May 18

FWChanger 2.1

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Firmwarechanger is a new app released onto the BigBoss repository.
It let’s you change the reported firmware version. This app does not change your firmware version.
It only changes the plist file where the version of your firmware is written down.
This can be handy if you need to install an app on firmware 1.4 that officially was written for version 1.3.
This way you can fool the app that it’s having the correct firmware.

1) Let’s locate and install the app.

2) If you need to change your reported firmware, just open the app and tap the firmware version you need. The app will close and your iPhone will fool every app or game that it’s on the firmware you selected.

This little app is available in the through the BigBoss packaging source, see our sources page.


WARNING: If you change your firmware with this app and reboot before setting your firmware back to it’s original firmware you may have some serious problems !!

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45 Responses to “FWChanger 2.1”

  1. mia Says:

    Thanx for the review… I have no idea what the app is about…

  2. Multinova Says:

    I think i wronly explained it :)
    This app let’s you modify the firmware version.
    Some older applications don’t work on firmware 1.4 and they won’t even install on 1.4 with this app you can make your iPhone say it’s running firmware 1.3 although it’s running 1.4, so you can install those older applications.

    I hope i explained it a bit better. :)

  3. mia Says:

    got it .. thanx!

  4. w2k Says:

    It’s really i can install apps only for firmware 1.1.3 if my firmware’s 1.1.4? Do you test it?

  5. scorpiosoft Says:

    It is not working for me. I got it installed but after changing the firmware version I only got “N/A” where the version should be.

    Who can help me getting it back to normal (1.1.4). Which plist do I have to change?

  6. Multinova Says:

    Yes i tested with me all is working fine.

  7. scorpiosoft Says:

    If got it working alright. But I still want to know which plist is changed for this trick.

  8. thabigboss Says:

    hey this app F up my iphone shit……. i set 1.3 then 1.4 in about my firmware vr whas N /A so i turned of my phone and wen i turned it back on it went in to a boot loop. dam it mad mad….

  9. jens Says:

    Kan kun give the thabigboss ret… Jeg skulle ogsÃ¥ lige “lege” – og den slags gør
    man Ã¥benbart bedst i bonbonland eller toysrus…. for min telefon gik ogsÃ¥ i endeløs loop. Prøvede med ziphone for at se om normalmode knappen virkede. Det gjorde den i den grad at den startede med at loope igen. Ibrickphone fik den i rød og i loop og sÃ¥ fremdeles.

    Med mindre nogle synes det er hammerfedt at bruge timer på at komme tilbage igen, så go ahead.

    Jeg rør aldrig det program igen.

  10. jens Says:

    winscp og carnaval FIK den heller ikke tilbage – kun en fuld restore…. for fanden da, hvorfor sende programmer pÃ¥ markedet SOM ikke tydeligt fortæller PIL ikke med mindre du har en frisk backup og tiden til restore sÃ¥fremt du trykker ja til at pille.

  11. braden Says:

    Thanigboss, I doubt this app did this. It doesnt mess with anything except the .plist file that determines firmware version.

  12. AMIRR Says:


    i know, thats what happened to my iphone too, it brings up this black page with codes on it…

    im desperate i dont know what to do!!!!!!!


  13. Multinova Says:

    Can you still connect via SSH to your iPhone ?

  14. Multinova Says:

    If you can’t you will need to restore your iPhone.
    Check out the beginners guide -> howto DFU mode

  15. Multinova Says:

    If you can’t connect to your iPhone with SSH then you will probably need to restore

    Check out the beginners guide -> howto DFU mode

  16. thabigboss Says:

    thanx but i had to restore, and yeah it was the app in the boot screen it said something about the firmware vr thats how i can to that conclusion.

  17. Multinova Says:

    ok that’s too bad.
    i’ll updated the information

  18. Andy Says:

    Is there a way to reverse this process if need be?

  19. Multinova Says:

    hi Andy,

    Yes just start the app and put it back to your original firmware.

