Apr 15

Webbapps are nice but they have 1 problem, they aren’t portable .. well untill now :)

There’s a new service out called iwebsaver, it allows you to save any webbapp locally to your iphone, so you can play/use it whenever you feel like it. It also works for sites. Maybee you wan’t to keep a copy of iPhoneFreakz on your iPhone? Well now you can.

I have tested it with everybody’s favorite webapp game bejeweled (well not everybody’s but a lot of people like it :)

Enough chit chat, let me show you how it works.


1) First of all try to find out what the webapp’s url is.

For Bejeweled it’s http://static.popcap.com/iphone/ so let’s take that one as a test.

2) Open your safari browser and navigate to the site http://iwebsaver.com/

3) Type the url of the webapp or site you wan’t to save.

4) Press the save it now button. Wait some time and look at the add untill you see a popup.

5) Press ok, and let the app load. After that it has loaded, press the + sign.

6) Choose either Add bookmark, or add to home screen. (i’ll take home screen)

7) Give you app a name.

8) Go to your desktop and click the icon whenever you wan’t to play it offline

Voila that’s it, easy :)

If you know of any cool webapps that are worth saving, just leave a comment.



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11 Responses to “Play/use your Webapps (bejeweled) offline”

  1. shimmering_silence Says:

    Thanks a lot for sharing buddy. Your pictorial tutorials/reviews are really helpful.
    Keep up the good work!

  2. Y_to_da_E Says:

    this is very nice!

    but i don’t want to play all day long bejeweled!
    the best game is BACKGAMMON!!

    but if i found some other good webgames i will save them to my fone!

  3. amins Says:

    Does this apply only to games or other web apps as well e.g. calculators etc. Please let me know…Thanks for an excellent discovery.

  4. Multinova Says:

    Hi Amins,

    It works for everything that is web based :)

  5. nicolas Pretty Says:

    its obvious you never then tried to run Bejewelled offline using this method. It does *not* work – you just get the loading screen. It does work if the phone is online using the data URL but what is the point in that ?

  6. Multinova Says:

    Ok, it’s obvious that you didn’t look at the screens. You can clearly see that my wifi is disabled. It’s possible that popcap modified there software but when i tried it, it worked.

  7. Multinova Says:

    Just tried it and it does work. Sorry you must have a problem

  8. MSKFREAK Says:

    :cry: cannot get the jewles to pop up, just shows a blank screen :!:

  9. Toams Says:

    hey does this work on like… web apps that are like office suites and you save your documents and everything… here let me give u an example

    please tell me soon cuz i wanna buy an ipod touch….

  10. Toams Says:

    also, does this even work on touch, and is the ipod/iphone in the tutorial jailbroken? thnx

  11. Toams Says:

    and once again, im really sorry, if you reply, reply to this one, so it’ll notify my email ( :

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