Apr 27

SkySMS is a new Xwaves open source application that let’s you send sms’es via internet sms providers.
So what’s the advantage ?? Sms sending from the internet is cheap, very cheap or even free.
At the time of writing, the following are provders are supported, Freecall, DFI, VoipBuster, Justvoip, Orange CH, Hispeed, Swisscom Xtra-Zone, Vyke, Low Rate VoIP, VoIP cheap, VoIP discount, VoIP Stunt en Zyke KW.
For ex, if you have a voipbuster account, you are allowed to send 5 free sms each day, each sms after those 5 is sended at a very low price.
You can even create your own provider-scripts. When a provider allows sms’s to be send via HTTP then you can take one of the example scripts (located at: /Applications/SkySMS.app/accounts)

Let’s have a look at the installation of the app.

1) You can find the app int eh XWaves category of the installer.

2) Lauch the app. Ater you have started the app, you will need to add an account via the settings.
As i don’t have an account i can’t show you the full working of the app. But it does work.

This little app is available in the Installer.app through the Xwaves packaging source, see our sources page.



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6 Responses to “Send Free SMS via SKYSMS app on your iPhone”

  1. Daniel Says:


    I have registered at FreeCall and at VoipBuster. But after i’ve send 5 sms with freecall I can’t send anything with Voibuster anymore. Besides that I can’t send anything with Freecall either. Even after 24 hours it sais I dont have enough credit. Do I have to pay for anyting to get this working?


  2. Multinova Says:

    Hi Daniel,

    Yes they are subscription based services. The price you pay via these services are much lower than your regular tarif plan. If you are a heavy sms user and you don’t have a big sms pack with your provider, then these services are worth while.

    greetz multinova

  3. Gurvir Says:

    I have a question. i am not sure if SKYSMS is the solution to it or not. Usually i text message my friends using my computer using the website of our cellphone provider(rogers). So i was expecting that i will be able to do it when i m surfing internet on my iphone using their website. But it doesnt work? Why so? Is it the same problem you guys are discussing here??
    sorry i m a new iphone user and just wondering over all these issues!!

  4. ggcover Says:

    :lol: i dont know but me l have cracked skysms. cause l am hacker.

  5. Guilherme Says:

    ggcover, can u explain that?

  6. RiverSucks Says:

    Jelly SMS on the app store is much better

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