  20. patrick Says:

    i have the same problem and the black screen with the white txt will not go away and i cant put it into DFU mode. the black txt says singleuser boot — fsck not done
    Root device is mounted read only

    if you want to make madifications to fill

    /sblin/fsk -fy
    /sblin/mount -uw /

    if you wish to boot system:
    WHAT DO I DO????

  21. patrick Says:

    alright i got it figured out for whoever has this problem copy this likn

  22. mike Says:

    omg i hate it im stuck on this stupid screen and i cant do anything

  23. eric Says:

    I am running iphone 2.1 / how can I set it back to the original firmware ~ 2.1? custom?

  24. ciberdiego Says:

    Eric i have the same problem, the program only has until 2.0, and where is the 2.1?

    please answer

  25. billybob Says:

    I did a jailbreak for my iPod touch and cannot find the FWChange App, any ideas?

  26. Conker_85 Says:

    If you have 2,1 befre and you move to another and now you want to get back your 2.1 just tap on firmware and type 2.1 and after tap on build version and tap 5F136 and then tamp on set custom firmware this works for me…

    i will like better keep my 2.1 and restart my iphone 3g at any time that get this problem

    if doesnt work let me know i will help you

  27. jonathan Says:

    it didnt work man, please help!!! i cant install my appstore apps!!!! i had 2.1, and changed to 2.0 now it wont change back. is there a way to do it with win scp or disk aid?
    thanks in advance!!!!

  28. Att Says:

    It works for me as well..

  29. john Says:

    OMG this is the best thing ever! thank you conker_85 now i can install 2.1 apps!

    You re the best man!

  30. Alex Says:

    ok patrick i got the same problem as urs man black background with white text… I really need to fix it wat can i do

  31. ciberdiego Says:

    set 2.1 and 5F136 works fine
    thanks Conker_85

  32. eric Says:

    hey my installer dosen’t have FWchanger in it…i have 1.1.5 and i need it to have summerboard and costumize and i cant find it all all and btw when i go to all packages i cannot type in a search like seen in the youtube videos about this…HELP LOL

  33. jeff Says:

    i have the same probleme as Eric i go into all packages and fwchanger is not there!!!! what do i do

  34. Rajeev Says:

    I too have the same problem as eric.
    i cant find the FWchanger in my installer and cant search for it like in the youtube videos either. Please Help!!

  35. rexscar Says:

    nice app.

    how can i get my firmware back to 2.2?
    fwchanger crashes when i try to set custom fw.
    removing app doesn’t help (i’m stuck back on 2.0 and now half my apps don’t run)


  36. rexscar Says:

    sussed it…

    removed fwchanger

    then altered: System/Library/CoreServices/SystemVersion.plist

    just change the two strings: ProductBuildVersion ->5G77
    ProductVersion ->2.2

    that seems to have done the trick!

  37. jose Says:

    wow thanks dude it work

  38. Frank S Says:

    I cant find the FWChanger in my installer. What to do???

  39. Daniel Says:

    Hi, i originally have FW 2.2 but i changed it to 2.0 how do I make it go back??

  40. Daniel Says:

    oh, never mind that

  41. Clemens Says:

    he guys i have an iphone with firmware 2.1 and i downloaded fmchanger and put 1.1.1. and now i can’t download anything from appstore and itunes doesn’t connect it. so i deleted the program but it’s still the 1.1.1 then i wanted to installe it again but it didn’t showede up on the screen!

    how do i get back to 2.1?

  42. Clemens Says:

    i’ve downloaded FWchanger and set 1.1.1 but now i can’t get back to the old 2.1 firmware. i deleted the programm but it was still the 1.1.1.
    so i tried to install it again but now it doesn’t show up on the display.

    i also can’t download any programms from the app store anymore :(

    i need help!!

  43. Clemens Says:

    hey, or is it possible to install FWchanger in installer and chnage the settings then?

  44. Mike Says:

    couldnt get back to my original fw, too. only think that helped was holding standyby + home button for 10sec to reset my phone after that it worked fine

  45. Matt Says:

    HELP!!! I rebooted before changing it back because I didn’t know it was bad at the time. The apple logo is just frozen on my ipod. WHAT DO I DO!?!?!

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