May 13

Intelliscreen is a new app developed by Intelliborn.

The app allows you to adjust your slide to unlock screen to host several useful bars.

* View Calendar, Email, Text Messages, News, Sports, and Weather from your iPhone “Slide To Unlock” screen
* Smooth scrolling across each item to quickly glimpse at your data
* Auto-Checks Email when you view the unlock screen – no need to “Refresh” from or wait 15 minutes
* Go directly to the application of your choice with a “Swipe”
* Precise International Weather (by Zip) provided by Weather
* News Feeds include Yahoo!, CNN, Fox News, and Reuters (more coming soon!)
* ESPN Sports Feeds include MLB, NFL, NBA, NHL, NCAA Men’s Football and NCAA Women’s Basketball

* Customizing your IntelliScreen is easy! Choose which content you want to view and where
* Mail and Text Messages can be shown only if new items are available


This is still beta so be careful !

1) First deactivate The ucallender or iToday if you have them installer before proceeding.

2) You can locate the app in your installer.



3) Let’s start the app. On first starting you will receive a brief message.
(for changes to take effect, your screen will flash briefly after you exit the app) Click ok.
You can select to enable the app here and if you wan’t to auto check your e-mail
Let’s go to the display settings first.
The display tap let’s you select what information containers you’d like to have on your slide to unlock screen. you can chose between
– Callender
– Mail
– Sms
– News
– Weather
– Sports


4) Let’s go back to the settings screen. Here you can select the number of items you’d like the app to show. Set your weather city(only fahrenheit), chose the news feeds and chose your sports feeds.
There are already a lot of news and sports feeds available in the app so i won’t list them all :)
You can also chose to preview all of your settings and enable the app to search for updates.

5) After you have set your options. Reboot your iphone and accept the agreement. You will ten see all your requested settings.

This little app is available in the through the IntelliScreen packaging source, see our sources page.


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12 Responses to “Intelliscreen 0.7”

  1. BIGBC Says:

    I love it!

  2. Braden Says:

    Waaaay better than iToday, and its only the first release. I can’t wait to see what updates have in store.

  3. Wilson Says:

    How to add this program? I can’t find the program after add the source – Pls adv, ,many thanks.


  4. kraussco Says:

    Whats the source ?

  5. Rotscher Says:

    I have the same proble. I have add the Source , but i can’t find Intelliscreen!

    Is this not the right source or how must install Intelliscreen?


  6. Jasper Says:

    I think the repo is down at the moment. Can’t reach his website as well..
    We guys just have to wait for his website to come back online :)


  7. Jasper Says:

    its up again, but can’t find this app anyway :(

  8. Multinova Says:

    Yes the repo + site are down for the moment. I think all the iPhoneFreakz users must have brought them down :)

  9. Multinova Says:

    It’s not fully up. When i try to download there repo you’re still getting errors.
    fopen(Intelli.plist) [function.fopen]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /home/ on line 11

  10. bigpimp Says:

    repo works for me fine =) think that I’ll love this app

  11. Yves Says:

    I think it’s a great tool unless I can’t get it to display my mails
    any idea ?

  12. Rui Says:

    its trial!! :sad:

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