Apr 29

Customize is The app you want on your iPhone, it let’s you change almost everything visual and audible littlle setting you can imagine.

Some of the settings you can change are:

Dock image, Application icons, Application images, Wallpaper, System Sounds, System images, Status bar images, phone sounds, and your in call images.

This is a huge list cause every little section has it subsections.

I’ll show you some of the changes you can make with this superb little app.

1) Before you install the app, go to Customizeapp.com and register for free.

This is no longer needed.

2) Let’s install the app, you can find it in the category utilities in your installer.

3) Now let’s start the app. You may need to enter your login and password from Customizeapp.com

4) After loggin in, you will be brought to the next screen. Here the fun part really begins.

5) Let’s go to the Theme browser. The first tab represents the theme’s you already downloaded.
The new tap are the new themes off course, then the top 40, and last but not least all themes sorted alphabetical.

6) Let’s select a theme. Macish for example. when you click on the preview button, you can see some examples of how it will look on your iPhone or iPod Touch.

7) If you find a theme you like, you can download it and afterwards you can chose to apply the full theme or just parts of it by going to your mythemes and then select apply only…

8) You can download as much themes as you like and then select to combine the stuff you like the most from all themes. Therefore you go back to the homescreen and select customize images/sound.
I won’t take them all as this will take you too long to read. But i’ll give you the heads up.

I’ll give you 2 examples for changing the dock image.

You can really change almost anything you like with this app. Sounds, icon’s, images, wallpaper, and so on.

9) Now let’s change some system strings. Click on edit system strings, then select your language, and start adjusting whatever you like. For ex: If you don’t like the slide me to unlock message, just change it here.

10) Once you finally have your changes that you’d like, you can save that file as a theme, this way you can always go back to your favorite settings. Go to the app’s homescreen and select ‘make backup now’

As for the preferences…. If you have summer board installed, id recommend to be careful. I disabled summer board from within customize and my iPhone got the SPOD (spinning wheel of death).
So be a little carefull with these settings.

Please also remember that Customize v2.0 is still in beta, it’s now at beta 5, and for me it’s perfectly working, but don’t mess with the summerboard settings :)

This SUPER app is available in the Installer.app through the STE packaging source, see our sources page.


If you run into problems, leave a msg and i’ll get back to you.

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103 Responses to “How to fully customize your iPhone/iPod touch with Customize 2.0”

  1. shimmering_silence Says:

    Thanks bro.

  2. Giselle Says:

    Hi!!… I already install costumize, but the program generate that my iphone goes crazy, is vibrating and restarting every 3 secs… What could i do?? and don’t lose my info on the iphone???

  3. Multinova Says:

    Giselle, can you send me a mail so i can add you to msn if you have that. I had the same issue, i was able to revert to a fully working iphone, but it will require that you connect to your iphone via ssh and such.
    mail me at multinova @ iphon…

  4. craig Says:

    hi can you please tell me how do i uninstall the customize app from my iphone??

  5. bruno Says:

    i there im on 1.1.3 i downloaded the customize 2.0 on themes i downloaded the macish then apply theme to device reboot and nothing happens any help thank u

  6. NAS Says:

    To Whomever it may concern,

    I’ve installed Customize 2.0 on my iphone but unfortunately, everytime I click on the icon, the app opens and closes immediately. Would you be so kind and help me with this. I had customize in 1.1.1 and it worked like a charm but on my 1.1.4, I’m not having much luck.

    iphone 1.1.4 and firmware 04.04.05_G.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks and regards,

  7. SARA Says:

    hello gays i have the same problem as NAS so is there any solution for that? plz mail me at saralecker@hotmail.com if you can help me i will be very great full.
    mvh sara

  8. Multinova Says:

    Hi Nas,

    You can try to install the SUID LIB FIX app.
    This might solve your issue.
    gr Multinova

  9. john Says:

    hi i cant seem to uninstall the customize icon my phone doesnt eve show it in installer also i have a vwallpaper icon on my phone that wont let me uninstall that either, strange.. people are saying bad things about this app and i am very impulsive so i downloaded it the 1st time i saw anything about it, but now i want to eliminate it, its cool but pointless like many apps are and also my phone is now running the 1.1.4 and im getting zebra stripes when i power it on and can only come to think that it has something to do with this customize app, helllllllllllllllllllllllllllppppp please

  10. Multinova Says:

    Hi John,

    Zebra stripes ?? I’ve never heared that before. I think the best thing you could to is to restore. The app itself actually works pretty well since the latest version.

