May 24

I already wrote some things about FileBrowser the brainchild of Stephan Bayer.
It seems like he’s working day and night on this app…

Today i found version 1.7 (1.6) in the installer and it really adds a lot of new functions since my last review, it even add a txt editor, just like I requested in my previous post :)

You can set permissions, copy, unZip, paste and delete files. Edit and create txt documents. E-mail files from on your iPhone.

And last but not least, set your file associations so you can open your media files from within the app!

1) Make sure you have Jiggy Runtime installed.

2) Before you start, you need to install AVPLAYER. Find and locate it in your installer.

3) Locate and install FileBrowser 1.7

4) Let’s have a look at what you can do.

3) Let’s check the settings page. Here you can still set the username and password to copy your files via the browser. Set your home directory. Restrict the access to the home directory and patch your safari to open local files (you don’t need to activate this if you already installed the safari patch from installer). Show hidden files and set file associations.

Check the ones i have already set and copy them to open your media files in AVPLAYER.

After you have added these, you can just tap any media file and AVPLAYER will play them for you.

4) Let’s go back to the browse window and create a folder + file.

Press on the create button and chose either a folder or a file.

5) Let’s check the edit function. to edit (cut, copy, delete) something, first press the edit button.

then tap on the top of the screen and you see that all the files in the current directory will be selected, then deselect the ones you don’t need and press either (cut, copy or delete).

When you have done this you will go back to the previous screen and you will see that edit has a number (the number of files you have selected).

Now go to the destination for the file and press edit again and chose paste.

6) Deleting a file is the same procedure. first go to edit then select the file and then press delete.

7) Let’s check the tools options.

There are 4 options here.

a) Find files. (this options only works 3 levels deep from where you start to search)Press the find button and type what you are looking for. (the app works starting from 1 letter)

b) Properties
To change properties, press properties and then select the file.
This shows you a lot of information about a file. (name, extention, permissions, file size, modified, and the directory where the file is)
Press the permissions tap to change them (this is extremely handy, no more CHMOD needed over ssh!!!)

c) Text editor.
To open a file with the txt editor, press txt editor and then select your file.

d) Send.
The send option let’s you mail any file on your device. To use it, just press send and then select your file. the mail application will open and attach the file.

8) You can still manage your files via the browser. Go to your Pc or Mac browser (safari, opera, firefox, ie) and open the address you see in the options.

9) If you use SwapPlugin to download media files, you can now easily open them from FileBrowser and play with AVPLAYER.This is very handy for the people who use Islsk.
No need anymore to move the files to your iPod application.

This little app is available in the through the iSpazio packaging source, see our sources page.


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15 Responses to “FileBrowser 1.7 (how to)”

  1. Braden Says:

    Hasnt MobileFinder been able to do all of these things since the beginning? Except for the computer connect.

  2. Multinova Says:

    Braden, you are totally correct, although this one has a nicer interface :)

  3. Juliopod Says:

    when i tap a mp3 file (for example), it always opens me the AVPlayer help webpage …
    i got filebrowser 1.7 and avp 0.2

  4. Braden Says:

    Indeed. And FileBrowsers’s browser feature is pretty cool though. =]

  5. yahweh Says:

    I don’t have a program called filefinder on my installer but I have one called sendfile. Is that the same thing? I use ziphone if send file isn’t it what program should I use through ziphone?

  6. yahweh Says:

    I downloaded avplayer and mediafinder as wellbas jiggy runtime. Everything movie file I try to open says can’t open movie. I’m guessing I’d has to do with the settings but where are the setting area you have above. I can’t find it.

  7. Stephan Says:

    Hi folks,

    I just read that article about my program, thanks multinova :)
    only point to correct: use file:// does not apply a patch. check it, if you applied the patch to have better performance.

    If you have the problem with the AVPlayer just showing a help page, it is likely that the folder /var/mobile/Library/MobileStudio is owned by root or you can’t write to it for any reason. i had the same problem. maybe an update to filebrowser 1.7.1 helps or set the folder’s owner by winscp.

    and I never intended to write a replacement for MobileFinder. It’s just the browser feature that I wanted to have to share files when I’m at a friend’s house… it just grew bigger when people requested features and gave very good feedback. Thanks for that :-)


  8. yahweh Says:

    Oh wow. A response from the maker himself. I feel honored. LOL. Mediafinder is a great program. Ziphone doesn’t have the winscp program. How can I get it to fix this issue I’m having with the avplayer? I’m guessing that my settings are not how they should be but I can’t find the settings area shown above. Where Is it? I can’t get the avplayer to play anything even though I set it to play mp3 mp4 etc like shown above. Any ideas?

  9. yahweh Says:

    ok I know this is a bit off topic and for that I apoligize. I was messing around with my iPhone and decided to see what happens when I plug it into my xbox 360. First thing I noticed was that of began to charge my phone. That rocks!! Next I tried to see if I could connect to of and mane transfer music back and forth. Unfortunetly it said I needed a windows oo do so. I guess my question is, is the a way around that or a way I can transfer my music back and forth from my iPhone and my 360? This would be an amazing idea for you to try and work out :)

  10. Multinova Says:

    MS has to do an update of there Xbox software to make it compatible with the iPhone. They should release an update this spring as they do every year :)
    We’ll have to wait and see :)

  11. yahweh Says:

    ok so how do i get this avplayer to work?! it driving me NUTTY!! lol

  12. wire Says:

    hi, i just installed filebrowser and when i clicked an image from the camera roll all i have is a blank white screen… and solution to this problem?

  13. wire Says:

    do i need to install mobilepreview in order to view images?

  14. DHARMESH Says:


  15. help Says:

    I open a video and it says the file type is not supported, I have set mp4 to com.system.avplayer but it won’t play.

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