May 22

I we believe our friends from AppleInsider the new iPhone will have built in GPS.

The reason why they know that it by new screen shots that have appeared. In these screen shots, the map’s application and the Camera ask the user for permission to add the Geobased tagging.

Geobased tagging is the process of adding location information to your pictures.

These new screenshots are supposedly from the new firmware 5A292g that has been released to some enterprise partners.

The screenshots shows us 4 screens of the new firmware. Where you cleary can see the maps and camera application, the about screen and the settings screen where you can enable or disable the location services.

I think this is going to be sooo cool …

ps: please keep in mind that you can easiliy created screenshots like these in a couple of minutes, so we can’t tell you if they are real or not …

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