    If you don’t want to restore, you can always go into customize and reset your default settings, then go to your installer and try to remove it.

    I hope this helps

  11. jenner Says:

    i had zebra stripes too…. i restored and zebra stripes went bye bye… lol
    i jailbroke again and no zebra stripes…. i thought that it was just a bug from jailbreaking

  12. Juliopod Says:

    Have i to uninstall Summerboard ? Customize is better than SB or Customize is a solo soft ?

  13. Juliopod Says:

    So, i have uninstall summerboard because when i set a theme from customize, i dont have a wallpaper, but, i still dont have a wallpaper !
    :D how to fix ? ^^

  14. JulioPod Says:

    Me again ^^
    I reinstall summerboard and into the SMBPrefs buton, at the bottom, there is a sentence : “SummerBoard 3.2 (Inactive)” !?
    I don’t know how to choose my own wallpaper, even in smb or custo2.0 :(

  15. Yves Says:

    Hello I’m on 1.1.4 and when i try to install i’ve got the following “Main script execution failed” what can i do about it

  16. JulioPod Says:

    Me again and again …
    I have unstinstall SMB and CUS2.0.
    Reinstall smb, reinstall cus2.
    I can set themes from cus2 but the wallpaper ><
    My smb settings :
    checked : wallpaper, hide dock labels.
    unchecked : all “appearance”
    i tried with “theme wallpaper” checked, i doesn’t work :(
    Really, i need some help to set my own wallpaper (not a lockscreenpaper) or the cus2′s wallpaper theme.
    thx in advance

  17. wacks BLADE Says:

    does phone zap apply if we are using customize app ??

  18. digitalpimp Says:

    Hi. I’ve been searching for solutions these past couple of hours and so far you’re the only one who’s making sense so i think you can help me with this:

    - Upgraded to Customize 2.0.0beta10.
    - Tinkered with it a bit and discovered i can modify SMB with it. Cool.
    - Decided to become a smartass and deleted my SMB Prefs app, thinking it’s useless already since Customize can do it all. Wrong move.
    - Now my iPhone is stuck in the Apple logo..
    - Tried to DFU and used ZiPhone but it didn’t do the trick.
    - I was thinking of reinstalling SMB Prefs but i don’t know how, since i can’t access my phone.

    - iPhone is OTB 1.0.2, now running on firmware 1.1.1.
    - MacBook with OS X Tiger but can use Windows Vista (if you suggest me to).
    - iTunes 7.6.2 (9)

    Hope you can shed some light on this one. My email address is REMOVED


  19. Mazhar Says:

    contact at my email.
    Situation is entirely recoverable

  20. Jash Sayani Says:

    I was stuck at the apple logo when I upgraded Customize Beta 2 to Beta 8 and Rebooted the iPhone.

    Had to Restore.. :(

  21. zack Says:

    hey I get error coppying files can u help please

  22. saeed Says:

    hi, how did u get the five icon dock?

  23. Multinova Says:

    HI Saeed, It’s with Kate (the app Kate)

  24. Corey Says:

    I jailbroke my 1.1.4 and installed summerboard and loved it. The themes would change back and forth and so on with out any issues. Reading up on others enjoyment of Customize, I decided to install that as well. Iphone worked and looked great up to a point, now its all kinds of effed up. Full themes I tried to install and apply dont take effect completely (Some Icons change and others dont. These are not always 3rd party icons sometimes its Safari or Phone or SMS, ect). The lockscreen wallpaper would change, but then if I wanted to make a photo or something my lock screen wallpaper, it wouldnt change.

    I uninstalled customize and nothing changed. I tried to unistall Summerboard..nothing. I reinstalled Customize and tried to unistall the themes I had downloaded….I cant figure out if its even possible. I finally deleted every one of my 3rd party apps from Installer and still no changes. I even powered on/off.

    Got any Ideas?

