May 07

Jason Kit is actually a old app named iLM renamed.
The app let’s you swap between several maps and your installer sources.
I already discussed a application that let’s you backup your maps and switch between them. It was called maps offline and you can read the original post here.

What’s the big difference about maps offline and Jason Kit?

Jason kit add’s one little extra thing. It let’s you backup your installer sources and swap between different sources. Why could you need something like this?

If you’re a beta-tester and want to quickly update and download your latest app without waiting for the installer to refresh all it’s sources, you can create a second installer source and directly load that one.

So how does it work?

1) Search for the app in your installer.

2) Let’s run the app and have a look at it’s options. On opening of the app, the developer asks for some help in translating the app or for designing a custom logo. You can directly mail the developer from within the app by pressing the emai button.

3) Let’s have a look at the app itself. The first screen let’s you backup and load your maps. to backup a map just press backup and name it as you like.

4) The second tap let’s you backup and load your installer sources.

5) The preferences tap let’ change the transition effects, enable copy of the map instead of renaming (take a lot of time), and make your map link writeable (if you disable this setting, your map will not be modified or enlarged.)

This little app is available in the through the Bigboss packaging source, see our sources page.



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