Apr 30

Hmm I just received this video via mail from a reader.
Honestly, this doesn’t feel good at all. I was a user of windows mobile for quite some years but although the iPhone has it’s minor downsides, i could never go back to Windows Mobile.
Flick Software Research is going to release a new product for windows mobile that will turn your winmo into a full fledged iPhone os X gui. The app is going to support pinching and simulates multi-touch.
Video after the break.

I’d like to know what you guys think about this? Is it a full rip-off? Would you buy this software? Leave a comment

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One Response to “iswish .. Iphone UI on windows mobile devices”

  1. mxjcmxjc Says:

    Complete rip off!!! I hope they get the pants sued off of them…I can’t stand stuff like this…It’s like wraping a WINMO Turd with a bow…anyway you cut it it still a piece of $(-)!+!

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