Apr 12

I was planning to review BootNeuter together with the release of WinPwn.
But as it still hasn’t been released due to several little bugs that the developer want’s to fix, i will go ahead and review the BootNeuter app first.

I’ve had a lot of people who ask me, what is BootNeuter and why do i need it.

First let me explain what it does.

BootNeuter let’s you switch between bootloaders (for info about bootloader and baseband go here).

So why do i want to switch bootloader? Without going into to much technical details (if you’d like, we can talk about this, just drop me a mail), for improved Google Location and improved battery life if you’re running 1.1.3 or 1.1.4.

People who are running older firmware versions, should not upgrade to the BL 4.6

Ok now that we have that out of the way, let’s discuss this neutering thing.

What is neutering your bootloader?


-A neutered bootloader gives you absolute control over your baseband. The normal restrictions invoked by apple are completely removed !
-The baseband is no longer integrity-checked
-Can be patched (unlocked or other custom modifications)
-4.6BL will even run with patched baseband ??� no need to revert to 3.9BL even with most recent firmware
Secpack restrictions are removed
-You are free to downgrade your baseband using bbupdater without having to run ieraser/ienew first.
-No longer does the ???greater than??? (4.6BL) or ???greater than or equal??? (3.9BL) rule apply. You can arbitrarily go up and down regardless of what secpacks you use.
Secpack signatures are ignored
-The RSA encrypted header is no longer checked for correct hash values by the bootloader
-The *.fls files can be patched and fed to bbupdater directly
-A copy of the last used secpack will be saved at a03c0000, retrievable via norz or similar dumpers. Not that secpacks even matter anymore.
-Your neuter selection survives iTunes restores and updates

Let’s have a look at the app Bootneuter itself
Warning ! You must be on fw 1.1.4 to be able to bootneuter your bootloader with BootNeuter !!

1) You can locate the app in the tools category of the installer, if you haven’t pwned your device..

2) Before you launch BootNeuter, switch off your Wireless. and make sure your battery is high enough.

3) Let’s launch the app.

4) While the app starts it will determine your settings.

5) when the app stars you can chose your Bootloader version. If you are on 1.1.3 or 1.1.4 and see that your baseband is 3.9.
I recommend that you select the 4.6, activate the neuter and the unlock swithc.

After that press flash and wait some time. The procedure can take some time, so don’t swith of your iPhone while it’s busy !!!

I’ll include some screenshots of me going back to 3.9.
Tjhe principle is the same for upgrading as for downgrading.

The process goes in several stages.

a) First the Bootloader will be flashed.
b) 2nd the Baseband will be flashed.

Et voila .. you’re iPhone’s bootloader and baseband have been bootneutered.

Now all you have to do , is reboot your iPhone , and it’s done.

This big app is available in the Installer.app through the Sendowski packaging source, see our sources page.


Ps: People with problems, just mail me or leave a msg.

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121 Responses to “Upgrade or downgrade your bootloader with BootNeuter”

  1. matt Says:

    will this work if the bl was downgraded through ziphone?

  2. Multinova Says:

    Hi Matt,

    Yes it does, I did it myself. No problem whatsoever.

  3. Pablo Says:

    when i tried to download it, it said that it only works with the 1.1.4 version and i have the 1.1.3…is there another program i need to download???

  4. Multinova Says:

    Hey Pablo,

    Yes it’s correct, it only works with FW 1.1.4.
    I will update the tutorial. :)

  5. swed Says:

    Well I have a dummy question, I currently run 1.1.4 FW and my BB is 3.9. I live in Sweden so no warranty cover my Iphone. Whats the reason to get back to 4.6? I mean is there any advantages using 4.6 BB instead of 3.9 or not.

  6. Bob Says:

    I have jailbroken my 1.1.4 ipod touch.
    I later had problems and restored through itunes.
    I then found out about the bootloader issue in Ziphone.
    Can i jailbreak again, use bootneuter to upgrade my bootloader and then restore again?
    Will the bootloader STILL be upgraded to 4.6 after the restore???
    appreciate the help

  7. Multinova Says:

    Hi Bob,

    A short answer to your question is yes.

