May 18

FileBrowser is a new app from StephanBayer that let’s you browse your files on your iPhone.
You can open your local Word, pdf and html files.
Another nice feature is the posibility to manage your files via your pc’s or mac’s browser over wifi.

1) Make sure you have the Jiggy Runtime installed

2) Let’s locate and install the app.

3) Upon opening the app you will be in the directory /var/mobile/. Here you can view your files by tapping on them, if you want to go back to the file browsing mode, just shake your iPhone.

4) Let’s have a look at the options. If you like to manage your files via your browser, you need to set a username and password. The options also have a setting to restrict the filebrowser to the /var/mobile directory, if you disable this, you can virtually browse every directory on your iPhone or iPod touch.

5) Once you have set your username and password. go to your Pc or Mac browser (safari, opera, firefox, ie) and open the address you see in your options.

UPDATE for version 1.2.

The Settings now allow you to change the HOME directory to your preference and the app now let’s you patch Safari to open local files like (pdf, doc and xls)

This little app is available in the through the iSpazio packaging source, see our sources page.


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  1. Juliopod Says:

    1.2.0 this morning (Paris time :p)

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