May 20

Head of Deutsche Telekom, Rene Oberman, confirmed that in Germany they sold just about 100.000 iPhone’s.

During a meeting with shareholders, the head of T-Mobile Germany, iPhone’a considered to be “the most popular multimedia gadget” in the history of the company.

Oberman also says that German users of the Apple phone use the Internet 30 times more than users of any other mobile phone. One in every three holders of a iPhone’s at T-Mobile Germany has chosen data subscription.

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  1. owen 'mshengu' greenland Says:

    I’m about to relocate back to South Africa (after 25 years) to undertake Non-Profit development work in ther HIV/AIDS field of KwaZulu-Natal and want to know if purchasing a iphone from Deutsche Telkom is the way to go and what restrictions if any would apply?

    Would I simply purchase a required SIM Card from a South African Reseller to make my iphone operable ?

    Any help in this area would be most appreciated.

    owen ‘mshengu’ greenland

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