    Best way to go is Jailbreak with iLiberty (see my beginners tutorials on top of the page). Install bootneuter, upgrade to BL4.6 and restore again if you want to bring it back to factory settings.
    Please read my post regarding formatting your device.
    the only reason i see that you need to do the above is when you need to sell it or bring it back to apple.

    Please remeber that when you do a restore, your personal data is still on the device.

    See my securely wipe your iPhone post. :wink:

  8. Bob Says:

    One last thing…
    When i restore, should i set it up as a new ipod or as my current one so i dont
    lose data? (i’m not planning on selling i just need to get it back so i dont void the warranty when i bring it in)
    if i set up as my old ipod, will it remember the bootloader upgrade as 4.6 or should i set up as a new one
    thanks Bob

  9. Bob Says:

    oh and
    sorry about asking so many ?s -i’m new at this :oops:
    iliberty or iliberty+??????????????

  10. Multinova Says:

    no problem check out http://iphonefreakz.com/beginners-guide/
    you can find all the correct downloads that you need there :razz:

  11. Bob Says:

    Please! I need your help very soon!! :shock:
    I liked the guide. It helped a lot.
    Continuing on my earlier subject:
    When I restore, should I set up as a new ipod or as my current one
    Once i restore, can I fool Apple into thinking i never jailbroke?
    Please answer soon!!!

  12. Multinova Says:

    Hi Bob,

    Set it as a new iPod that’s the best way.

  13. Bob Says:

    Hi Multinova
    Its Bob
    1. When i flash the bl with bootneuter will it change the bb to
    match what Apple thinks it should be so that they don’t void my warranty when i bring it in?
    2. I also don’t want to have to redo everything i have on my ipod
    so does it really matter if i set as a new ipod? Doesn’t the
    upgrade survive restores anyways??
    Thanks for the previous help – I’ll stop bothering you soon!

  14. Multinova Says:

    I don’t think apple will go so far to check what bootloader you have, but to be safe,restore your ipod to it’s stock firmware (if that was 1.1.3 or 1.1.4 you will need to upgrade the BL to v 4.6, if you stock firmware was before 1.1.3 you can leave it at 3.9.
    hope this helps you.

  15. Bob Says:

    Believe me, Apple checks bootloaders now
    they got smart after the ziphone problem
    ——–What is the matching base band for bootloader 4.6????????????????
    obviously i would restore to the stock firmware but i just need to sort out the bb/bl thing
    the app store is coming and i have heard that firmware 2.0 will have tighter security :neutral: or atleast the java prototype does

  16. Bob Says:

    Help Multinova :!: :!: :!: :!:
    I used iliberty+
    i installed bootneuter
    at first it got stuck determining current settings
    then i gave up and tried again
    it got stuck unloading commcenter
    now i don’t know what to do!!!!!!!!!
    i need to upgrade my bootloader!!!!!!!!!
    please help

  17. Multinova Says:

    Bob, i guess i didn’t read your msg’s very well.
    Bootneuter doesn’t work on a iPod Touch, it only works on the iPhone.
    If you just restore to the stock firmware 1.1.4 that was on your iPod touch then i won’t expect you to have any issues.

  18. Bob Says:

    u should have corrected me earlier
    sorry for wasting ur time
    is there any other way to upgrade a bootloader on an iPod touch other than pwnage? I’m on windows
    and why did the clock at the top of the mail app gone??
    isn’t it usually there? :evil:

  19. Bob Says:

    all of the sudden the clock is back
    I don’t know what I did!

  20. JUAN Says:

    Hello I got a little problam on my iphone my phone dosent get no signal and they told me to bootneuter it. well I did all that but at the end, I receive a massage when im goin to flash it. it says .Couldnt talk to the bootloader. Perhaps the CommCenter wasnt cleanly unload. any suggestions .

  21. Mitch Says:

    Thanks for the great info. I recently used ZiPhone to activate, unlock and jailbreak a reburbished iPhone I picked up from ATT. BBinfo shows that indeed my Bootloader was downgraded to version 3.9_M3S2. Everything is working fine and I am enjoying the iPhone. Is there any compelling reason to mess with it?