  25. laura Says:

    hi i need help

    was messing about with my iphone and discovered smb and customise etc. had my phone completly the way i wanted it but the vibrate stopped working so i restored it to fix it and now i cant get smb on my phone and my customise does practically nothing also i put a theme on my phone and when i deleted it because it was rubbish it is stuck as my wallpaper when my phone is locked and i cant get it down…HELP PLEASE!!!

  26. carlotta Says:

    hi, i updated to customize 2.0 (my iPhone is 1.1.4) and when i set a theme some
    of the icons which should change according
    to the theme don’t :S can somebody please help?
    Thank you

  27. Erica Says:

    Corey said:

    I jailbroke my 1.1.4 and installed summerboard and loved it. The themes would change back and forth and so on with out any issues. Reading up on others enjoyment of Customize, I decided to install that as well. Iphone worked and looked great up to a point, now its all kinds of effed up. Full themes I tried to install and apply dont take effect completely (Some Icons change and others dont. These are not always 3rd party icons sometimes its Safari or Phone or SMS, ect). The lockscreen wallpaper would change, but then if I wanted to make a photo or something my lock screen wallpaper, it wouldnt change.

    I uninstalled customize and nothing changed. I tried to unistall Summerboard..nothing. I reinstalled Customize and tried to unistall the themes I had downloaded….I cant figure out if its even possible. I finally deleted every one of my 3rd party apps from Installer and still no changes. I even powered on/off.

    Got any Ideas?

    Have you been able to fix this problem? Because I have the same problem and I can’t seem to find anything to fix it. I’m almost to the point of restoring my iphone and not messing with customize or summerboard again. I don’t want to b/c I really like it. Any help from anyone would be GREATLY appreciated….

  28. kotik Says:


  29. Adam Says:

    I am having issues icons, wallpaper, and lock wallpaper. Many of the themes I have downloaded include many icons that I can’t seem to find. My wallpapers aren’t working. I will select wallpapers I want, but they will not apply (even though it says they have been successfully applied). I have even tried applying themes, and nothing. I can change the lock screen wallpaper but the original backup is stuck as a lock screen wallpaper that I downloaded a while ago. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  30. Alex Says:

    Adam Try going into smb Pref and adding “customize” as your theme.. then change it again in Customize.

  31. marie Says:

    hey i had downloaded customize and now i cant change my wallpaper can someone help me? :???:
    please and thank u

  32. Titi Says:

    the app says for everythin “Encountered an error copying the files” what’s wrong?? heeelp

  33. Titi Says:

    customize says “Encountered an error copying the files” for everything. what’s wrong?? HEEEELP

  34. Humzuh Says:

    I installed customize and opened it. It crashes everytime, even when I do that tapping thing in the top right corner. I went to uninstall, and its not in my uninstall list! What should I do?!?!

  35. Humzuh Says:

    BTW, this the newest customize 2.0
    My iPod touch is 1.1.4
    I have a windows XP computer

  36. Kyle Says:

    Ok i recently tried playing around with some themes, and i installed a theme to try it but now when i try to revert back to the original settings everything goes back but the wall paper on the lockscreen.wont change. Now it wont let me choose a wall paper from my photos, and i can’t get the world wallpaper back on there.

    Any help is appreciated if what i said makes since.

  37. Colas Says:

    I have been using the Customise App.
    I can easily use some of the icon images but I cannot use the wallpapers or video wallpapers… :sad:
    Could you help me please??? :roll:

  38. acmow Says:

    i have install customize 2.0 on my 1.1.4 iphone, and i’m having trouble with the wallpapper, i can not use my own pictures as a wallpapper anymore. how can i get my own pictures as a wallpapper?

  39. Alexius Says:

    Same problem as acmow, but also, random stuff that i try to change with customize won’t change, such as sounds, icons, etc. Themes do not fully apply, if at all, and it really annoys me. Is there any way to fix it; i tried uninstalling, to no avail. thanks a lot!!
    ipod Touch 1.1.4 jailbroken

  40. deevee Says:

    same problem as everyone above, mines on my 1.1.4 ipod TOUCH not the iphone, and although i can apply themes through customize, i cant use my own pictures as the background. please hellp!!

  41. Customize 2.0 is being tested on 2.0 firmware. » iPhone Breaking News » iPhoneFreakz Says:

    [...] For more information on what Customize is and how to use it, please refer to Multinova’s previous post. [...]

