May 07 is a new website where we iPhone users can directly download all our roms for our favorite emulator programs, like Gameboy4iphone, Genesis4iphone, GpsPHone, SNES4iphone and the Nes.

Take instead. This one is still live, but i don’t know for how long.

The site is brandnew but it let’s you already download a lot of roms.

The site is talking about 5000 roms already !!

Official site info:

With our unique scripts, we our offering a one click solution for uploading any Rom for NES, Genesis, SNES and GBA directly on to our servers and directly into our Installer Repository. What this means to all iPhone owners is once you upload a Rom using the “One Click ROM Upload” section on the right hand side of the page, that Rom is immediatly available by refreshing the sources of the Installer App on the iPhone. There are only 3 conditions to be met while ulpoading Roms, the Rom must end in .nes, .bin, .smd, .smc or .gba, the Rom must be in a .zip archive and there must only be one Rom per .zip file. Most places available for downloading Roms already meet all of this criteria.

Please remember that if you don’t own the game it’s illegal to download these roms

The repo let’s you download the apps directly and the roms. Gaming is becoming more easy then ever on the iPhone :)

1) Let’s go to the installer and add the repo.

2) To Install the emulators themselves, navigate to the category Emulators

3) To install a game, just navigate to the emulator category.

This little app is available in the through the iphoneroms packaging source, see our sources page.

A big big enjoy


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6 Responses to “iPhoneROMS is Live !”

  1. Stephen Says:

    When you go to install a Rom, click on the More Info button, they even have images of the Roms :)

  2. Charbel Says:

    The only bad thing is that my old roms were deleted! Or at least they don’t show up. Even when i uninstalled the ones downloaded from “iPhoneRoms”.

  3. MyRepospace Says: has a rom upload capability too!

    Plus there bandwidth isn’t exceeded either.

  4. Ifonbob Says:

    I typed in the source and I am 100% sure that it’s right but it comes in at uncatergorized source and it’s untitled source.
    what is wrong?

  5. Ugene Says:

    up same here doesn’t see he source like it should see it…. :shock:

  6. hackmeup Says:

    i just now tried to add the address & it came out “can’t refresh source” when i added it. Is it down already??

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