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This is a follow up on my previous posts of WinPwn See here .

Today i’m going to show you step by step how to create your own custom firmware with WinPwn.

1) First download WinPwn from here.

2) Let’s install WinPwn.

3) Now download iPhone Firmware 1.1.4 from my firmware page. (download the Iphone version not the iPod !! if you have an iphone)


4) After you have downloaded the firmware 1.1.4, open up WinPwn as administrator.

5) Click on the Browse .ipsw button, browse to the firmware file 1.1.4 for your iPhone and select it.

6) Connect your iPhone to the computer and press the iPwner button. Wait for some time and click ok when the popup appears.

If you don’t succeed put the iPhone in recovery mode by holding the Sleep/Wake and home button untill you see the iTunes logo + cable.

7) Congratulations, your iPhone is now Pwned!!

Now let’s start with the creation of the custom firmware.

8) Click on the IPSW builder button. A new window will popup.

9) This window has 3 tabs. Let’s have a look at the first tab. Here you can add all your packages you’d like to have installed in the firmware. As an example i’ve added the Skrew source ( and added the application Ringtones.

You can preinstall all the applications you like untill your have 100% usage. so be wise to install only the ones you will always need. Some ex. Freebsd, OpenSSH, Installer etc….

10) Select your custom boot images. You can chose your own bootimages or search the ones available online. You can select the default boot logo and/or the recovery logo.

11) Let’s check out the last tab. The best options you select here are.

– Activate iPhone (else you won’t be able to use it with iTunes)

-Enable baseband update

– Neuter the bootloader. (you don’t have to do this as you can manually do this later with Bootneuter, (see my post here about Bootneuter.) but if you like you can do this now.

– Update the bootloader to version 4.6 or 3.9

-Unlock baseband (needed for non Apple carriers)

-Autodelete after the neutering.

You will also need both bootloader images. You can find them on the firmware page.

12) Now it’s time to press the Build .ipsw button. This can take quite some time depending on the number of applications you have selected. So be patient. When WinPwn is ready it will show you a message saying successfully created ipsw.

13) Put the iPhone into recovery mode. You can accomplish this by holding the Sleep/wake button and the home button for more ten 30 seconds. When you see the iTunes icon + Iphone cable your phone is in recovery mode.

14) Now go to iTunes and shift + click the restore button and select your custom firmware that you created.

15) Wait for the restore to finish, and tata your iPhone will be running your custom firmware :)


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41 Responses to “How to create your own firmware with WinPwn.(updated)”

  1. Bichiliad Says:

    Should I restore my iPod to 1.1.4 before I pwn it? Its currently jailbroken (1.1.3).

  2. vapes Says:

    When I try to add step 8-9 it says cannot connect to the internet when I try and go to the 3 tabes area. Also I only have 2 tabs applications and custom images

  3. Multinova Says:

    Please make sure you have internet connectivity and your not using a proxy server.

  4. Multinova Says:

    Yes you need to restore to 1.1.4 first.

  5. Bichiliad Says:

    I just restored my iPod to 1.1.4 (unjailbroken).
    I have the 1.1.4 firmware. I’ll run winpwn (as an admin) and run the firmware. However, when I hit iPwnr, winpwn crashes. I get the “Winpwn has stopped working. Windows is looking for a solution.” error. Any suggestions?

  6. Bichiliad Says:

    if it helps, before it crashes (when I move the windows error box over) it says “AMDeviceNotificationSubscribe Failed with Error -402653180.”

    At the moment, my iPod is not showing up in iTunes (though it does charge when I plug it in), although I haven’t restarted my computer yet.

  7. Multinova Says:

    Yup you need the iTunes dll’s if winpwn crashes.

  8. Multinova Says:

    try this

  9. Bichiliad Says:

    Does this go in my /iTunes/ install directory, or my /Winpwn/ install directory? sorry I’m so persistant… I’ve made more than my fair share of stupid mistakes with the iPod Touch.

  10. Bichiliad Says:

    I found it… sorry. Its in the winpwn directory, although I still have the same error.

