May 16

PhoneZap 1.2.2

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Our friends from Nullriver sofware (the creators of the installer) have released another fun little app.
PhoneZap is a iPhone/ iPod touch client for the phonezap community.

The app let’s you share picutures with geotagging, send txt messages, and let’s you create ringtones.

It feels a bit like twitter but you have the added ringtones feature.


1) Locate and install the app.


2) Launch the app, an chose to register or login.

3) After you have logged in, you’ll see several tabs.

The first one is the Zaps one, here you will see all the latest pictures and MSG’s people uploaded to PhoneZap.

4) The second tab let’s you create your own posts. Take a picture, type your message and press the little cookie monster icon to get your geobased location info. Once you have done this all you can post the message.

5) The messages tab let’s you view and create txt msg’s.

6) Â Let’s have a look at the preferences. Most of this information will be auto filled in cause you already gave that information during the setup. Some extra settings you can activate here are the receive a sms alert when someone comments on your zap’s or when someone replies/messages me.

You can also set a picture here. Unfortunately there’s no option to select a picture from your camera roll.

Another option is to edit your friend sms alert and the option to use hi-res pictures.


7) The last option is a nice one. It let’s you create a ringtone from your song library and does this pretty well. There aren’t as much options as we have with Jamendo Ringtones, but it’s working very well.

 This little app is available in the through the default AppTap packaging source, page.




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3 Responses to “PhoneZap 1.2.2”

  1. fede Says:

    tengo un problema, cuando voy a la solapa ringtone no me aparece ninguna cancion q tengo en el ipod, sabes xq pasa eso y como lo puedo solucionar?
    un saludo

  2. Maria Says:

    i have a problem with zap phone. when i try to open it it gives me the home page but then kicks me out. i already deinstalled it and reinstalled it but same problem. can anyone tell me how to fix it???

  3. divakar Says:

    :cry: when i take a picture in iphone it is not displayed in the images gallery in the phone..any solutions?

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