May 24

iSlsk v02b has been released by the developer Eric, and yes most of the bugs are fixed.Â

for the people who don’t know what islsk is, it’s a P2P application that focuses on music downloads and uses the SoulSeek network.

The full changelog isÂ


  • Fixed the FirewireGUID error
  • Fixed the import crash error
  • Fixed “Transfer failed” error when trying to download an entire folder, or several files from the same user
  • Bugfix when trying to import songs, where some of them werent imported and when trying again they appeared twice on music library.
  • Added a donation reminder so nobody forgets about supporting iSlsk :) !
  • Other minor bugfixes

Known issues:

  • After songs are imported, Artists sorting on music library gets messed up, moving artist names under the next letter. I guess most people can live with that (until I find the solution)
  • When first installed, downloaded songs *may* not appear on your downoads section. Once I restarted iSlsk, everything went fine, and downloads were there. Give me some more time to see why does this happens.

1)Â Locate and install the app.

2) Let’ start the app and have a look.
When you launch the app for the first time, it will give you a warning. Tap ok after the timer.
You will need to setup your account before you can download. If you have a account enter it, if you don’t, just enter a username + password and the app will register you.

3) The settings screen let’s you adjust some options.
Auto-connect (autoconnects you after the app has launched.)
Max connections
Max search results
Max results queue
Debug log (you might want to enable this as the app crashes sometimes)

4) Go to the File search tap and search for a artist or song. Select the song you’d like and download it.

5) Go to the transfers window to check if it’s downloading.
Soulseek works with slots, so if you want to download a very popular song, it might be possible that you will have to wait for quite some time.

6) When downloads are finished, they will become green. Let’s go to the downloads tap and select the song you’d like to listen to. You can chose to import your songs directly into the iPod application.
Please remember that if you do import the songs into your iPod, there’s a big chance that the artist sorting will get mixed up.
Another problem is the fact that when you sync with itunes, all your downloaded music will be lost!
If you’d like to avoid this, use the Filebrowser application together with AVPLAYER, this way your downloaded music will play and it won’t be lost when you sync !

7) If you do have imported the music into your iPod, just start the iPod application and you will find your downloaded songs.

Thanks to the original creator Errrick who’s website you can consult here.

This little app is available in the through the BigBoss packaging source, see our sources page.


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4 Responses to “iSlsk v02b released”

  1. bennyvd Says:

    What about viruses or hacks that are in the mp3’s ? Is there any concerns about that?

  2. Multinova Says:

    There are no virusses for OSX available, and certainly not for the iPhone.

  3. yahweh Says:

    something i downloaded off of slsk v.02b last night is now making the ipod player on my iphone not work anymore. it started happening after i tried to import a file from slsk to the ipod player and now EVERYTIME i try to load up the ipod player it gives me a white screen and then crashs back to the main screen. any ideas on how to fix this?? :( :sad:

  4. PhilippeJ Says:

    I have the same thing! At first when i imported files to my music player it worked fine, but the last time i did that, my music app keeps crashing to the homescreen!

    If somebody has a solution for this please let me know!

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