May 02

ITools is an app still in development, but i didn’t want to hold this news from you guys.
Not much is known except for a long list of features, but i’m sure we will get new updates in a few days.
The app is the brainchild of Gojohnnyboi (who is only 15y)!!
Here’s the list of possible future functions.

Clear Memory
3. Clear Music
4. Clear Videos
5. Clear Photos

Free Disk Space
1. Move & Link Applications
2. Move & Link Ringtones
3. Move & Link Fonts

Safari Settings
1. Clear WebClips
2. Clear Bookmarks

Firmware Version
1. Change your firmware tag. ( is integrated into iTools)

SpringBoard Features
1. Enable Wiggle Icons
2. Disable Wiggle Icons
3. Double Tap Function Change

Power Options
1. Restart SpringBoard( Hard )
2. Restart SpringBoard( Soft, setlanguage )
3. Reboot – guys its worked into the app to work for 1.1.3/4 now!

Wifi/SSH Options
1. Enable Wifi
2. Disable Wfi
3. Enable SSH
4. Disable SSH

Other Tools/Options
1. System Brightness Set (questionable)
2. System Volume Set (questionable)
3. NVRAM boot arguments( verbose ) changer
4. 1.1.2 Jailbreak Prep

When updates are available i’ll let you know.


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4 Responses to “iTools .. replacement of BossPrefs ?”

  1. Jash Sayani Says:

    Cool :)

    And when is this app likely to be in Installer ? I am waiting for the release !!!

    Teenage is the age for Software Development !

  2. Multinova Says:

    The app will probably be in the installer by monday.
    The devloper is waiting to get it added to the BigBoss repo.
    But when it’s released, i will write a review when it’s out.

  3. JOHN Says:

    does anyone know when itools will be released? Can you point me to the repository of where i can find the beta version for itools. is there another application to disable the wiggle icon function. thanks.

  4. Multinova Says:

    It’s still not released :(

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