Apr 17

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The beta version of WinPwn has finally been released.

for now, you can download it here or here or here.

You might also need the itunes dll’s which you can find here or here.

For now i’ll just inform you guys of the downloads.

Be carefull as this is still beta !!

The option to flash firmware 2.0 is disabled for now, but CMW has assured us that the official release, due later this week, will support the beta.

I’ll try to write a review tonight, but if you need any help, just ping me and i’ll see what i can do on short notice.

update: I decided to postpone the review as the app is still not fully usable, i know most of you are eager to start using the beta-firmware, but the truth is that WinPwn doesn’t support Fw 2.0 for now.

As Soon as CMW releases the full version i’ll write a full review about it.


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  1. diesel Says:

    Does this work on the 2g iPod Touch..? :?:

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