  42. slim Says:

    I have been trying to set a wallpaper for the longest but it will not set the wallpaper downloaded a few from customize 2.0 and they keep saying error copying how can u set them as wallpaper not screenlock wallpaper that works fine

  43. Craig Says:

    Yep, now can’t change wallpaper.

    I installed customize, set a theme, set back to the backup theme it created. Rebooted my iphone, tried to change my wallpaper…wouldn’t change. Tried to uninstall customize and then reboot and then change wallpaper…still can’t

    Don’t know what this has done but it’s fucked my ability to change wallpapers.

  44. tonio mcfly Says:

    hi im 12 and for all those who have the customize lock screen probem here’s a solution
    completely uninstall everything from customize themes batterys icons and all
    Then if u want special things like icons reinstall it but do not install any themes or wallpapers
    ifbthat dosent work completly remove customize then restore your iPhone/touch
    and jailbreak again

  45. jheanel Says:

    it doesn’t work for me
    When I first connect it says it cannot connect to theme server when I download and apply it it doesn’t work

  46. Ruudstriker Says:

    I have same issue as slim. Anyone know a fix?

  47. tonio mcfly Says:

    remember u have to RESTORE not reboot

  48. tonio mcfly Says:

    for slim and rudd striker way firmware are u running on because 1.1.1/3 u can have a differnt lockscreen wallpaper from the home screen but on 1.1.4/5 ur lockscreen wallpaper and home screen will b the same so wat u do
    change ur lockscreen wallpaper not regular wallpaper then go to summerboard pref and turn off he theme wallpaper but make sure the (advanced)wallpaper is ON

  49. Ruudstriker Says:

    Summerboard isnt out on 2.0 yet is it? Where is summerboard prefs that you mean?

    I’m using firmware 2.0 on 3g. Even if i set a new theme, the wallpaper that comes with that theme doesnt apply. You reckon uninstalling customize/removing all installed themes will fix this?

  50. jaz Says:

    is there a fix for the wallpaper and customize 2 yet ?
    Ipod 1.1.4

    btw this site rocks !!!!!

  51. Ruudstriker Says:

    Tried the reinstallin remvoing business, doesnt do it. I cba to re custom fw. Just gonna wait around for smb.

  52. tonio mcfly Says:


  53. Deezy Says:

    I installed Customize, made a backup after installing a new theme and now I can’t get any wallpapers except the one I had when I made my backup. Lock-screen wallpaper of course. Please help

  54. tonio mcfly Says:

    to deezy try changing ur theme from backup to something else in customize and if that didn’t work change it in summer board if that duznt work then idk man

  55. tonio mcfly Says:

    correction to my post about jailbreak
    Do not try with ziphone while ur iPhone has 2.0
    first downgrade iTunes then downgrade ur iPhone
    Then jailbreak and b sure 2 make a back up
    Then up grade both and restore iPhone from backup

  56. tonio mcfly Says:

    O yea 2 ruddstriker I didn’t keep jailbreak on my iPhone cuz it sux so I can’t help u

  57. dan walk Says:

    :idea: VERY IMPORTANT and helpful tip for anyone in this forum who CANT CHANGE their LOCKSCREEN WALLPAPER- I’ve had the same exact issue and remedied it. You must be able to ssh (cyberduck my fav on iMac) into your phone to fix! There is an incorrect file that becomes placed in your phone when in customize theme browser you select “apply theme”- for me it will apply the themes lock screen wallpaper if it has one and you will only be able to switch it through customize by selecting customize-lock screen wallpaper, u won’t be able to switch in settings- wallpaper. TO FIX: customize adds a file called LOCKSCREENWALLPAPER.JPEG that will appear out of place. You need to ssh iphone to browse the iPhones files and, I believe in applic ations-customize2.0 somewhere- seems out of place! DELETE the file or copy to comp destop first if feel unsure- once deleted go to settings and select wallpaper and BINGO! This WILL HAPPEN AGAIN if u select “apply theme”- I now manually hit “apply icons” or “apply dock” etc but NOT “APPLY WALLPAPERS” as they cause the glitch in customize. Hope this helps, is annoying but let me know if appreciate this- danjwalk7@yahoo.com

  58. mary Says:

    I can’t seem to get the themes to apply to my device! I’ve installed the themes but when I go to customize it myself the themes I’ve downloaded don’t even appear as an option to choose from. I only get the default theme. I tried applying the entire theme but nothing happens. Help?

