May 15

SpoofApp  is a iPhone Caller ID Spoofing, Voice Changing, and Call Recording App.

It can change your voice to male or female, hide your true mobile number and records your calls.

If you don’t live in the US or Canada there’s no need to read this article, as the service is not available outside of the US or Canada.

I will try to explain this as good as possible but as I’m not living in a supported country i can’t really review this with all it’s features.

1) Locate and install the app.

2) Let’s run the app. On first initiation of the app, it will tell you that you have to be in either the USA or Canada. After you click ok, you will get some login screens where you have to enter some personal information.

3) Once you are registered (you get 5 minutes of free calling time!) you will be brought to the startup screen. Here you have the settings screen where you can change some settings:
-Service provider (provider, pin number, voice changer, call recording, your pin balance, minutes remaining)
-Your phone settings (your number , area code, enable area code, sort contacts)

4) The next tap will bring you directly to the website of SpoofApp with safari.

5) The fifth tap will bring you to the interesting part. The dialer.
Here you can chose the fake caller id you’d like to display, select a contact and call :)
Once you press the call button, a new popup will ask you if you’d like your voice changed and if you’d like to record this conversation.

6) The contact list loads your contacts.

7) And as last one, you can see your recent calls.

I can’t tell you if this app is working or not, but as this is version 2.0 i think it will work :)

Leave a comment if it’s working for you :)

This little app is available in the through the BigBoss packaging source, see our sources page.



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2 Responses to “Spoofapp v2.0 (only for US and Canadian customers)”

  1. sfmitch Says:

    It works as advertised however there is a charge for using the service (it works to about $0.15/minute. They give you 5 free minutes to try it out. The caller ID spoof did work and the call recording did work (I didn’t try the voice altering feature.

  2. rbk Says:

    the voice alteration works fine, I just waiting for a patch so we can get unlimited minutes.

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