  11. Multinova Says:

    Must be something corrupt with itunes, check if the ituneshelper is running and reinstall itunes.

  12. Bichiliad Says:

    a’ight. got it. Reinstalled iTunes, rebooted the computer, and it works. Its just asking me to remove my iPod and plug it back in in recovery mode. I’m pretty sure I can do that :D thanks a ton.

  13. Bichiliad Says:

    Last thing: Everything is working fine now, but there isn’t an advanced tab. Do I have the wrong winpwn? (It says 1.0 RC1…)

  14. Multinova Says:

    Which step?

  15. Bichiliad Says:

    Step 11. I think I may have the wrong version of winpwn because I still have the “No Message Provided” error with the firmware I made. I used the link from step 1 though.

  16. Maciek Says:

    although its true there is no ‘advanced’ tab, pwning and custom ipsw works perfectly. (id didn’t in previous version, but i”ve decided to give it one more chance)
    thx for a nice tutorial :]

  17. Awayze Says:

    Hey, If you upgrade the BL to 4.6, will the iphone be unlocked, cos i heard it can only be unlocked on 3.9?

  18. Johnny S. Mad Says:

    Hi I did everything described here. My phone is dead the only thing i can do is restore it to factory settings using I-tunes.
    When I try to load the custom IPSW file I-Tnes says cannot be restored unknown error (20).
    I’ve been already triyng since last night to unlock my formely unlocked and perfectly workig i-phone 1.1.4.

  19. Johnny S. Mad Says:

    Could it be that ity’s because I’m using I-tunes 7.7?

  20. Multinova Says:

    Hi Johnny,

    Yes to use WinPwn for version 1.1.4 you need to have iTunes 7.5 or 7.6 at latest (better to use 7.5) .
    If you upgraded your iPhone to firmware 2.0 you may need to run some extra things before you will get your iPhone back on 1.1.4.
    Let me know if this is ok.

  21. Johnny S. Mad Says:

    Yes I did try toupgrade to 2.0 but then I-tunes went into recovery mode and I had to go back to factory settings.
    I did manage to get the 1.1.4back I think with the first step of WinPwn. I’ll try again with I-Tunes 7.5.
    Thanks alot I’ll get back to you soon.


  22. Johnny S. Mad Says:

    Nope I get the same response when I try to do it with I-tunes 2.5.
    Unknown error 20…


  23. Multinova Says:

    1) The first problem in your downgrade is that you probably are getting error 20 in restore mode and error 160x in DFU mode. This is due to iTunes 7.7. So, you now you need to uninstall iTunes 7.7 and install iTunes 7.5. Make sure after your iTunes 7.7 uninstall you reboot your pc as it requests you to. **OSX users, see note at bottom of page to downgrade your iTunes.

    2) Now that you have iTunes 7.5, you will still have the DFU driver for 7.7. This is good and will allow the process to work. Put your phone into DFU mode using the DFU steps.

    3) Restore using iTunes 7.5. You will get an error like 1011, 1013, 1015. This is normal and expected. An error 1601, 1602, 1600 or anything else is not ok.

    4) Once you get error above, leave iTunes open and kick your phone out of restore mode. I recommend just loading winpwn(PC) or pwnage(MAC) and pwning the device at this point. If pwnage fails to work, you need to restore your phone again. You should be able to use normal restore mode, however. Other ways to kick out of restore mode may be ibrickr, jailbreak 1.1.2 (boot phone), iLiberty+.

    5) Once completed, you have a pwned device with baseband 4.05.04_G from firmware v2.0.

    6) To get back to 04.04.05_G (1.1.4 baseband) load bootneuter. If you don’t have this, install it from installer. Run bootneuter with Neuter, 4.6, and unlock. When it’s done, you will have an unlocked 04.04.05_G right back where you started.

    Note: if you get a boot neuter error like 05, 02 or such, you probably have more steps. Unfortunately, there is no safe answer to this one.The only method I know of to do this is to use a patched version of Ziphone as described here. Before you do this, you should know the risks. Read my Ziphone warning here. Your other option is to just wait for dev teams pwnage v2.0.