    If I decided to “start fresh” and redo the activate/unlock/jailbreak using iLiberty, would these be the steps:

    1. upgrade bootloader to 4.6 via BootNeuter
    2. Restore iphone via iTunes
    3. activate/unlock/jailbreak via iLiberty

    Thanks again!

  22. Pankaj Says:

    Hi Multi,
    I’m using jailbroken iPhone 1.1.4 in India ( i.e. Without warrsnty ) & recently started getting msgs like ” iPhone needs repair ” and would loose signals and act cranky. On looking for a solution I came to know that it can happen due to baseband getting erased, Is it so? Then I installed booneuter but haven’t used it yet. It shows 3.9 though. Do you think upgrading & flashing it would solve the error that I get?

  23. Multinova Says:

    Hi Pankaj,

    Yep i had the same some time ago. It was due to some applications. I resolved this issue by restoring to original firmware 1.1.4, then unlock and jailbreak with iLiberty and after all those steps, i installed BootNeuter and upgraded to BL 4.6.
    Didn’t have any problems since then :razz:

  24. Pankaj Says:

    Also I read that few people had their phone hung when flashing and later screwed up. what makes the phone freeze when trying to flash & what to do if in case it freezes to avoid any complications. Thanks.

  25. Pankaj Says:

    So should I first try to upgrade my baseband or I should straight away start by restoring, unlocking & then upgrading. And what about the freezing issue..? Thanks.

  26. Multinova Says:

    Safest way to do this is right after you have unlocked and jailbroken your iPhone. It hangs yes, but i only heared people complaining that it was hanging when they used a iPod Touch. Not when using the iPhone.

  27. Pankaj Says:

    Sorry to bother you too much dear..you mean to say that if I straight away update the baseband it will conk up my phone? I was wondering if I could resolve the issue by simply upgrading if it doesn’t make any damages cause right now my phone is usable & when the error message pops I restart the phone and it works fine for the rest of the day. Only twice it has happened that it didn’t get fine for 2-3 hours even after repeated restatrts.
    Also, could you fish out which applications create this problem so that I may not repeat the same mistake in future..

  28. Multinova Says:

    Step 1 : restore
    Step 2 : use iLiberty to unlock + jailbreak your Phone
    Step 3 : Install Bootneuter after iLiberty unlock
    Step 4 : Bootneuter your baseband

    Freezing, will normally not happen on a blank iPhone.
    And if it freezes, just restore again :) It’s the beauty of the iPhone :)

  29. Bob Says:

    hey Multinova
    if u google winpwn and go to the home page u can download it
    is it safe and can i use it to upgrade my IPOD TOUCH bootloader

  30. t Says:


    I recently used ziphone and later discovered wifi is greyed out and not working. I’ve tried restoring to orig itune backup still no wifi. I saw this and installed bootneuter and flash 4.6/fake with successful results, BUT after a reboot still no wifi.

    any HELP to get wifi back is appreciated.. another prob is my battery dies after 1.1.4 within 4hrs just sitting and NO apps installed.


  31. HolyMoly Says:


    I bet you’re sick of all the questions, but I was wondering if you could give me some advice. I need to return my iPhone to apple to get a replacement as I am having problems with the slider. If I follow these steps will apple know I’ve messed with it.

    1)restore to 1.1.4
    2)activate and jailbreak using iliberty
    3)install bootneuter
    4) set bootneuter to 4.6 bootloader and everything else switched off

    ALso, will I not have to restore again to take all the apps off so they don’t see them at the apple store.

    Thank You so much.

  32. HolyMoly Says:

    Oh, and I don’t need to unlock, as Im already on 02 (in the UK)

    thank you

  33. Multinova Says:

    your first 4 steps are correct. After that just restore your iPhone back to it’s original firmware and all will be spik and span :)

  34. HolyMoly Says:

    Hi, thanks so much for your assistance, really appreciate it. Just one more quick question though. Will activating it for the second time (after the bootloader has been changed to 4.6 and the iPhone has been restored) not downgrade the bootloader back to 3.9?

