May 14

UPDATE: Version 02B has been released and it fixes most of the problems.

I don’t know if i should post this or not, but as i think i should review almost everything that comes out, i will do it.

Islsk 1.0b is the first native P2P iphone/ipod native Soulseek client. Although it’s still in beta, it does work pretty well.
I’ve been trying to get this client to work for the last 2 hours so I must warn you that for a lot of people this app doesn’t work standard out of the box, you will need to do some ssh’ing and hacking to your iPhone. But i’ll guide you the whole way.

1) You can locate and find the app in your installer.

2) Let’s run the app and have a look.
The first screen shows you the Terms of Use, agree them.
After this you will be asked to enter your account or create one. Just entering a username and password will automatically create a account for you.

The settings screen let’s you set some general options like:
- Auto-connect
- Max number of connections
- Max search results
- Mar results queu
- Debug log

3) Let’s go search a song. Tap the file search button. Enter a song that you’d like to have and wait for the list to populate. Chose a song and then you can watch the Transfer. After your transfer has completed, you can go to downloads and move the song to your iPod music partition.

However most of you will receive a big error message !!

Your Firewire GUID couldn’t be recognized and therefore music importing will not be available.

To solve this issue, you will need to do some hacking.

To learn how to connect to your iPhone and or iPod touch see this post.

Log in to your iPhone or iPod touch with SSH (Putty) and do the following:

1) check if you have “ioreg” binary in /usr/bin/ directory
2) If not download it from
here and upload it to /usr/bin
2) Connect with putty to your iPhone and run the following commands (copy & paste )
3) chmod 755 /usr/bin/ioreg
4) chown mobile:mobile /Applications/
5) chown mobile:mobile /Applications/*
6) Download libncurses.5.dylib from here and upload only libncurses.5.dylib to /usr/lib

7) chmod 777 /usr/lib/lib*


8) mkdir /var/root/Media/Downloads (if it already exists it’s ok)
9) chmod 777 /var/root/Media/Downloads/

This last one should fix your itunes import problem.(credit goes to Edward from Touch Podium)

10) ln -s /private/var/mobile/Media/iTunes_Control /private/var/root/Media

IF you still can’t get it to work i suggest waiting for the next release.

The full changelog for version islsk02b :


  • Fixed the FirewireGUID error
  • Fixed the import crash error
  • Fixed “Transfer failed” error when trying to download an entire folder, or several files from the same user
  • Bugfix when trying to import songs, where some of them werent imported and when trying again they appeared twice on music library.
  • Added a donation reminder so nobody forgets about supporting iSlsk ;) !
  • Other minor bugfixes

Known issues:

  • After songs are imported, Artists sorting on music library gets messed up, moving artist names under the next letter. I guess most people can live with that (until I find the solution)
  • When first installed, downloaded songs *may* not appear on your downoads section. Once I restarted iSlsk, everything went fine, and downloads were there. Give me some more time to see why does this happens.



Thanks to the original creator Errrick who’s website you can consult here.

This little app is available in the through the BigBoss packaging source, see our sources page.


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188 Responses to “iSlsk P2P music sharing on your iPhone or iPod Touch (updated3)”

  1. Joe B Says:

    Thank!!! This works perfect!

  2. spencer Says:

    what are the steps involved running chown? never heard of it. i have everything done but that. help

  3. Multinova Says:

    To run chmod commands you have to connect to your iPhone with a SSH client.
    I personally use Putty for this as it’s free.
    You can compare putty to CMD in windows.

    Putty will ask you for the ip address of your iPhone and a username and password

    The username is root and the password is alpine.

    After you are connected you can simply copy and paste the above commands.

  4. manu Says:

    after i done this in the description, my touchscreen will crash. and i have to do an restore

  5. iSlsk: Soulseek-client voor de iPhone » Nieuws » Says:

    [...] handleiding van iSlsk is te vinden op, die ons ook onderstaande screenshots toestuurde (dank!). Bij [...]

  6. Multinova Says:

    Manu sorry to hear, but the app is still beta. Normally you shoulnd’t do a restore. Just remove the var/lib files via ssh and reboot. all should be fine again.

  7. Hugh Says:

    thx for tutorial , i dont have the message said FirewireGUI shown up on my phone anymore ,but i couldnt find the music i downloaded in the” dowload” session. Plus i couldnt find any song in /var/roots/downloads folder neither , can u help ?

  8. Roger Says:

    When entering my username and password, iSlsk keeps connecting but can’t get connection. I tried different usernames and passwords and have a full wifi signal.

  9. Gee Says:

    After I run CHMOD 755 /USR/BIN/IOREG, is says:
    “chmod: /usr/bin/ioreg: Operation not permitted”
    What am I doing wrong here???

  10. mac-fan Says:

    I have the same problem except I did have the FirewireGUI error, but I fixed it with the tutorial..
    Can anyone help me solve this problem?

