May 12

Text Reader v0.60 got released today.
This application allows you to read large Text, Palm Doc .pdb, Mobipocket .prc, HTML, and FB2 files quickly and efficiently on the iPhone.
The application lacks many of the advanced features of ruBooks or, but it can quickly load and display large text files that currently cause or other UI Text View/Web View based apps to bog down.

Another great feature in the app, is the possibility to download your books directly from site like ProjectGutenberg.

1) Locate and install the app in your installer.

2) Let’s open the app and check out the features. On default you will see a open button a lock and a settings button. Let’s first check the open button.
If you like to upload books to your iPhone or iPod touch, you can do that in the directory
/var/mobile/Media/textReader/. A tutorial for uploading files can be found here.
As i stated before, the app also gives you the possibility to download books directly from the web.
Let’s try that. Go to project ProjectGutenberg and check the direct download link for your book.
When you have found out what the link is, enter this in the app and download a book.
Make sure you enter the extension when you save it, or the app won’t be able to recognize the book!

3) After you have downloaded or uploaded your book. you can read the book. The app supports some settings.
If you tap the screen, the fullscreen view is enabled, and you can swipe to go up and down your pages.
The app also let’s you change some settings.
– Txt settings (font, font size and encoding)
– Display settings (invert screen, ignore single lf, pad margins)
– Scroll settings (reverse tap zones, slide scroll)

This is a very good and simple app to use!

This little app is available in the through the BigBoss packaging source, see our sources page.


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