Apr 16

Untill now there haven’t been any reviews for 3d shooters on iPhoneFreakz.com

today i have a little review for a game called rRootage.
rRootage is an abstract shooter, created by Kenta Cho and has already been ported to almost any platform you can imagine.
So now it’s iPhone/iPod touch time.

The goal of the game is very easy, blast your enemy into smithereens and stay as long as possible alive.
The game is a little abstract but if you see what the iPhone is capable off with this game, then i can’t hardly wait to see what the developers will be releasing in June.

Let’s install the app and have a look

1) you can find the app in the category games.

2) Let’s launch the app.

3) There are no options available, just select your level, and touble tap to play.

It’s a nice game, but the abstract images, are sometimes a little hard on the eyes.


This big app is available in the Installer.app through the ipodtouchfans packaging source, see our sources page.


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  1. Y_to_da_E Says:

    this game is very funny!!!
    i like it too!!


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