May 21

Linux Installer is a toy made by the DAVTEAM.
It’s not a new toy but today it got moved from the DAVTEAM source to the bigboss source.
As i haven’t showed it to you before, i thought let’s show it to you.
The app doesn’t actually install linux onto your iPhone, but if you wan’t to fool your friends and pretend your installing Linux on your iPhone or iPod then you can try this toy.

1) Before you install the app, make sure you have the JIGGY Runtime.

2) Install the app.

3) On starting the app you’ll be asked to install Linux by pressing the install button. When you press the install button. The process begins… wel actually there just some animated screens that pass by.
When the app is done, it will ask you to restart. When you restart, you just end up on your Springboard again.

This little app is available in the through the BigBoss packaging source, see our sources page.


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