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VWallpaper 0.8

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vWallpaper has been updated to version 0.8.
For the people who don’t know what vWallpaper is, a brief explanation.
vWallpaper is another app of Skrew (author of Jamendo Ringtones) that let’s you play video’s as a wallpaper instead of static wallpapers.
The app itself is getting better each day and the latest updates included in version 0.8 are.
– the ability to download vwallpapers (already there in version 0.7)
– The ability to delete the vwallpapers.

Let’s jump to the installation and howto.

1) First install the SkrewCommon package see my previous post here
2) You can find the app in the multimedia category of your installer.

2) Let’s run the app and have a look at the options. In the settings page you have a few options:
-Enable video (if you’d like to see video’s you have to enable this :) )
-Select video’s (and delete them)
-Download video’s.

3) Let’s check the download video’s first. Go to the setting and select the video you’d like to download.

4) Now let’s have a look at the setting of a video. Here you can select the video or delete the video. After you have selected the video, press the restart springboard to activate it.

Here’s a video of a vwallpaper in action.

Some extra information

If you prefer your own video’s, you can create them and upload them to your iPhone.
Chose your favorite video editor and make the file size around 1MB and export it as a .mp4 or .mov and make sure the resolution is 320 * 480.
After you created it, upload it to /private/var/mobile/Media/Skrew/Videos.
A howto upload file to your iPhone can be found here

This little app is available in the through the Skrew (i.danstaface) packaging source, see our sources page.



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