  35. gicalgary Says:

    :oops: Forgive me for the dumb question.

    My iPhone suddenly started to drop the signal after upgrading from 1.1.2 to 1.1.4. I heard that the Bootloader or baseband might be the problem. Could this maybe help this issue?

  36. Multinova Says:

    Hi Gicalgary,

    Yes this might solve your signal problem.

  37. gicalgary Says:

    Hi Multinova;

    I tried it last night, and it didn’t improve my signal problem. :sad:

    I guess I need to find a place to send it to get checked out. :sad:

  38. asa Says:

    Okay – great posting here! I have read so much my eyes are blury!!!!!

    I need some clarification…. please :roll:

    I noticed my iphone was downgraded to the bootloader 3.9 after it was unlocked, jailbroken ect. I took it to a place in Bangkok to have it done so I have no idea how they did it.

    The phone seems to work fine. What would be the correct procedure at this point to change back to the 4.6? You said the battery life could get better and that would be a plus for sure….

    Can you give me the proper steps I should take to do this including the use of bootneuter?

    Thank you in advance!

  39. Multinova Says:


    The easiest to fix this issue is to install bootneuter and then just flash your bb to 4.9. If you like to be safe fro 100% i suggest that you restore your iPhone first to firmware 1.1.4 and unlock it with my iLiberty guide and then install bootneuter and upgrade the baseband.

  40. asa Says:

    Hi Multinova-

    Thanks for the fast resonse. Last question – when I restore I just use the method from itunes by connecting my iphone and clicking on Restore tab? After, then follow your Liberty directions (very good by the way) and then use bootneuter?

  41. asa Says:

    Well – my friend and I were sitting at lunch today and he decided to use BootNeuter first eventhough we were planning on restoring first.

    Good to report we both did it without any problems… :grin:

    For us it greatly improved finding our location on google maps (as you said it would ) and it seems to make other things run faster.

  42. Gyzmo Says:

    Ziphone 3.0 just left that baseband in 3.9_M3S2

    I’ve tried bootloading it, then restoring it… and when I use iLiberty(after upgradeing the Bootloader to 4.6) it keeps popping up
    ‘Wrong Bootloader Version 3.9_M3S2′

    Zibri bstrd!! :evil:

  43. Gyzmo Says:

    i want to cleanse the whole ipod so that it never reads 3.9_M3S2

    EVER Zibri! :twisted:

    any ideas? I’ve tried it all

  44. Christian Pinoy Says:

    Hi there, I got a little delema/question…

    Ok well I got an iphone unlocked/jailbroken with ziphone(the newest version) about 2 months ago.
    I had problems so I restored my iphone and unlocked and jailbroke it with iliberty+.

    My current bootloader version is 3.9_M3S2

    I want to “start fresh” before the new firmware is released.

    Will these steps give me a new fresh iphone.

    1. Bootnueter my iphone back to 4.6 bootloader, with these settings for boot neuter. ( my iphones firmware is 1.1.4.)

    Version: 4.6
    Neuter: On
    Fakeblank: Off
    Unlock: Off

    This will give me a 4.6 bootloader.

    2. Then I just restore it in itunes.

    3. Unlock it and jailbreak it with ilberty+.

    4. Then bam…new iphone unlocked and jailbroken with ilberty+ with the 3.9FB bootloader that iliberty+ gives you, right??

    Are these the right settings, because I basically want to “start fresh”/”virginize” my iphone back to it’s original state and then just unlock/jailbreak with ilberty+..

    Please reply A.S.A.P. want to get this done before new firmware comes out..

  45. Multinova Says:

    You can skip the first step by restoring in iTunes your bootloader will be back to 4.6. Afterwards the steps are correct :)

  46. Diego Says:

    I bought my iphone in november with firmware 1.1.1. I went through the IPSF unlock and now I am up to 1.1.3. I was wondering if I can use pwnage and bootneuter in an IPSF unlocked phone since I am looking forward to the release of pwnage 2.0 so that I can update my firmware. Do you know if these tools can be used with IPSF unlock? i have tried to contact the folks of IPSF but no answer since last november. Your help is much appreciated.

