May 07

BiteSMS is an application that recently was released on the installer but it got quickly removed due to there website problems.
Today Bitesms popped up again on the installer so it’s time for me to quickly review the app and inform you what it is.
BiteSMS is a replacement sms application that can send sms’es via the internet at very cheap rates. About 0.06€ /sms, and this world wide.
The developers that made bitesms looked very good at the native sms sending app, cause the only difference between them is a button where you can select to send via the BiteSMS connection or via your normal carrier.

1) Search for bitsms in your installer. Install the app, and reboot your iPhone.

2) Let’s run the app and have a look.

3) The app starts with the default sms sending view, with send via bitsms enabled. Press the bleu arrow (no messages sent) to go to the options.

4) In the options you have the following information and options:
-Select if you want to send your sms via bitSMS or via your local carrier.
-See how many credits you have left.
-Use BiteSMS as your default sms app.
-And see how many sms you have already send.
When you press the buy credits button, you will be adviced to go to the biteSMS site.

5) Sending a txt mesage works exactly the same way as the normal app. Here are some extra screens.

6) To go to your received sms messages, just press cancel in the main screen and you’ll see them.

I think biteSMS is a reallly good alternative if your a heavy txt’er and you wan’t cheaper rates.
However, please remember that your EDGE or WIFI needs to be connected when you try to use bitesms.

One extra little problem i see with biteSMS is the fact that you can only pay with MasterCard or Visa. Maybee they will change this later but for now those are the only options you have.

This little app is available in the through the STE packaging source, see our sources page.



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  1. BiteSMS 1.14 » iPhoneFreakz Says:

    […] I won’t fully review the app, but i’ll show you the updated screenshots. The full howto can be found here. […]

  2. Gary Wu Says:

    How about receiving text message? would it still via my own carrier? or also via bitesms? since my carrier will also charge every receiving text message.

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