May 06

It’s been some time since i last reviewed a game. And as it’s a little bit quiet on the installer for new games. I’M going to review WeLLK.
WeLLK is no new game, it has been around since nov 2007, but it’s a really fun game, so i thought it was nice to quickly review it.
WeLLK is from our chinese Friends who brought us wetool (the sms managing app, check here for a quick review).
On to the game itself.
The game is very similar to mahjong’s. You need to connect two identical pieces using less then four lines.
The game is mostly in Chinese, but it has one theme (Disney theme) that is English.

1) You can locate the game in your installer by searching for WeLLK in all packages.

2) Let’s run the app and check it’s options.

3) The start screen of the game shows us 3 buttons.
– Play game
– Options/Settings
– About
In the settings, you can change between themes (disney a full english theme, pokemon and world of warcraft)

4) Let’s play a game in the disney theme. The goal of the game is to simply connect identical pieces and they will dissapear. Some rules do apply. You have 4 lives to start with and if you can’t connect 2 pieces within 20 seconds, you lose a life.

5) Some screens of both other themes.


WOW theme

This little app is available in the through the WeIphone packaging source, see our sources page.

Enjoy this very nice game.

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