May 14

UPDATE: Version 02B has been released and it fixes most of the problems.

I don’t know if i should post this or not, but as i think i should review almost everything that comes out, i will do it.

Islsk 1.0b is the first native P2P iphone/ipod native Soulseek client. Although it’s still in beta, it does work pretty well.
I’ve been trying to get this client to work for the last 2 hours so I must warn you that for a lot of people this app doesn’t work standard out of the box, you will need to do some ssh’ing and hacking to your iPhone. But i’ll guide you the whole way.

1) You can locate and find the app in your installer.

2) Let’s run the app and have a look.
The first screen shows you the Terms of Use, agree them.
After this you will be asked to enter your account or create one. Just entering a username and password will automatically create a account for you.

The settings screen let’s you set some general options like:
– Auto-connect
– Max number of connections
– Max search results
– Mar results queu
– Debug log

3) Let’s go search a song. Tap the file search button. Enter a song that you’d like to have and wait for the list to populate. Chose a song and then you can watch the Transfer. After your transfer has completed, you can go to downloads and move the song to your iPod music partition.

However most of you will receive a big error message !!

Your Firewire GUID couldn’t be recognized and therefore music importing will not be available.

To solve this issue, you will need to do some hacking.

To learn how to connect to your iPhone and or iPod touch see this post.

Log in to your iPhone or iPod touch with SSH (Putty) and do the following:

1) check if you have “ioreg” binary in /usr/bin/ directory
2) If not download it from
here and upload it to /usr/bin
2) Connect with putty to your iPhone and run the following commands (copy & paste )
3) chmod 755 /usr/bin/ioreg
4) chown mobile:mobile /Applications/
5) chown mobile:mobile /Applications/*
6) Download libncurses.5.dylib from here and upload only libncurses.5.dylib to /usr/lib

7) chmod 777 /usr/lib/lib*


8) mkdir /var/root/Media/Downloads (if it already exists it’s ok)
9) chmod 777 /var/root/Media/Downloads/

This last one should fix your itunes import problem.(credit goes to Edward from Touch Podium)

10) ln -s /private/var/mobile/Media/iTunes_Control /private/var/root/Media

IF you still can’t get it to work i suggest waiting for the next release.

The full changelog for version islsk02b :


  • Fixed the FirewireGUID error
  • Fixed the import crash error
  • Fixed “Transfer failed” error when trying to download an entire folder, or several files from the same user
  • Bugfix when trying to import songs, where some of them werent imported and when trying again they appeared twice on music library.
  • Added a donation reminder so nobody forgets about supporting iSlsk ;) !
  • Other minor bugfixes

Known issues:

  • After songs are imported, Artists sorting on music library gets messed up, moving artist names under the next letter. I guess most people can live with that (until I find the solution)
  • When first installed, downloaded songs *may* not appear on your downoads section. Once I restarted iSlsk, everything went fine, and downloads were there. Give me some more time to see why does this happens.



Thanks to the original creator Errrick who’s website you can consult here.

This little app is available in the through the BigBoss packaging source, see our sources page.


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188 Responses to “iSlsk P2P music sharing on your iPhone or iPod Touch (updated3)”

  1. JON Says:

    Tried that
    it says In -s/private/var/mobile/Media/iTunes_Control has another error
    Failed with returned code 1 and error message
    In: illegal option – /
    usage: In [-fhinsv] file 1 file 2
    In [-fhinsv] file…. directory
    link file1 file 2.

  2. JON Says:

    Ok it works now not gettin the error…
    but i cant access the mp3 files… if i click on the downloads tab in the…
    it doesnt show my downloaded song!

  3. dominic Says:

    yeah i did everything it says a hundred times except restoring or updating to 1.1.4 and download a hundred songs as well so im over it and ill wait it out.

  4. dominic Says:

    and i didnt get the songs to show up in downloads tab. any help would be cool. turned phone off and on too.

  5. Derek Says:

    Here’s a much easier fix for the import error:

  6. TONY Says:

    hey dude thank you for the link, made me happy but when i tried to install it gave main script execution failes! what wrong with that?

  7. Multinova Says:

    I tried the link also, it doesn’t work for me either :(

    I’ll keep using my own tutorial :)

  8. TONY Says:

    hey multinova i ried ur tutorial but didnt work dude, i dony know why. i did exactly what u explained but couldnt fix it, suppose will wait until erric put something ot.

  9. Firewire GUID Patch for iSlsk 0.2.2 Says:

    add this in repo

    and search “Firewire GUID Patch for iSlsk 0.2.2” in the installer

    enjoy…. from México cabrones

  10. yea Says:

    “Firewire GUID Patch for iSlsk 0.2.2” allowed me to access the section of iSlsk without the error prompt, though causes the app to crash every time i attempt an import irregardless of how it’s done… YMMV.

  11. TONY Says:

    the application doesnt work it gives you new errors, the import is not possible, i think the Isisk app is not designed properly thats why its not compatible with iphone/ipods.

    any comments on that?