  24. Johnny S. Mad Says:

    I-tunes 7.5 says I can’t restore I need to get a newer version of I-tunes…
    I think I can trow my I-phone in the bin…

  25. NightRod Says:

    Help please,
    By accident I got 2.0 firmware installed and after a lot of work i am back to 1.1.4
    verified 04.04.05_G on the phone.
    I can sync with itunes 7.5 and apps all works thanks to all you great guys out there.

    My problem is I have NO service on the phone and I have tried 3 SIM cards

    what do i need to do?

  26. Lass Says:

    Can winPwn help me, and what steps do I take. My Iphone freeze at the apple logo after installing an application I bought ( Intelliscreen )
    I´m pretty sure that something now has f…up the systemfiles somehow..
    Is it possible to restore only the boot system so I don’t loose any other data in the phone, like the applications, calender data, sms´s an so on ?
    Is it another program I must use.. I really dont wan´t to start all over again.
    What is actually happening with the Iphone when you do the first step “IPwner”, Is it eraseing all of your data in the Iphone with the downloaded .ipsw file, or is you private date stil saved in the Iphone..

    Can anybody help with these questions ?
    Thanks.. :shock: :grin:

  27. Multinova Says:

    Hey Lass, if i would be you i would contact the guys from Intelliscreen. I had a problem once and they told me exactly what to do.
    If you don’t wanna do that, you will have to restore to the standard 1.1.4.
    Applications you will lose, calendar data and sms can be synched back after you have restored.

  28. joe Says:

    hey I’m currently running iTunes 7.7 and got error number 1602 after trying to restore with custom firmware. I know you said to Ipwn but will this erase my data. Won’t I still have to use the custom firmware through iTunes to jailbreak?

  29. jolly Says:

    i have created my own custom ipsw’s on winpwn, i think that i have also got back to 1.1.4 from 2.0 everytime the iphone turns on i get the itunes logo with the cable, and when i restored in itunes i got a 150x error message, from this point, you’ve said to use win pwn to pwn my iphone, however when it gets to the point of pwning it says starting pwnage and doesnt do anything else, the popup comes up i click okay, and thats it, then when i try to do a custom restore, i get error message im running 7.5, is my iphone as good as a brick? please help i’ve been trying for two days, having only just bought unlocked and stupidly updating, and i go away tomorrow would realy like to have it working! thanks in advance!!!

  30. moti Says:

    i coudnt get over step 6/7 i put the iphone i recovery mode and after the software is on “iphone left recoverey mode” its not continue to the next line and nothing happen.
    in the iphone i see”bsd root:md0,……………….” a lot of lines like this..
    after ten min the phone get back to logo+cable and the software still no update to the next lines..
    what am i should do??

  31. prusuardale Says:

    Thanks for the post

  32. rocker Says:

    if my itouch is jailbroken to 1.1.4 and i want to change it to a customized 1.1.4 do i need restore with itunes first? or can i go head and just pwn it again to the customized 1.1.4?

  33. Louse Says:

    i did everything up until the restoring i clicked shift and opened my custom file and after it extracted it said”The IPhone “IPhone” could not be restored an unknown error has occurred (1600) and i restored it without using the custom software. what seems to be my problem :?:

  34. randell Says:

    can i winpwn my unlocked and jailbroken iphone 1.1.3? how? do i still need to upgrade to 1.1.4 and how? pls help newbie here

  35. Makrand Says:

    does winpwn works on 1.1.3 firmware..? If yes, which version of winpwn should I use..??>

  36. ADONIS Says:


  37. mohamed Says:

    haw to unlok my iphone v 202 ?

  38. ADONIS Says:

    If you are using windows :
    If you are using MAC OSX :

  39. ADONIS Says:

    :razz: :razz: :razz: :razz: :razz: :razz: :razz: :razz: :razz: :razz:

  40. ADONIS Says:


  41. Dino Says:

    My iphone has been pwned on another computer….
    Do I need to do it again on this computer

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