May 20

Intelliscreen received a update to version 0.81.
The app has a some cool new features.
Let me walk you throught the changelog:

– Use multiple email accounts
– Add custom rss feeds to news ( rss feed ? :))
– Informs the user when mail auto-check is disabled
– 24h time format
– BBC has been added to the default news feed

– Today/tomorrow option for the calendar
– Conflict message now only appears if springboard dies before 30 seconds have passed.
– Progress bar for news/sports.

And a lot of Bugfixes that i won’t bore you with.

UPDATE v 0.82

– Ability to adjust the order of the mailboxes

– Allows for multiple weather locations

– Swipe weather location to view full details

– Only show new eamil when “only if new” is chose for display order

Warning ! If you have SkrewCommon installed (iToday, Vwallpaper) the installation won’t work. You will need to uninstall the SkrewCommon first, but you will break iToday, vWallpaper and Ringtones!)

I’ll show some updated screenshots.

ps: The feed address of iPhoneFreakz is

A bigger review can be read here.

This little app is available in the through the IntelliScreen packaging source, see our sources page.


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2 Responses to “Intelliscreen 0.81 (updated to version 0.82)”

  1. brian Says:

    How do you add an additional email account? There is no edit or ‘+’ on my mail accounts screen..

  2. Multinova Says:

    To add a e-mail account you have to enable this in your mail application on your pc or mac. You can use outlook or any mail application. After you have done this, go to your iTunes and select the mail accounts you’d like to sync.

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