    Thank you

  47. TAz Says:

    can i use bootneuter and update to 2.0 without bricking my iphone. it is unlocked

  48. asa Says:

    no. Must wait for the new update

  49. Sharan Says:

    Iam one of the person whi accidentally updated my iphone firmware to 2.0. After lot of struggle i managed to downgrade it to 1.1.4. i Followed all the process mentioned here. when i finally ran BootNeuter, i got this option – Version 3.9 selected. I kept it as it is and Switched on Neuter and Unlock to ON. and when i selected Flas i got error saying Bootloader Flash Error 1.5.

    I dont know how to resolve this error. If some one can help me Plz…..

    P.S. – i tried to use Ziphone and iliberty+ plus for unlocing initially….


  50. sobrazz Says:

    I have restored my iphone and now running with 1.1.4. But my GSM phone is not working. What must i do. the modem firmware is 04.05.05_G.

    Please help! thanks.

  51. Sharana Says:


    sorry, i mentioned wrong error . The Error which i got is

    Error Bootloader Flash Failed (Error 5)

    Help Needed………


  52. asa Says:

    Sharon u may need to follow big boss fix at www. Sleepers. Net

  53. Raj_india Says:

    Hi I have a issue…i updated my firmware with pwneage 2.0 for upgrading to firmware 2.0 and while the bootneuter was working, i accidentally rebooted my phone and now my phone is a brick? any idea/suggestion how to get back my phone in working condition? I tried to do a factory restore..didnt work, tried to manually do a firmware up to both 1.1.4 and 2.0, still didnt work. its in a brick condition.

  54. Gavin Says:

    Could somebody please explain in words a 4 year old would understand please…….

    How do you put bootneuter on a 1st gen iphone?

    It may sound like a crazy question but I just haven’t a clue, please help, I think I’m losing my mind!

    Gav, Spain.

  55. Multinova Says:


    You need to have firmware 1.1.4 first, then you need to unlock/jailbreak it with winpwn or iliberty. After you have done these steps (which you can find in the beginners guides on top of the screen) you can install bootneuter from installer.

  56. Multinova Says:

    Auuwch, this doesn’t sound good. Can you get the phone into DFU mode ?

  57. Gavin Says:

    Thank you,

    It seems I am going round in circles as I was one of those idiots that upgraded to 7.7 itunes and 2.0 firmware….now I can’t get back to 1.1.4…I have tried all the fixes to no avail.

    Thanks for your help anyway, it explains why I couldn’t find it….


  58. david Says:


    I pwnd my Iphone (1st gen), running 2.0 software with winpwn Worked like a dream everyting. Only my bootloader was 3.9. I heard BL 4.6 was better for batterylife and used bootneuter to flash upgrade. Everything went wrong an my phone is stuck in restore mode (can also get it into DFU mode). Regardless of normal restore mode or DFU mode. I can not restore it. Is this because the bootloader is running a broken 4.6 version and does this mean my phone is f…? Itunes just gives error 1604 when unable to restore.

  59. Jesse Says:

    I just got a used, locked, non-jailbroken iPhone with 2.0 firmware. I successfully ran PwnageTool and Bootneuter, and now I have an unlocked, jailbroken iPhone with 2.0 firmware.

    The thing is, it’s kind of crashy, and it doesn’t have many non App Store apps yet. So I’m thinking I’d like to downgrade to 1.1.4, and unlock/jailbreak that.

    My question is, will it be enough to do the recovery mode restore of 1.1.4, and then follow the normal jailbreaking procedures from there? Or do I have to downgrade my baseband, and once I’ve restored to factory 1.1.4 firmware, re-unlock it in addition to the jailbreaking?

    And if it’s the latter, can I just download the latest Bootneuter from Cydia, and do it straight from my phone, before I get started with the 1.1.4 firmware restore?


  60. Keith Says:

    I’m having the exact same problem, please let me know if you find any answers.

