May 15

iLog 1.1.0

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iLog has been updated to version 1.1.0.
Ilog is an enhanced version of the recent call manager of your iPhone. It allows you to delete individual call and sms logs.
It also allows you to group your calls.
The new version brings some very nice features that apple should have included in there standard os.
What’s new:
Integration into the recents screen in Mobile Phone app (only full version)
Allowing for notification of missed calls and SMS (every x minutes) only vibrate though, no sound;
You can select what time period you’d like to receive those notifications
Export your data into csv file
Delete al your call data and sms by 1 button

One more thing, this app isn’t free, you can use it in trail mode, but everytime you change a screen a very annoying popup will show.
The price is 9.95€ about $15

1) Let’s locate and install the app.

2) Upon launching the app, you’ll see a Trial Window popup.
Once you are in the app, you have 5 tabs, let’s start with the first one. Your call log.
In this tab you have the possibility to view and delete your missed, received and dialed calls.
When you tap a entry you can directly call or txt that person and see the log per number.

3) The second tab brings us to the full log, here you’ll find you txt (sms) messages which you can individually delete if needed (handy if you need to hide something from someone …:))

4) The third tab gives us an overview off all your dialed calls, received calls and all calls. You can reset them all if you want.

5) The preferences.
Here you have 3 submenu’s.

a) General has the following options (show your phone number, group calls, call on tap. the last option let’s you set iLog as your default Recents screen in the mobile phone application.

b) Notifications ( this option let’s you activate the vibrate function if you have missed calls or unread txt messages)
you can select to activate this only for sms or missed calls, set the timer when it should vibrate again, and the period you’d like to be reminded)
Please remember that Kate 1.3 has simmilar functionality but with Kate you can set a audible sound! My review of Kate is still not finished :(

6) The last tab let’s you enter your serial.

This little app is available in the through the iLog packaging source, see our sources page.


The developers site can be found here.

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  1. Ricko Says:

    I love it! I´ve the new version iLog 2.1 and its very easy to manage the calls or sms now.
    I found it on

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