Apr 29

Now this is a little app i haven’t had a look at. According to our installer, Tunewiki is one of the top 10 apps. Let’s have a look if it really meets it top 10 expectations.

The app promises to sync the lyrics of almost any song and it actually does what it says.
I’ve had almost no songs (and i do own strange music) where the app didn’t find the correct lyrics.

One nice side note is the fact that They have also recently announced that they have got permission from Universal Music Publishing Group for the community to legally view all the Universal Music Publishing catalog of lyrics in North America (and that they are working to obtain more permissions).

Enough chit chat, let’s go to the app itself.

1) Install the app via the multimedia category of the installer.

2) Let’s start the app and have a look. The first thing you notice is a splash screen with some information. Just tap ok and you will go to your music library. Select a song (chose via artist, song, playlist or just shuffle your music) and the app will automatically find the lyrics. In some cases the app does find the lyrics but can’t sync it. In this case the app will ask you to advance to the next line by just tapping somewhere in the screen.

3) The app has some extra little functions.
-you can locate yourself with googlemaps
-Search directly for lyrics
-See the top 10 artists
-See the top 10 songs

To install the app, just tap on tunewiki on the initial screen of your installer .



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