  11. Multinova Says:

    Are you logged in as Root ? or as user mobile ?

  12. Multinova Says:

    Roger try to reboot your iphone and then try again.

  13. Multinova Says:

    the music get’s automatically imorted in your itunes library.
    Tap the ipod button and check if your music is there.

  14. Gee Says:

    As root. With alpine as password. I can make a connection with my iPhone. That’s no prob. But I’m using Term-VT100 to input the commands. And I think that that’s wrong… Isn’t it?

  15. Hugh Says:

    i checked the iphone app, i couldnt find all the song the i downloaded , do u think there is some step in unix command line that i missed ?

  16. mac-fan Says:

    unfortunately it’s not there. I tried three times..
    Any other suggestions?

  17. mac-fan Says:

    Now I get the next Error:
    Your iTunes database mount point wasn’t recognized, and therefore music importing will nog be available.

    What to do?

  18. Gee Says:

    OK. I’ve done the commands in WinSCP. It works like a charm. But now I get this:
    “Your iTunes database mount point wasn’t recognized, and therefore music importing will not be available.”
    So every song I download, isn’t saved on my iPhone… Can you help me with this?

  19. Jadou Says:

    everytime i click on the links above to download the ioreg and the other one a new page opens and i get lots of codes and stuff…. how can i get both files please

  20. Multinova Says:

    Right clikc on them and select save :)

  21. zat0x91 Says:

    Hey I have a problem downloading ioreg binary file, because when I hit the link it just brings me to a bunch of weird letters, or am I suppose to add this as a repo under installer.

  22. zat0x91 Says:

    Also I saw your comment multinova, but what I am I suppose to save the file as lol.

  23. Multinova Says:

    I zipped the files. If you click em now, they should save :)

  24. zat0x91 Says:

    Hey thanks this finally worked. :D

  25. nathan Says:

    Hi the program works, it downloads i dont get any errors no more, but the music is not saving what have i missed..

    i use winscp and i also downloaded putty but when i copy and paste the commands mentioned above, it keeps saying access denied..

    any ideas??

  26. Multinova Says:

    Hi Nathan,

    you should run:

    mkdir /var/root/Media/Downloads (if it already exists it’s ok)
    chmod 777 /var/root/Media/Downloads/

    This should resolve your problem

    Can you copy and paste the full output you see in your putty ?

  27. nathan Says:

    wow quick reply thanks..

    i copy paste the first one and it says file exists.

    i copy and paste the second and it just goes to the next #.

    is that right???

    iv turned the phone off and on again downloaded somat and still nothing.. :(

  28. Jadou Says:

    hey again…. i cant figure out how to use putty can u help me please… everytime i try to connect it says connection timed out… please help… thanks

  29. Jake Says:

    “chmod: /var/root/Media/Downloads/: No such file or directory”
    i have tried everything else i am starting to get frustrated

  30. Jake Says:

    omg i just restarted and it worked sorry XD

  31. Jake Says:

    oh and and also if your using putty, copy it from the website (not including “run”) then right click to paste

  32. Multinova Says:

    no problem

  33. Multinova Says:

    yes i will change that, i think it’s confusing for some people

  34. Jadou Says:

    hey again…. i cant figure out how to use putty can u help me please… everytime i try to connect it says connection timed out… please help… thanks

  35. Multinova Says:

    Euhh it’s not clear for me what’s working for you.
    So you copy the ioreg file and overwrite it?

  36. Multinova Says:

    Please see

    The principle for putty is the same except that you will see a terminal screen instead of a file window.

  37. nathan Says:

    iv uninstaled it all, cleaned all the directorys out and started over.. still nothing im still downloading and then there vanishing… when will the updated version be out on the installer????? might wait till then its making my head hurt lmao.

  38. Dave Says:

    OMG it worked how does it get moved to the Itunes player now, I can get to the song from the Mobilefinder, thanks everyone WOW

  39. Dave Says:

    When i click import the screen returns to homne screen

  40. k386 Says:

    So I’ve run these commands without issue and I no longer get the Firewire GUID error.. but when ever I click ‘Import files’ iSlsk crashes and the files don’t show up in my library.

    I’ve tried crashing the Music app – ie. holding down the hold button till the app disappears – to see if that makes the files show up.. but to no avail.

    Any suggestions? Or should I just suck it up and be patient ;) ?

  41. Multinova Says:

    I think we best wait for the next version. The developer is working on it and it will be released in …. time :)

  42. Gee Says:

    Does anyone already know what’s up with this Error message concerning the iTunes mounting point?

  43. Multinova Says:

    Hi Gee, if you follow all steps and reboot your phone it should be ok :)

  44. iSlsk Brings File-Sharing to iPhone | TorrentFreak Says:

    [...] addressed for the next update but in the meantime, here is a full workaround and great general tutorial from [...]

