Apr 21

A new week, a new rumor..
Now the rumor states that the 3G iPhone will be released without contract.
La repubblica (Italian Wall street journal) has written an artical where they confirm that Telecom Italia will receive the 3G iPhone really shortly without a long-term exclusivity and without a revenue model (like Apple has with AT&T).


I’ve been supspecting that Apple may release the 3G iPhone on a global scale without any network lockdowns, in my personal opinion, this would be the way to go.

Apple will probably make no new contracts with Network operators, as the big source of income will not be the hardware, but the app store going to be launched in June.

If we look at the success of iTunes with music, i’m pretty conviced that this will be the same case with apps and games for the iPhone or iPod touch !

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One Response to “3g iPhone confirmed in Italia ??”

  1. Alan Lim Says:

    I am pretty sure that iPhone 3G version is round the corner, have friends who were working on iPhone accessaries supplies from China, saying that they are currently already producing the said products for the 3G version. we might be able to see one as soon as June/08

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