  59. dan walk Says:

    :idea: After my last post, I double checked and when browsing the phone’s files you need to go through PRIVATE- VAR- MOBILE- LIBRARY then you will see an out of place LOCKGROUND.JPG file, Delete it and change wallpaper, good to go! Holla

  60. angiee Says:

    i have this big problem, like i had customize on my phone, and i wanted to take off the lock screen background because i had a chanell picture then i wanted to use a picture that i took from camera but when i applied the original like the backup to my phone it wouldn’t let me set a picture to my background, and when i looked at it the default was just a regular background and i don’t know how to change it, i uninstalled customize but now my wi-fi wont work and it won’t reinstall it back. but i’m asking how can i change the lock screen background to just be normal where i can put my own picture on it ? please help

  61. Tonio mcfly Says:

    ok win u use any wallpaper on customize it will completley disable ur ability to make ur pics the wallpaper so to fix that problem you have to restore
    And as for the wifi messing up idk maybe it has something to do win your connection but idk
    Hope I was helpful miss

  62. angiee Says:

    okay if i restore it, will i’m afraid that it will mess up the unlocking, because i had my phone unlocked for it to have t-mobile. so if i restore will i have to unlock my phone all over again ? let me know asap

  63. tonio mcfly Says:

    I’m not 100% sure if restoring will undo ur unlocking because I have AT&T so I didn’t need to but if it does undo ur unlocking I suggest just unlocking again

  64. Courtney Wright Says:

    For everyone who continues to complain about not being able to change the wall paper, SCROLL UP. The fix was posted back in June by Dan Walk. No need to restore.

    Thanks Dan.

  65. thbsg Says:

    install bds subsystrm

  66. Tonio Says:

    i have a probleem
    I have installer 4.0 and i want to use vwallpaper but win i try to go the description and install it says something about not finding somthing but can anyone help because it does his for alot of things

  67. Tonio Says:

    ok it says unable to decode package way duz that mean and wat do i uave to install

  68. Zphone Says:

    Hey guys -

    For those that have the problem with the Lock screen wallpaper not changing, here is your solution:

    It is not changing because when you tried to install a them in Customize, it locked your wallpaper. You need to SSH into your Ipod and go to the folder:

    Private/var/mobile/library and find the file LockBackground.jpg

    It should be at the bottom. If you delete that file, you should be able to change themes again in Customize. This worked for me when I had the same problem.

    Good luck.

  69. Hansel Says:

    I need your help big way…
    I bought an iphone 8gb v 1.1.4 a week ago for my girlfriend….it was unlocked and jailbroken. I saw this guide about customize trying to change the keypad, wich i can’t change. Im also trying to put a different background and i can’t and after i read this guide to work with customize i realized that in th SMB preferences when i activate all of the Appearance options and Advenced as well, after i exit and restar customize they all are off again. Could you help me put? I’m pretty freacked out with this and i have no idea who to ask help for?
    Thank You

  70. Estelle Says:

    i would like to customize my summerboard, and i know how to, it’s just that, i don’t have SMB preferences. I don’t know where to download it. Can you tell me where to download it?

    Tahnks :smile:

  71. kara Says:

    i tried to use the customize but m icons went back to stock iphone but the background was different and i tried uninstalling it but now m y icons are all different from the theme

  72. tonio mcfly Says:

    I reccommend winterboard instead of summerboard

  73. taz Says:

    hi, whenever i click download on a file for customize, it crashes then gives me an error when trying to apply that file.

  74. andiman515 Says:

    I can’t believe I’m still reading about this LOCKSCREEN WALLPAPER problem.
    Here’s the easy way.
    download WILD EYES from installer
    this app gives u limited access to your files

    Go to mobile/library
    scroll down to LOCKWALLPAPER.JPG

    Touch and delete. That’s it

  75. romero Says:

    hi i intall the customize and the suid lib fix and i try to open the customize but , open and go back ande in the top say url not found and go back why ?