  45. Gee Says:

    Never mind my last remark. Now I’ve got the same problem as Dave. Everything works fine, accept when I click “Import…” it returns to Springboard. So nothing happens… Anyone?

  46. osse Says:

    i have the same problem, program returns to springboard when i click “import”……..

  47. Vivi Says:

    Same problem as Dave! :) Anybody has any ideea how to import files to ipod list with other application?

  48. UE Says:

    After following these instructions I too crash upon import, and search functionality has stopped working as well. Overall, however, I think this prog has great potential

  49. Dave Says:

    YA now I am getting Itunes mount error when I clikc on the donwload file, I hope Errikk fixes it all today and gets us a new that works perfectly

    this will be a great app

    BTW someone needs to develop an app that allows you to use SEEQpod download a file and move to Itunes

    Thanks all

  50. JP Says:

    Guys if your able to see the music u downloaded in the ‘Downloads’ section of iSlsk and are having a problem importing it with the ‘Import’ button —just do it manually! Use WinSCP to get to the music dir at /var/root/Media/Downloads and copy the file over to your computer’s music folder and then add it to iTunes manually then just Sych with the ipod/iphone…I was getting evertything fine but when i Imported the music i would look in my music files on the ipod itself and couldnt find the songs i just downloaded so this way is jus the easiest way to do it until next update comes out for iSlsk

  51. errrick Says:

    Multinova, thanks for helping everyone.

    Find my e-mail address at iSlsk on the main screen.

  52. Interloper Says:

    Just installed the update and still getting the same crash when importing.

  53. test Says:

    please release fixupdate for this release errrick..i dont have wifi so i cant connect to the iphone :/

  54. Flo Says:

    Sry, but: that sux :)

    If you do it this way, you dont have to download it on the iphone^^

  55. Chris Says:

    Hey there,

    I’m sure that this question has already been addressed but I’ve copied over the appropriate files, and input the appropriate commands and appear to have a working version of this program. I can download the files but when I import the file, it hangs for a second then appears normal. However, I cannot find the file in my library. What do you recommend?

  56. kevin Says:

    Hey did everything you listed…

    Error went away music is shown in downloads.

    When i try and import a song it loads for a second and exits out of the islsk program. How come?

    No songs are in the library.

  57. adrastos Says:

    is there a Tool like putty, but for Mac? Will i have to use the same command lines then?

  58. Multinova Says:

    Yes, you can use FUGU for mac.
    The same command lines apply for FUGU

  59. Dhruv Says:

    ok. i have the same issue. i ran the program via ssh so i could see what the error message was and it was this.
    2008-05-15 17:17:18.998 iSlsk[1327:2907] Successfully logged in
    Bus error

    I got the bus error the second i Tried to import.

  60. adrastos Says:

    sorry, but using fugu i have solved the first step and copied the ioreg into the folder. what do i do then? i opened the console on fugu, but when i use chown mobile:mobile /Applications/ it says “You must supply a numeric argument to the chown command.”

  61. Multinova Says:

    Hi, did you typ chown or chmod ?
    Chown should not ask for a numeric argument.

  62. matthew Says:

    how can i pull up the proper window in Fugu to type these commands in? any help would be great. thanks!

  63. adrastos Says:

    i actually just copy & paste it… :-S

  64. matthew Says:

    using fugu as well:

    sftp> chown mobile:mobile /Applications/
    You must supply a numeric argument to the chown command.

  65. Multinova Says:

    Guys if you are running mac os X, then you can just open the terminal

    and type ssh root@X.x.x.x (where X.X.X.X is your iphone ip address)

    This post should help you out with ssh on mac :)


  66. Paul Says:

    Oh crap, I did everything to the T, and my Ipod just got owned. Now I get this error “iTunes cannot read the contents of the Ipod “Paul’s iPod” Go to the summary tab in iPod preferences and click Restore to restore this iPod to factory settings.” What do I do? I deleted all of the files i downloaded from this tutorial in SSH.

  67. CapnJ Says:


    Open /Applications and click on and change its permissions to 777. I use Cyberduck and to do it in that all I do is right click, info, then change the permissions. MAKE SURE TO CHANGE ALL THE CONTENTS OF THE ISLSK.APP TO 777!!!


    That’ was a great help for me. Now all runs smoothly how it should be.


  68. CapnJ Says:

    Ah sorry, you can do the same with FUGU, too. You dont have to use cyberduck.

  69. iPhorum Says:

    Thanks for this guide, perfect to me!

  70. Energize Says:

    Very good tutorial. Congratulations. Easy as 1.2.3….

