May 14

I found a cool utitility to backup your iPhone’s applications, application data, and photos.
This app will really help me when i need to restore again.
The application currently works only with firmware 1.1.3 and 1.1.4 iPhones and iPod touches and it does require you to have jailbroken your iPhone.
To use the backup, download it onto your PC, run the iBackup.msi, install it, and you can either run the program from your desktop, or through your Start Menu.

when you run it you will see several buttons on the top, click the Backup button to backup your applications, application data and photos.
Please read and follow the instructions.

Direct download link here.

After you have downloaded, update the app to it’s latest version, and you’re set to go.

I’ll try to give you guys a bigger review tonight, but i’m at work and i can’t do it for the moment.

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22 Responses to “iBackup (backup your iphone from Windows)”

  1. steve Says:

    Oh my god!!! this is what i have always wanted…. please make a bigger review.. I always come to your site but never posted any comment.. but this has made me to!

  2. Multinova Says:

    I’ll write a review tonight. Can’t do it for the moment sorry :(

  3. swed Says:

    I installed that software on my PC but the program is not responding:) I use iBares. It does the same and is working good but its for Mac users only.

  4. kingleo1 Says:

    seems like the original direct download link is working now.. just downloaded the msi file.. will try it now and comment later :)

  5. Multinova Says:

    thanks, will adjust the link again :)

  6. Hilton Says:

    Someone tested this program? it wanted to know if really it has that to uninstall the Summer Board ? Thank you !!

  7. swed Says:

    isnt it clear that i already tested and its not even responding! the program sucks

  8. Multinova Says:

    It works, but you have to do some nifty tricks. I’ll pos a review this weekend on how to get it fully working with all the steps you need to include.


  9. jayz Says:

    OK .. We’ll wait for your post about it !

    ThnKz :)

  10. dimitrios tsolakis Says:

    i tried to install ibackup on my pc windows xp professional after running it and trying to start the application it says component MSCOMCTL.OCX AND ONE OF ITS DEPENDENCIES IS NOT CORRECTLY REGISTERED AND ONE FILE IS MISSING maybe i need to pay cant i first try it out to see Any help wud be appreciated thanx

  11. Multinova Says:

    Hi Dimitrios,

    I think you have a problem with a microsoft runtime. It’s not the application ibackup that you are having issues with. the application is free so you shouldn’t pay for it, except for a donation :)
    Download this file
    extract it to c:\WINDOWS\system32

    After you have done this go to your command
    start -> run -> cmd
    and type there :

  12. PAchi Says:

    I did the backup (after 3 trials,) then I restored my iphone and updated to 1.1.4 . Then I used the ibackup “restore” to get back my apps, and all the icons have disappear (only 4 left), but the apps are inside the iphone (i checked it through winscp).

    The iphone is working, it can receive calls, but nothing elsa can be done because there is no way to access .
    any help?

  13. Multinova Says:

    Hi Pachi, Did you follow my guide ? You need to do some other things first before you put the backup back.

  14. PAchi Says:

    sorry, i don´t see where is the guide.

  15. PAchi Says:

    but i followed the program instructions: the apps were updated, no summerboard or similar,..the backup was done correctly by the app, and the restore too , but the result is terrible…
    any idea of what the issue?

  16. Hilton Says:

    Hi Multinova, i wating your tutorial for the programa fully work perfect !!!

    Thank you

  17. centralrock Says:

    waiting also for tutorial ;-)

  18. Multinova Says:

    Tutorial has been posted quite some time ago :) please use the search function or check the links on the top right :)


  19. Multinova Says:

    Please use the search if you can’t find something :)

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  21. Lars Says:

    Hey, im trying to install this but everytime I try to install it an error message pops up saying “installation package could not be opened” Im using Windows XP Pro. Is there anyway to fix this?

  22. Faraaz Says:

    the link is not working :sad: :sad: :sad:

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