May 14

We all know the iMpossible Quiz, that quiz that has not real or logically answers. If you don’t know it, you can play it here.

Well now you can play it on your iPhone. Our friends of the DavTeam have created the iMpossible Quiz for your iPhone or iPod Touch.

Before you start installing the app, make sure you have the Jiggy RunTime installer.

This little app is available in the through the DavTeam packaging source, see our sources page.


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6 Responses to “IQuiz 1.0 (impossible quiz clone for your iPhone or iPod touch)”

  1. Lucky Says:

    where can i find it ?

  2. dietztho000 Says:

    You can find it on ours source (

  3. Multinova Says:

    Lucky all sources are available on our sources page :)

  4. Marlon Says:

    how to know, which game workr on FW 1.1.4 or on 2.0?

  5. Multinova Says:

    Firmware 2.0 isn’t compatible with all the apps or games you see here.

  6. Marlon Says:

    thanx bro another time!!

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