  71. Amir Says:

    Where do we type in the commands in winscp

  72. Energize Says:

    By the way… if you can’t get it to import (if it crashes and sends you back to Springboard), follow the following command:

    ln -s /private/var/mobile/Media/iTunes_Control /private/var/root/Media

    Thanks to a guy named Edward from Touch Podium (

    Hope I spared you guys some time =)

  73. erick david Says:

    Hi from México!

    i´ve solve the “GUID” problem, but now i have a new,

    “Your itunes databes mount point wasn´t recognized, and therefore, music importing will not be available”

    what was my mistake?
    how can i solve?


  74. Yahweh Says:

    hey. This might be a silly question but I am using ziphone as my installer, do I have to use the installer you mentioned or can I get the program another way?

  75. Pedro Amaral Says:

    Hi man, when i tried to do the 4 and 5 steps i get this error message:

    Code 133 /usr/lib$ chown mobile:mobile /Applications/
    dyld: Library not loaded: libarmfp.dylib
    Referenced from: /usr/bin/chown
    Reason: unsafe use of relative path libarmfp.dylib in /usr/bin/chown with setuid binary

    Do you know why this happens?

  76. jazir Says:

    multi uve made this like 9000000 times more complicated, because u use putty. winscp is so much easier and so much more effective it isnt even funny. you can enter the same commands much more easily in winscp. all you have to do is click any file or folder, then click custom commands, then enter. wallah you have a text box to type any command you want. and you can copy paste into it. its also a much easier interface and if you really need to it has a terminal mode also

  77. fhelad Says:

    I still don’t get. I’m running os x and i type the ssh root@ etc. in to the x11 terminal then what do i do because when i go back to fugu it still says you must supply a numeric argument to the chown command

  78. Zach Says:

    is there anyway to do this on windows without putty? im still stuck on a wired connection, any work around for this?

  79. Ram Sathish Says:

    thanks for the up bro !!

  80. alwin Says:

    hi there, can anyone tell me how to connect, everytime i type in a name and password i get the same error : “login failed! verify your username and password.”
    do i have to make a username somewhere else or what?

    thx for the tutorial. i think the programm has lots af potential!!

  81. alwin Says:

    how did you get rid of the error?

  82. alwin Says:

    got rid of connection problem, i did’nt know you first have to install it on your pc.

  83. alwin Says:

    hello again, i would just like to say that when you follow all the steps one by one there shouldn’t be any problems using this app.!! it’s great!!

  84. Pete Says:

    Thanks alot, it worked perfectly. Now I can import the song downloaded.

  85. bilgehan Says:

    thanks now this program work perfectly

    thanks for errick for this program and thanks for you for fixes

  86. Ipodtouchuser # 43 Says:

    works perfectly! tnx guys! :)

    I used WinSCP!
    Don’t use putty to this!

  87. Chipstik Says:

    Thanks Guys! Work Perfectly!

    But is there any way to not have iTunes delete the songs when you sync, and maybe even transfer them to the iTunes library?

    That would be so cool!

    I used putty to do this and it worked perfectly. Remember to restart the program when you have done it.

  88. Gil Says:

    Sooooo Gooood….
    Thanks a Lot…. =)

  89. kikaxx Says:

    Thank you, it works perfect, it seems good, because when I give import, I do not appear files on the player.

    To be?

  90. popo Says:

    i got to step 9

    on step 10 it tells mi that: ln -s /private/var/mobile/Media/iTunes_Control /private/var/root/Media, already exists, any way i can download and see the finished file but when i try to import a song it says its iporting for about 2 seconds and then its goes out of the app., i cant find the song in my ipod

    what should i do

  91. Tak Says:

    Hi… I’ve managed to fix the whole issue but I can’t get any search results… Ive restarted my ipod touch but still no luck :(


  92. i Says:

    yeh i get the same problem as popo
    i manage to appear to be importing the file i downloaded but it just goes back to the home screen..
    maybe chipstick would be nice enough to shine some light on how he got his to work? :)
    HELP! :(

  93. chandler Says:

    ln -s /private/var/mobile/Media/iTunes_Control /private/var/root/Media

    when i copy this in putty it say access denied its the last step

  94. Connor Says:

    hey i use WinSCP i don tknow what you mean by chmod 77 and how to run the /var/root/Media/Downloads/ commands. Please help man.

  95. brando88 Says:

    Hi Guys,

    If you use this instead:

    mkdir -p /var/root/Media/Downloads

    It won’t complain if you have the folder or not, saving you the time of checking :)

  96. Rodrigo Says:

    Vlww, deu certinho aqui..

    Great! Thanks!!

  97. Luis G Says:

    I got rid of the GUID problem yay! But now when songs finish downloading, they dont appear in the downloads section Help Please

  98. mondrianaire Says:

    Restart your iphone and it should work!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  99. jordan Says:

    When i enter the chown commands, i think steps 4 and 5, i get “you must apply a numeric argument to the chown command. any ideas? im using Fugu on my mac.

