press the little ‘I’ on the top right corner.

4) Let’s have a look at the first screen. We have 2 options Visibility and gestures, let’s break them down.

-Auto-dim (use this switch to overide the app’s automatic screen dimming function)
-Show track info (this toggles the display on the main screen of the application)
-Volume HUD (use this switch to toggle whether or not to display the volume HUD when adjusting the volume)

-Enable taps (use this if you want to disable the ‘tap to pause feature’)
-Enable t swiper (use this to enable or disable changing the tracks by swiping left or right)
-Enable vol swipes (enables or disables the volume control swipes (swipe up (higher volume) or down (lower volume)

5) The second screen continues with the gestures and shaker functions

-Reverse t swipes (us this to toggle between the standaard track changing controls (swipe right for the next track, left for the previous), and the photos style controls (swipe left for the next track or right for the previous)
-Reverse vol swipes (swipe up to incease, down to decrease)
-Swap swipes (swaps the controls so you can use them in landscape mode)

-Enable shaker (turn on the shaker function (when you shake the phone it will play a random song)
-Use outside of app (turn this on if you want the shaker to control your media while outside of the application (ex safari), you must reboot your device to turn this on or off)
-Depth (controls the amount of movement that must be registered before the device senses it has been shaken) (the higher the number , the harder you must shake)
-time (controls the shake tim, the higher the number the more difficult the shake will be)
-Reset shaker default’s (restores the shakers defaults)

6) Let’s check out the last options.

-Shake with virbration (use this to turn on your phone’s vibration when you shake the device)
-Seconds (slide to adjust the llenght of the vibration in seconds
-Save settings (if you made changes, they won’t be saved unless you tap this button!)

This little app is available in the through the BigBoss packaging source, see our sources page.


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