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This is a tutorial not for the faint at heart.
I’m going to show you step by step how to get the firmware version 2.0 5A240d onto your iPhone with WinPwn.

Let me start by explaining what pwning is. Pwning is making your iPhone totally independence from Apple’s vision on what the iPhone (and iPod Touch) can and cannot do. Currently it will allow you to restore to a jailbroken and unlocked state, and if you can figure it out – some extra cool stuff like Installer, Cydia, and other applications. You will eventually be able to backup your entire phone and restore to a state exactly the way you like it, restore straight to jailbroken state with installer, or even potentially install other OSes like linux (see to your phone.

Ok back to the tutorial

I must inform you that you are doing this on your own risk. WinPWN and Firmware 2.0 are still beta ! So be carefull.

Ok after the warning, let’s go.

1) First of all download WinPwn you can find the links here. And install the app.

2) Now download iPhone Firmware 1.1.4 from my firmware page. (download the Iphone version not the iPod !! if you have an iphone)


3) Go to the and download the Firmware Beta 5A240d Custom firmware.

4) While the Beta Firmware is downloading, open up WinPwn as administrator.

5) Click on the Browse .ipsw button, browse to the firmware file 1.1.4 for your iPhone and select it.

6) Connect your iPhone to the computer and press the iPwner button. Wait for some time and click ok when the popup appears.

7) Congratulations, your iPhone is now Pwned!!

8) Now let’s get firmware 2.0 onto it shall we. This is as easy as a simple restore in iTunes. Open iTunes connect your iPhone and SHIFT + CLICK the restore button and select the custom firmware you downloaded via Torrent.

9) Let it restore and tata you have firmware 2.0.

When the applications have been updated to work with the new firmware i’ll update you with more details.


Installer and or Cydia or any other gui program can’t work on the new firmware due to a change in the framework.

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76 Responses to “How to get iphone firmware 2.0 running with WinPwn”

  1. Multinova Says:

    I will make a tutorial as soon as Pwnagetool 2.0 is released. For now i advice not to upgrade.

  2. Multinova Says:


    1) The first problem in your downgrade is that you probably are getting error 20 in restore mode and error 160x in DFU mode. This is due to iTunes 7.7. So, you now you need to uninstall iTunes 7.7 and install iTunes 7.5. Make sure after your iTunes 7.7 uninstall you reboot your pc as it requests you to. **OSX users, see note at bottom of page to downgrade your iTunes.

    2) Now that you have iTunes 7.5, you will still have the DFU driver for 7.7. This is good and will allow the process to work. Put your phone into DFU mode using the DFU steps.

    3) Restore using iTunes 7.5. You will get an error like 1011, 1013, 1015. This is normal and expected. An error 1601, 1602, 1600 or anything else is not ok.

    4) Once you get error above, leave iTunes open and kick your phone out of restore mode. I recommend just loading winpwn(PC) or pwnage(MAC) and pwning the device at this point. If pwnage fails to work, you need to restore your phone again. You should be able to use normal restore mode, however. Other ways to kick out of restore mode may be ibrickr, jailbreak 1.1.2 (boot phone), iLiberty+.

    5) Once completed, you have a pwned device with baseband 4.05.04_G from firmware v2.0.

    6) To get back to 04.04.05_G (1.1.4 baseband) load bootneuter. If you don’t have this, install it from installer. Run bootneuter with Neuter, 4.6, and unlock. When it’s done, you will have an unlocked 04.04.05_G right back where you started.

    Note: if you get a boot neuter error like 05, 02 or such, you probably have more steps. Unfortunately, there is no safe answer to this one.The only method I know of to do this is to use a patched version of Ziphone as described on hackingtosh : =

  3. raj Says:


  4. Rakesh Says:

    Thanks Multinova.

  5. GEorge Says:

    does this include the app store?

  6. saiyam vora Says:

    Hey multi nova I see your answering everyone’s questions…that great anyways I read all the posts, but I couldnt find anything about the app store. I wanted to know if I use the custom beta 2.0 firmware(which is jailbroken and unlocked) will I be able to use the app store? I dont mind not being about to use installer until the dev team comes up with something. I really want to try to the app store.

  7. saiyam vora Says:

    All you guys who want to update to custom beta 2.0 Firmware.
    I followed the instructions and it worked perfectly, although its pretty useless since you dont get the appstore nor installer and you cant add any applications. Usefull only if you want to develop apps and test them on an unlocked Iphone or if you desperatley need microsoft exchange and stuff.