  100. Bernardo Lima Says:

    I did everything as you told me to do.. it worked great for the iSlsk but now my “uninstall” list on the installer is empty…

  101. errrick » Blog Archive » iSlsk v0.1b released! FirewireGUID issues… Says:

    [...] it themselves and someone came up with some nice tutorial for those who wanted to fix it manually (link here). So in the mean time, you can follow those steps while I work on the next update, which will [...]

  102. Josh Says:

    Everything works for me, the songs show up in my library but some of the songs in download dont play. Anything i can do?

  103. ThE_RaY Says:

    Works perfectly!

    @all having problems: you must follow the guide completely and do all the shell command for get it works… make sure command are the same on this page beforme hitting enter because you can damage your ipod/iphone with bad shell commands…after all the process in the shell write:

    # reboot

    now the iphone/ipod will restart himself and most of problems on connecting will solve xD

    Gj man

  104. chrisbox Says:

    For noobs like me…might be a long steps but it work am gonna try to break down each step in post #137
    get cyberduck and mobileterminal in installer….

    1) check if you have “ioreg” binary in /usr/bin/ directory (it wasnt in mine so use cyberduck transfer in the usr/bin/ folder..)

    2) If not download it from the link above and upload it to /usr/bin

    2) Connect with ssh/vterm from iphone or however but run the following commands: ( if you open mobileterminal and its saying mobile and not root then i think u have to put it to root by doing this command : ssh root@youriphoneipAddress then its gonna ask you for your password: alpine unless u change it)

    3) chmod 755 /usr/bin/ioreg ( Put this exactly like the way its written with the space in mterminal)

    4) chown mobile:mobile /Applications/ (same)

    5) chown mobile:mobile /Applications/* ( same)

    6) Download libncurses.5.dylib from the link above and upload only libncurses.5.dylib to /usr/lib ( Use cyberduck again to put this file in the right folder)

    7) chmod 777 /usr/lib/lib* (mterminal)

    8 ) mkdir /var/root/Media/Downloads (if it already exists it’s ok) (another command in mterminal)

    9) chmod 777 /var/root/Media/Downloads/ (u get the idea now)

    This last one should fix your itunes import problem.(credit goes to Edward from Touch Podium)

    10) ln -s /private/var/mobile/Media/iTunes_Control /private/var/root/Media (this last step was driving me crazy at first cause I thought it was “in” but its a “l” its a L but not capital..LOL…
    am talking ” ln -s ” ..make sure you put spaces where they go….)

    11) Reboot your iphone.

    man if this doesnt work for u then wait 4 the update….I tried my best

  105. Flo Says:

    Get rid of the slash behind the _Control

    Take care of all the slashes!!

  106. Flo Says:

    Restart your iPhone!

  107. Flo Says:

    Thx a Lot for update2! Now it works perfectly :)

  108. Spencer Thayer Says:

    I have had this problem with any application that tries to access /var/root/Media/ . It seems that I as a root user do not have access to the directory because I get “Not a directory.” I used ziPhone so it’s possible this is a ziPhone issue.

    My feeling is that no later release will work on my phone until I get this issue resolved. Is there any thread that covers this? I haven’t been able to find one. Thanks!

    Below is my SSH session…

    # ln -s /private/var/mobile/Media/iTunes_Control /private/var/root/Media
    ln: /private/var/root/Media: File exists
    # mkdir /var/root/Media/Downloads
    mkdir: /var/root/Media: Not a directory
    # chmod 777 /var/root/Media/Downloads/
    chmod: /var/root/Media/Downloads/: Not a directory

  109. Multinova Says:

    Hi Spencer,
    Do you have BSDSUBSYSTEM installed?
    are u running the commands on your iPhone or via SSH?
    You can try to run
    su mobile

    and then run the commands again


  110. Tak Says:

    change the ownership

    chown -R root:wheel /var/root/Media/Downloads


  111. Som3a Says:

    when i run the
    # ln -s /private/var/mobile/Media/iTunes_Control /private/var/root/Media
    command, an error pops up telling me :
    Command ‘ln -s /private/var/mobile/Media/iTunes_Control /private/var/root/Media’
    with return code 1 and error message
    ln /private/var/root/Media/iTunes_Control: File exists
    How can i fix this plz?

  112. kikaxx Says:

    Multinova, he completed the steps of the guide and has soluconado the problem, but now I do not mind the files to the player’s library.

    It is assumed that this should happen right?

    To be not the amount?

    When selecting a file and give it closes the import application

    Thank you

  113. RandalRampage Says:

    Ok, So I changed all the permission’s and everything, but I still get the FirewireGUID error, but it still downloads and goes into the download tab.

    Any ideas?

    Or should I just wait for a new release?

