Apr 29

Customize is The app you want on your iPhone, it let’s you change almost everything visual and audible littlle setting you can imagine.

Some of the settings you can change are:

Dock image, Application icons, Application images, Wallpaper, System Sounds, System images, Status bar images, phone sounds, and your in call images.

This is a huge list cause every little section has it subsections.

I’ll show you some of the changes you can make with this superb little app.

1) Before you install the app, go to Customizeapp.com and register for free.

This is no longer needed.

2) Let’s install the app, you can find it in the category utilities in your installer.

3) Now let’s start the app. You may need to enter your login and password from Customizeapp.com

4) After loggin in, you will be brought to the next screen. Here the fun part really begins.

5) Let’s go to the Theme browser. The first tab represents the theme’s you already downloaded.
The new tap are the new themes off course, then the top 40, and last but not least all themes sorted alphabetical.

6) Let’s select a theme. Macish for example. when you click on the preview button, you can see some examples of how it will look on your iPhone or iPod Touch.

7) If you find a theme you like, you can download it and afterwards you can chose to apply the full theme or just parts of it by going to your mythemes and then select apply only…

8) You can download as much themes as you like and then select to combine the stuff you like the most from all themes. Therefore you go back to the homescreen and select customize images/sound.
I won’t take them all as this will take you too long to read. But i’ll give you the heads up.

I’ll give you 2 examples for changing the dock image.

You can really change almost anything you like with this app. Sounds, icon’s, images, wallpaper, and so on.

9) Now let’s change some system strings. Click on edit system strings, then select your language, and start adjusting whatever you like. For ex: If you don’t like the slide me to unlock message, just change it here.

10) Once you finally have your changes that you’d like, you can save that file as a theme, this way you can always go back to your favorite settings. Go to the app’s homescreen and select ‘make backup now’

As for the preferences…. If you have summer board installed, id recommend to be careful. I disabled summer board from within customize and my iPhone got the SPOD (spinning wheel of death).
So be a little carefull with these settings.

Please also remember that Customize v2.0 is still in beta, it’s now at beta 5, and for me it’s perfectly working, but don’t mess with the summerboard settings :)

This SUPER app is available in the Installer.app through the STE packaging source, see our sources page.


If you run into problems, leave a msg and i’ll get back to you.

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