May 05

Some websites are now reporting that Fring(versie pre-release v0.978) is causing serious issues with your sms messages.
If you are using Fring and at the same time that you receive a sms message, there’s a high possibility that your full sms database will be erased.
The developer has been informed of the bug and we expect to see a update very soon.

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One Response to “Warning Be carefull with Fring !! (resolved, see comment)”

  1. Gil Regev Says:


    Gil from fring here. Im writing to let you know that fring has just relased its new iPhone version- 0.9785.

    The new version includes the following fixes:

    1. Issues resulting in deleted SMS (additional QA work on our side still in progress)
    2. mVoIP calls on 1.1.2 are now fully supported.
    3. Incoming SIP calls are also available with this new version

    Important: to update to the new fring version DO NOT uninstall current version (well you can, but then you will need to retype your fring login information) Simply go to the ‘installer’ and get the updated fring version from the ‘updates’ section.



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