  114. aC Says:

    well it work , the secind time i tried it , after i restarted i downloaded something else , then it didnt show up in downloads , i den restarted again , and i click on downloads and there it was i imported it to itunes but it doesnt play , , im trying another song to see if it works if not ill wait for the update

  115. aC Says:

    awsome,, i tried it with a another song , and it worked beatifully , nice work guys ,

  116. Carl Says:

    ok, so i think it worked a little too well for me!! when i import the downloaded song into my library i get TWO copies of the track in the ipod app (on the iphone).

    weird? anyone else get this??

  117. VanBleezy Says:

    After 3 days I got it to work, It’s a great app…Thanks guys

  118. dave Says:

    you are the best mondrianaire!

  119. Krishna Says:

    1. chown mobile:mobile /Applications/*
    2. chmod 777 /usr/lib/lib*

    i don’t understand these two steps..what does it mean “*” and “lib*” ??? do i have to make a new folder or what? please advise..thanks

  120. ipodmaster Says:

    IT WORKS :D:D:D Thanks sooo much
    if anyone has tried this before and it didnt work… i tried restoring my iphone and trying again and it worked like a charm :D
    not saying u should restore ure ipod.. just letting u know that the procedure above works
    thanks again!

  121. justin Says:

    how do you get the iSlsk-downloaded-files to import to your iTunes Library when you connect the iPod and computer? it deletes the songs off my ipod whenever i try to sync itunes and my ipod

  122. RandalRampage Says:

    Ok, So no matter how many times I input the chmod 777 /var/root/Media/Downloads/ command my downloads file still doesn’t change its permissions I check using mobile finder.

    Anyone got any ideas?

  123. Multinova Says:

    you shouldn’t do it with mobile finder, mobile finder will run as user mobile and not as user root.
    Try to login via SSH and run the commands there.

  124. Multinova Says:

    I’m sorry but there’s no option available to do that. iTunes will not allow that.
    I sugges you use filebrowser see ->

    with this app you can get the music off your iPhone and then import it in iTunes :)

  125. RandalRampage Says:

    Right, I’m using SSH to run the commands.

    I’m just using mobile finder to check if the downloads folder is perm 777.

  126. RandalRampage Says:

    Would it matter possibly that I’m inputting the commands via WinSCP and not puTTY?

  127. Bichiliad Says:

    Before I say anything, I’d like to say that this method works 100% fine and that I just downloaded and played a song.

    Quick question:
    Would there be any reason that the command “mkdir /var/root/Media/Downloads” wouldn’t execute properly? I had to manually create directories in /private/var/root/ (the /root/var/ directory is a shortcut to /root/private/var/) before executing “chmod 777 /var/root/Media/Downloads/”.

    It works fine otherwise. iSlsk works perfectly on my iPod Touch.

  128. Spencer Thayer Says:

    Multinova, you are the answer dude! Here is my reply and additional information…

    “Do you have BSDSUBSYSTEM installed?”
    “Are u running the commands on your iPhone or via SSH?”
    SSH both Putty and WinSCP
    “You can try to run su mobile.”
    I don’t know how to use the super user Mobile. “su: user Mobile does not exist”

    Now on my iPhone the “/private/var/root” directory does not have a sub directory named “Media.” Instead “Media” is a non accessible file- even with chmod 777. Since it is not a directory the command “mkdir /var/root/Media/Downloads” is impossible.

    However using Finder I can find files downloaded from iSlsk under “~/Media/Downloads/” which is actually located at “/private/var/mobile/Media/Downloads/” so what F is with that?

    Is my phone oddly configured do to ziPhone? Should I attempt to clean my phone and start from scratch? If so what method of unlocking will work with iSlsk. This is the coolest app for the iPhone so far and I am willing to go about some great lengths to get it to function properly.

  129. tim Says:

    it works fine for me, the only thing is how to get the song imported into itunes on my pc?

    I’m using an ipod touch.

    Many thanx for this app, one of the best out there

  130. tim Says:

    ow another thing!
    when i download a song with slsk it looks like the songs in the on my ipod get moved, i mean i got artist whit an a between artist whit a b standing for instance: i downloaded sean kinston, this caused the killers( artist) to get moved to the section L so killers stand by artist begjnng with a L

    Help appreciated

  131. Danny Says:

    solid guide. works perfectly

  132. Rob Says:

    this may sound noobish but how do i use those chmod things

  133. JuliaC Says:

    Alright so I had this whole thing working…

    After following the directions to fix the import problem, I downloaded a song and it worked perfectly.
    But all of a sudden, today, after downloading, the songs wouldn’t even show up in “Downloads”. So I tried both putty, and winscp to try an fix the problem, but it keeps saying “Network error: connection timed out.”

    I have no clue what’s wrong =\.


  134. RandalRampage Says:

    Hey Rob,

    It depends if your using WinSCP or PuTTY if your using PuTTY just input your iPhone/iTouches IP then copy and paste the chmods in.

    If your using WinSCP Log in using your IP again and go to the top where it says commands and click Terminal, or I believe (CRTL+T) is the quik key.