  12. Multinova Says:

    Please don’t install the patch.. it doesn’t do all the steps needed to get the app working.

    If you follow the steps above, it will work.

  13. Multinova Says:

    please copy and paste the commands. Don’t type them as it won’t be correct

    you must type it exactly as it is .

  14. yahweh Says:

    hello guys, i finaly got this program through ziphone and am also getting this error messege, unfortunitly NONE of those steps above make ANY sence to me. Is there ANY kind soul willing to help me and walk me through the steps? PLEASE?

  15. Rave Says:

    How do i fix the import thing and how do i find the song that i download?

  16. Rave Says:

    I can’t get the import work cuz (it crashes and sends me back to Springboard),

    What i have to do in this part?
    10- /private/var/mobile/Media/iTunes_Control /private/var/root/Media

  17. Johnny Playboy9 Says:

    great job!thank you for the support,works great now!

  18. yahweh Says:

    ok. I’m back with another question. LOL. Since the new update fixed the GUid error, my next question is if I download a video file, how do I manually move it into my iPod area of my iPhone? Hopefully this can be fixed on the next update. LOL

  19. Multinova Says:

    That’s not possible yet :sad:
    However you can watch the movies with filebrowser, check this post

  20. yahweh Says:

    the link doesn’t seem to be working. Keeps timing out.

  21. Multinova Says:

    fixed, sorry forum was acting up :(

  22. Sean6286 Says:

    I also was able to import my whole iTunes Library for sharring…this is actually a really cool app….thanks

  23. Awayze Says:

    After I’ve imported the song to the iPod on iPhone. The song is in the iPod. How do i get the song to my PC. Will automatically go in my iTunes libary if i sync my iPhone? thnx

  24. Karsyn Says:

    Worked perfectly!!! Yay thanks!

  25. yahweh Says:

    ok, now not only does the avplayer i downloaded not ever work, but now somethings is wrong with my ipod player. i downloaded something last night and ever since i imported the song, the ipod on my iphone doesnt even load. all i get is a white screen and then it jumps back to the main screen…can anyone help please?

  26. yahweh Says:

    oh, and i was using the islsk to download the song. not sure if it was islsk or the file i downloaded that caused it.

  27. Tommy J Says:

    I’m not sure why you are all having issues with this…… I installed this application from the installer this morning and downloaded a couple of songs and imported it directly into the library on my iPod Touch without using the computer at all. Worked flawlessly on the 1.1.4 jailbreak with WiFi at my office…. After the download was complete, I clicked on it and said import to my library and I was able to listen to it from the library and by TuneWiki (if you don’t have this, you should definitely get it!!!!!)

    Thanks Erric for the awesome download!!!!!!

  28. yahweh Says:

    well mine was working too, untill last night. I posted the problem on erics main page (the creator of the islsk iPhone I believe) and very soon after he himself responded and is looking into the import issue I’m having with my iPod on my iPhone. Once he comes up with a fix I’ll ask him if he can explain what he did and I’ll post the fix here incasw anyone else gets this same issue. :)

  29. maury Says:

    wen i open mi itunes and iput new movie the music idownloading desapers helpme please

  30. Multinova Says:

    This is a well known issue, no fix available yet. If you download music, you should copy it to your local machine before importing it in itunes.

  31. caboo Says:


    i copied wrong commands and pasted onto the putty, what should i do ?? will it effect to the iphone’s system ??

    How can i earse it ?

  32. maury Says:

    tanks multinova

  33. Flash Says:

    Hi. I have my iPhone originally sync-ed to an iBook, however, I already have sold it out. Since all of my music are in there, I have not added any songs in my iPhone for months now. And learning about iSlsk is great. I have tried downloading stuff over wi-fi but it doesn’t appear in my iPhone. Then I learned that i need to resync it to my iTunes. Problem is I don’t think I have set it to manually manage my music library. I am using a Sony Vaio now.

    QUESTION: Will this automatically delete all my music in my iPhone when I try and re-sync it to my new laptop? Will it show all the music that I have downloaded using iSlsk? Help!

  34. toto Says:

    i’m not sure this is the right app i’m looking for. what i need is sometimes to copy some songs from a pc at the office, while my itunes’ sync is at home.
    i’d like to have these songs ready to hear immediately on my iphone.
    then i’d like to add it to my itunes lib/sync when i get home.

    any suggestion please?


  35. pikey Says:

    yes when you sinc up you click manually manage music/videos then itunes wont delete them

  36. ipodperson11 Says:

    im not sure about something… i havent gone through every question so im not sure if someones already asked this. i was wondering if a song was not on islsk can i put it from my computer into islsk so i dont have to use itunes ( i hate itunes) any help would be great… practically the same question toto asked just im not at my offise :-p thanks for the help.

  37. Luciee Says:

    How do i download this onto my ipod in the first place?

  38. Fashion and Vintage Says:

    I love everything about this site!! I have tried downloading stuff over wi-fi but it doesn’t appear in my iPhone. Then I Fashion and Vintage learned that i need to resync it to my iTunes. Thanks for sharing with us.

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