  76. chris Says:

    i have a ipod touch and have downloaded customize but it goes to load up and then just goes back to the home page anyone help (ipod version 2.1)

  77. taz Says:

    Is there a way to make customize work on 2.1? Even if just the strings? :?:

  78. kt Says:

    I had summerboard and customize a few month ago, and then i upgraded my iphone and everything was gone, no biggy.

    But now my wallpaper wont change when i try to apply the regular wallpapers to it.
    I am getting really sick of it now!
    And I have looked online about what to do, but it seems that all the solutions relate back to Summerboard…I dont have it anymoreeeee

  79. Charlie Culham Says:

    hi..i have the 2.2.1 firmware on my iPhone 3G in the UK on o2 network, am i able to install Customize on my iPhone? if so, where do i install it from?
    many thanks!

  80. Matthew Says:

    Hi,I don’t want to install it off a computer can someone tell me how to install on the iPod already I have the 2g iPod touch and the secound version of the update.pls someone help

  81. Matthew Says:


  82. Matthew Says:

    Pls email wateverulike_14@hotmail.com to help me

  83. Hui Says:


  84. Zach Says:

    I installed Customize on my iPod Touch 1st generation and every time I go to theme browser, a message pops up that says:

    “Files Not Found. Customize could not find the required files to run offline. Go online and run Customize to update the files.”

    I don’t understand this at all. My iPod is on an awesome wireless network and online all the time. Could someone explain how to fix this?

  85. marc Says:

    i have the 2.2 customize app and when i try to change pretty much anything it always says file copy unsuccessful or ‘encountered an error copying tthe files….on my old iphone i had an earlier version of customise that worked perfect and upgraded to the newer one that also did the same thing….as i stand i cant do anything with the app at all ….please help!!!

  86. Tarquinnn Says:

    same problem as Marc

    copy unsuccessful or ‘encountered an error copying tthe files

  87. Grandhouse Says:

    Same problem as marc and Tarquinnn…
    Please help

  88. Clark Says:

    Im having the same problem as well. The only thing that i was able to change through the customize app was the lock screen wallpaper.

  89. tonio mcfly Says:

    Currently customize on 2.x firmwares is not workin u cant do any themes and u cqnt edit system strings so dont even bother downloading it because currently it is useless

  90. Kikikay Says:

    Uhm, can this be on the iPod Touch too? I thought that it could be, but when I looked under Utilities, there was nothing and when I searched Customize and Customize 2.0, it pulled up nothing. If it can be put on iPod Touch, tell me, if not, never mind.

  91. philip Says:

    okay so my problem is that after i download a theme the app says “Customize could not find the required files to run offline. Go online and run Customize to update the files.” I don’t know what this means but I’d really like to get rid of it. Any help is greatly appreciated. I have an ipod touch 2g by the way. Thanks

  92. alps Says:

    so when exactly will this app be available on 2.+ firmware – its awesome in terms with how u can customize the iphone i really want this app !! if anyone knows can they email me on alps911@gmail.com please, thanks

  93. stezze Says:

    hey I have the same problem as as marc” error file cannot copy” please help email me at nikesbleezie@aol.com

  94. tracy Says:

    l’ve lost my customize icon on my iphone , and i dont know how to get it back,someone please help

  95. Thyago freitas Says:

    my wallpaper on my 3g iphone will not change it was jailbroken and now i updated it to the new firmware but now the wallpaper will not change no matter wat i do…..any suggestions?

  96. Tiffy Says:

    okay after getting a headache from reading all the posts, I gave up. I do not know if this has been mentioned yet, but what is the theme called that you put behind your icons on your iphone. Like the “wallpaper” is what your screen saver basically is when your phone goes into sleep mode. What is the background called you put behind your icons so I know what to look for in the Cydia or Rock, whichever I use. I can’t get the firmware on my phone to update either, it wont let me download customize because my firmware isnt 2.2 or whatever it needs.

  97. mat Says:

    my iphone is 3g
    it is not unlock factory
    i want to use firmware 3.2.1
    what should i do?

  98. Andi Says:

    yes.. I want to use with FW 3.2.1 too


    Ich möchte Customize auch für FW 3.2.1 nutzen.

  99. eli Says:

    Hey when i try to download customize it dosnt work and gives a red symbol then i go in to it it dosnt work

  100. eli Says:

    What i do?

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