    Hope that helps ^.^

  135. RandalRampage Says:

    Make sure you’ve got your iPhones IP address put in right, if someone else connects to your router it could change.

  136. ipodmaster Says:

    is there any way of connecting to more than one peer at a time to download a file? some download speeds are ridiculous, ive seen my nan run faster, honestly

  137. yahweh Says:

    Hello multinova,
    since you seem to be the answer man here i thought id ask you a question.
    Its a little off topic maybe you can email me the answer so the board doesnt go too off topic.
    Since i have jailbroke my iphone i have been trying to figuar out a way to transer my music to my phone with using linux. Are there ANY programs that i can transfer my music thats on my computer to my phone? ever time i connect the phone to my computer, linux thinks its a camera. any ideas??

  138. Multinova Says:

    I know you can do it wirelessly with AMAROK ( to sync vid’s you can try GTKPod,



  139. yahweh Says:

    unfortunitly i dont have wireless, is there a way i can either drag and drop the files to the phone or another program that i can use?

  140. JuliaC Says:

    I’m positive that I’m entering it right. But it is definitely acting as if it’s changed. I can’t log into Apollo either– and youtube won’t load at all.

    The IP in Settings – Wifi is the correct one right? I mean it’s the one I’ve always used, and it hasn’t changed.

  141. Tony Says:

    I don’t get where to put this.
    -s /private/var/mobile/Media/iTunes_Control /private/var/root/Media

  142. Chris Says:

    Yes I got this to fully work and it works great :D

  143. errrick » Blog Archive » Interview at + updates Says:

    [...] you are still having problems with the FirewireGUID issue, I strongly recommend reading this tutorial to manually fix it, it got updated for people also having problems with the import feature making [...]

  144. dodi Says:

    hey multinova, could you please help mee…im stuck on step 3. i uploaded ioreg successfully and idnt really understant what you mean in the following steps…

  145. yves Says:

    Thanx after lot’s of reading and ‘sshing’ And a nice reboot it worked well even with the error ‘library not loaded’ I was able to imoport into itunes

  146. Tony Says:

    I don’t get how to do step 9

  147. osse Says:

    i did step 10 and now of works perfectly!!!! This is the best program ever! Thx!

  148. maury Says:

    tanks so much i do it mi isls is working now tanks you are the best

  149. JON Says:

    It sed Failed with return code 127 -s command not found.. after trying itunes code -s /private/var/mobile/Media/iTunes_Control /private/var/root/Media
    im using WinSCP HELP it doesnt work….
    followed all your steps!
    pls pls pls help
    no luck
    BTW i stil hav the FirewireGUID error
    tried restarting iPhone

  150. Multinova Says:


    the command -s doesn’t exist, try ln -s

  151. JON Says:

    Tried that
    it says In -s/private/var/mobile/Media/iTunes_Control has another error
    Failed with returned code 1 and error message
    In: illegal option – /
    usage: In [-fhinsv] file 1 file 2
    In [-fhinsv] file…. directory
    link file1 file 2.

  152. JON Says:

    Ok it works now not gettin the error…
    but i cant access the mp3 files… if i click on the downloads tab in the…
    it doesnt show my downloaded song!

  153. dominic Says:

    yeah i did everything it says a hundred times except restoring or updating to 1.1.4 and download a hundred songs as well so im over it and ill wait it out.

  154. dominic Says:

    and i didnt get the songs to show up in downloads tab. any help would be cool. turned phone off and on too.

  155. Derek Says:

    Here’s a much easier fix for the import error:

  156. TONY Says:

    hey dude thank you for the link, made me happy but when i tried to install it gave main script execution failes! what wrong with that?

  157. Multinova Says:

    I tried the link also, it doesn’t work for me either :(

    I’ll keep using my own tutorial :)

  158. TONY Says:

    hey multinova i ried ur tutorial but didnt work dude, i dony know why. i did exactly what u explained but couldnt fix it, suppose will wait until erric put something ot.

  159. Firewire GUID Patch for iSlsk 0.2.2 Says:

    add this in repo

    and search “Firewire GUID Patch for iSlsk 0.2.2″ in the installer

    enjoy…. from México cabrones

  160. yea Says:

    “Firewire GUID Patch for iSlsk 0.2.2″ allowed me to access the section of iSlsk without the error prompt, though causes the app to crash every time i attempt an import irregardless of how it’s done… YMMV.

  161. TONY Says:

    the application doesnt work it gives you new errors, the import is not possible, i think the Isisk app is not designed properly thats why its not compatible with iphone/ipods.

    any comments on that?

  162. Multinova Says:

    Please don’t install the patch.. it doesn’t do all the steps needed to get the app working.

    If you follow the steps above, it will work.

  163. Multinova Says:

    please copy and paste the commands. Don’t type them as it won’t be correct

    you must type it exactly as it is .

