May 13

In my previous post i already briefly mentioned iToday.
so here is the first look on iToday.

Itoday is a application that will give you lot’s of information on your lock screen. It’s kinda the same as Kate (for which i’m writing a big review but it won’t be out untill later this week).
iToday display informations like missed call/sms, meteo and birthday and Video …

What’s missing :

– Alarm when you have missing call/sms waiting.
– Next 3 items from tasks.
– Voicemail : i don’t have this service here so i don’t know how ATM.

1) Install the skrewcommon 1.2 first.

2) IMPORTAN FOR KATE USERS ! Please disable your uCallendar before proceeding to install this app!!

3) Locate the app iToday in your installer.

4) Star the app. You can’t set much options for now. Only Enable and a video selector.

I must say the result looks very nice, although this is still a beta release. I can’t wait to see the updates. As for the video, yes that works too, but i can’t show that in a screenshot. Would you like video-review ? Please take the poll :)

This little app is available in the through the Skrew( packaging source, see our sources page.


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12 Responses to “iToday 0.1 (update with Weather icon)”

  1. Rui Pedro Says:

    what is video option for? to video wallpapeR?

  2. Braden Says:

    Its to set a video on the lock screen.

  3. knut Says:

    how to use it without the video…
    it works fine but always shows a video in the background, how can i disable the video?

  4. Multinova Says:

    Knut, you can delete all the video’s manually. But personally i think you should wait for the next version. This is still a very alpha build, and not all functions have been implemented.

  5. Gerald Says:

    iToday doesn’t show the correct date for the birthdays although they have the proper date in the calender app. It adds a day to some of the birthdays.
    Does anybody know why or how to fix it?

  6. christian Says:

    i have the same problem with the birthday….it shows me one day in future. how can i fix it? without to change the birthday???

  7. Multinova Says:

    I found this note on the official forum of Danstaface:

    I already noticed on iPhone day one that some birthdays get moved by +1 / -1 on syncing between iPhone and Microsoft Outlook on Windows every time.
    With all iPhone firmware and iTunes updates since then, the problem still hasn’t been fixed (well I didn’t check the 1.2 / 2.0 beta’s for this and expect it to be fixed because they have been delving deeply into MS Exchange syncing support as well). So there just *may* be something wrong with the iPhone software, not Skrew’s app.

    I will check this a little bit more, and get back to you

  8. Danny Says:

    Hi all there, how to change the weather in the itoday ? That show wrong weather in my Place. Any help ??

  9. Multinova Says:

    Hi, iToday takes the weather settings from your weather application. If you set your local city in the Weather app, iToday will display it correctly.
    gr, Multinova

  10. Danny Says:

    Hi, many thanks for your help, I have several cities in my, I did change my city (Zurich) in the first, than every thing go perfect, Hope you are enjoy your day.Danny

  11. christian Says:

    i have found a second failure…..when you have the ipod on and put it into sleep mode…after that you want to awake it the music goes in pause mode.

  12. Rony Debs Says:

    I am using iPhone 1.1.4, everything is perfect with iToday, and I have Kate 1.3 cracked only using from it the privacy for the SMS and facelift for the springboard

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