  8. Multinova Says:

    Correct Saiyam : :cool:

  9. Multinova Says:

    AppStore will be available within a few days. The iphone dev-team is working pretty hard to get fm 2.0 pwned.. just a couple of days and it will be ok

  10. ivan Says:

    I have been using your tutorials for ever, and I never had a problem until now. I am trying to pwning my 3G Iphone. I have done followed every step in the tutorial but winpwn gets stuck when I connect my phone in recovery mode. Here is a brief description:

    7/16/2008 1:24:11 PM – Unzipping .ipsw file to C:\Users\Samoranovo\AppData\Roaming\cmw\winpwn.99.2.19\IPSW-UNZIPPED
    7/16/2008 1:24:14 PM – OK
    7/16/2008 1:24:14 PM – Creating ramdisk
    7/16/2008 1:24:15 PM – Padding ramdisk
    7/16/2008 1:24:15 PM – Ramdisk successfully created

    then there is a pop up saying: Connect your Iphone and put it into recovery mode.

    Nothing happens after I connect the iphone. Itunes recognizes that the phone is in a recovery mode, but that’s about it.

    Please help.

  11. Multinova Says:


    WinPwn hasn’t been released for the final 2.0 firmware. Just wait some more time and all will be ok.

  12. ivan Says:

    Hi Multinova:
    Thanks for the pieces of advice. I will try downgrading my phone to 1.1.4 cause its very boring with the new firmware.
    I hope I would not be asking you more questions….:-)

  13. Ivan Says:

    Hi Multinova:

    I hoped I would not have to ask for your help, but I am stuck again. Would you happen to know if I can put 1.1.4 firmware on the new 3G phone? I tried everything you have mentioned in your blog – downgrading itunes to 7.5/ putting the phone in DFU mode/ tried running winpwn as you suggested, however, I cannot get it to work. Is the framework of the 3G phone any different? I guess this is way over my head, but you might know.

    Thanks again!

  14. delunajaime Says:

    i keep getting an error wen i do this
    it says the iphone could not be restored. an unkown error has occured (1601)

  15. ivan Says:

    Hi delunajaime:
    I still keep getting the same error, but I have no idea what I should do. Anyhow, if you figure it out, please let everyone know.

  16. Chris Says:

    Help… I can’t unlock my iPhone, I have done everything possible (or at least I believe I did). iTunes automatically updated my iPhone, next thing you know, it’s locked and I can’t use my SIM card nemore. I don’t know what to do anymore… please :cry: help me..

  17. willem Says:

    Help me i c on youtube that cydia is working and installer. I cant follow the video well but how are they doining it.

  18. anonymus Says:

    ok so i downloaded winpwn and pluged in my sisters ipod touch (with her permission) and it crashed at the end (it said iphone left recovery mode and my sis’s ipod is “off” and won’t turn on or connect to itunes or anything else i try) :sad:

    so ?’s there a fix or is it broken?

    2. what went wrong?

    note: i was following a youtube vid not anything you said.

  19. anonymus Says:

    edit: 1.1.4 was the firmware i used (vid said to pwn 1.1.4 first)
    please help!!!

  20. saiyam Says:

    well you were following a youtube video for the Iphone!! If you want to jailbreak an ipod, you need to download the firmware for the ipod and load the ipod ipsw firmware!!!
    I guess it its not turning on or not doing anything at all, you need to go to apple and get it replaced!

  21. anonymus Says:

    thanks for help, but first of all it SAID for ipod touch and i used ipod touch and ipt restore.ipsw

    also a verry detailed video not those cheap ones with just text i actually saw the guy do it to his own ipod.

    p.s. im pretty sure its broke, just one question.

    how can i retusn it to apple if jailbreakig voids the warrenty? (previously used ziphone but restored for new jb)

    if i can return that’d be awsome.

  22. anonymus Says:

    thanks for help, but first of all it SAID to use ipod touch and i used ipod touch and ipt restore.ipsw

    also a verry detailed video not those cheap ones with just text i actually saw the guy do it to his own ipod.

    p.s. im pretty sure its broke, just one question.

    how can i return it to apple if jailbreakig voids the warrenty? (previously used ziphone but restored for new jb)

    if i can return that’d be awsome.

  23. saiyam Says:

    well if it doesnt turn on at all, they wont know that its jailbroken!!
    Im guessing you have tried putting it in recovery mode as well as dfu mode and all that good stuff??
    ive returned an iphone that never turned on with no problems

  24. anonymus Says:

    i guess so (hopefully they wont ask questions lol) thanks.

    yes i tried dfu and recovery mode

  25. willem Says:

    Any news on cydia and installer for the firmware on the iphone??????????/

  26. woodwork Says:

    hey multinova…
    seems like you know a lot here, i on the other hand do NOT :( please help me…
    i have my i phone, i travel a lot and have many sims, but i do NOT have the one that came with the phone, i made the mistake of restoring it (on the phone itself, not itunes) because it was cluttered, i wanted it to clean out, but now it says the sim isnt compatible, i have tried all my sims and non work…it says to insert the original (i dont have) what can i do, my phone is useless now!!!?!?!?

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