  164. yahweh Says:

    hello guys, i finaly got this program through ziphone and am also getting this error messege, unfortunitly NONE of those steps above make ANY sence to me. Is there ANY kind soul willing to help me and walk me through the steps? PLEASE?

  165. Rave Says:

    How do i fix the import thing and how do i find the song that i download?

  166. Rave Says:

    I can’t get the import work cuz (it crashes and sends me back to Springboard),

    What i have to do in this part?
    10- /private/var/mobile/Media/iTunes_Control /private/var/root/Media

  167. Johnny Playboy9 Says:

    great job!thank you for the support,works great now!

  168. yahweh Says:

    ok. I’m back with another question. LOL. Since the new update fixed the GUid error, my next question is if I download a video file, how do I manually move it into my iPod area of my iPhone? Hopefully this can be fixed on the next update. LOL

  169. Multinova Says:

    That’s not possible yet :sad:
    However you can watch the movies with filebrowser, check this post

  170. yahweh Says:

    the link doesn’t seem to be working. Keeps timing out.

  171. Multinova Says:

    fixed, sorry forum was acting up :(

  172. Sean6286 Says:

    I also was able to import my whole iTunes Library for sharring…this is actually a really cool app….thanks

  173. Awayze Says:

    After I’ve imported the song to the iPod on iPhone. The song is in the iPod. How do i get the song to my PC. Will automatically go in my iTunes libary if i sync my iPhone? thnx

  174. Karsyn Says:

    Worked perfectly!!! Yay thanks!

  175. yahweh Says:

    ok, now not only does the avplayer i downloaded not ever work, but now somethings is wrong with my ipod player. i downloaded something last night and ever since i imported the song, the ipod on my iphone doesnt even load. all i get is a white screen and then it jumps back to the main screen…can anyone help please?

  176. yahweh Says:

    oh, and i was using the islsk to download the song. not sure if it was islsk or the file i downloaded that caused it.

  177. Tommy J Says:

    I’m not sure why you are all having issues with this…… I installed this application from the installer this morning and downloaded a couple of songs and imported it directly into the library on my iPod Touch without using the computer at all. Worked flawlessly on the 1.1.4 jailbreak with WiFi at my office…. After the download was complete, I clicked on it and said import to my library and I was able to listen to it from the library and by TuneWiki (if you don’t have this, you should definitely get it!!!!!)

    Thanks Erric for the awesome download!!!!!!

  178. yahweh Says:

    well mine was working too, untill last night. I posted the problem on erics main page (the creator of the islsk iPhone I believe) and very soon after he himself responded and is looking into the import issue I’m having with my iPod on my iPhone. Once he comes up with a fix I’ll ask him if he can explain what he did and I’ll post the fix here incasw anyone else gets this same issue. :)

  179. maury Says:

    wen i open mi itunes and iput new movie the music idownloading desapers helpme please

  180. Multinova Says:

    This is a well known issue, no fix available yet. If you download music, you should copy it to your local machine before importing it in itunes.

  181. caboo Says:


    i copied wrong commands and pasted onto the putty, what should i do ?? will it effect to the iphone’s system ??

    How can i earse it ?

  182. maury Says:

    tanks multinova

  183. Flash Says:

    Hi. I have my iPhone originally sync-ed to an iBook, however, I already have sold it out. Since all of my music are in there, I have not added any songs in my iPhone for months now. And learning about iSlsk is great. I have tried downloading stuff over wi-fi but it doesn’t appear in my iPhone. Then I learned that i need to resync it to my iTunes. Problem is I don’t think I have set it to manually manage my music library. I am using a Sony Vaio now.

    QUESTION: Will this automatically delete all my music in my iPhone when I try and re-sync it to my new laptop? Will it show all the music that I have downloaded using iSlsk? Help!

  184. toto Says:

    i’m not sure this is the right app i’m looking for. what i need is sometimes to copy some songs from a pc at the office, while my itunes’ sync is at home.
    i’d like to have these songs ready to hear immediately on my iphone.
    then i’d like to add it to my itunes lib/sync when i get home.

    any suggestion please?


  185. pikey Says:

    yes when you sinc up you click manually manage music/videos then itunes wont delete them

  186. ipodperson11 Says:

    im not sure about something… i havent gone through every question so im not sure if someones already asked this. i was wondering if a song was not on islsk can i put it from my computer into islsk so i dont have to use itunes ( i hate itunes) any help would be great… practically the same question toto asked just im not at my offise :-p thanks for the help.

  187. Luciee Says:

    How do i download this onto my ipod in the first place?

  188. Fashion and Vintage Says:

    I love everything about this site!! I have tried downloading stuff over wi-fi but it doesn’t appear in my iPhone. Then I Fashion and Vintage learned that i need to resync it to my iTunes. Thanks for sharing with us.

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