  61. panX!! Says:

    Hey Multinova,
    I had a problem in the past which got resolved after discussing with you..so thats why I thought i’l take your advice for this too cause i’ve made all the efforts to resolve it.
    I have Iphone which was on FW 1.1.4 and was giving me crashing problems so I restored it..and the biggest mistake I did was to restore it to 2.0.l I’ve tried almost all the options available over the net but none works for me. Used all the softwares pwnage, Ziphone, iliberty, Kiphone..all of them but all the procedures give me errors like error 1, 5 & 1601. I’m sure i’m doing it the right way too as it is advised..Uninstalled itunes 7.7, installed itunes 7.5, downloaded al the boot loaders, putting the phone in DFU mode correctly too..but nothing seems to work.
    Can you please help me either with activating FW 2.0 or let me know the procedure for getting back to 1.1.4 which ever may be possible. I am in apple un-supported country. Thanks for your help.



  62. Alex Says:

    Hey Multinova,
    Thanks for being so helpful with iPhone noobs!

    I’d like you to help me out a little bit:

    I originally unlocked my iPhone (1.1.3 OTB) with ZiPhone.
    Then Pwned and upgraded to 1.1.4 and got the “Grey WiFi” and no signal problem :cry: , then used Swifi (from the Dev Team) to fix everything :eek: . I restored.

    Everything worked fine until i got a “Need Repair” message a couple weeks after the Swifi fix and could no longer make calls :cry: .
    So i ran Swifi again and told me there was nothing to fix. I still wasn’t able to make calls! :???:

    So i decided to relock and un-neuter the Bootloader and BaseBand and then re-unlock and re-neuter the Phone using BootNeuter. Everything worked like a charm, i could places calls, etc :eek: .

    A week wen’t by and got the “Need Repair” message once again and lost cellular signal (no calls) :sad: , I repeated the re-lock un-lock with BootNeuter and once again everything worked great :eek: .

    Depending on how much I use the phone, the “Need Repair” message appears in one week or less, it’s rather annoying to downgrade and upgrade Bootloader and Baseband so often :neutral: . Is there any definitve fix to this problem???


  63. Multinova Says:

    can you tell me what bootloader you are using?

  64. Alex Says:

    I believe i’m using 4.6 BL

    I have checked it, im on 4.6 BL which is neutered and fakeblanked also with the baseband unlocked
    Any help is very much apreciated
    Any knowledge you can give me to further understand the problem will be great!

  65. chellebee Says:

    my iphone is unlocked and now all of a sudden it says “iphone cannot make or recieve any calls bootneuter” what do i do????? PLEASE HELP

  66. zodiac Says:

    Hi Gyzmo

    Thanks God I’ve found a person in the same situation. Me 2 hate Zibri and I get the same message, did the same procedure. Were you abel to figure out a way to restore the baseband?


  67. Dr. Tapan Ghosh Says:

    i have a small query. i am using 1st gen. iphone in India. it was on version 1.0.2 and hacked. now i have ipwned and upgraded it to version 2.0 and everything is running smoothly. the bootloader is 3.9 and i have bootneuter installed. my questiones:
    1. can i flash the bootloader to 4.6? (i am scared reading David’s post on 7.26.2008!)
    2. if even it is successful, will i loose any data after flashing?
    3. will anything affect if i upgrade itunes beyond the current version 7.1.1 whenever that is available in future?

  68. MAX Says:

    I need your help

    Since last 48 hours I am burning my ass just to restore my iphone from 2.0 to 1.1.4. which i did by mistake I tried restoring 1.1.4 version from itunes 7.5 and jailbreak it from ziphone.org (zibri) which previously worked for me but this time it restored my phone but there is no netowrk (NO SERVICE) message and my sim dosent work :-( after doing lots of search i found your website and your guide to unlock the iphone with iliberty and few more tools
    I burned my eye many hours reading all the message posted by you on how to do it i tried all possiblities but the problem still exist


    1) Downloaded 1.1.4 version from apple site (size around 162 mb)
    2) Restore it with iTunes 7.5 got the error at the last (i guess 1015)
    3) use standard iLiberty option to unlock the iphone but nit just got unlocked as it got with Zibri application the problem still continues (NO SERVICE)
    there is still no netowrk

    after i did some rnd again with your message board came to know about bootloaders and bootneuter

    first i tried bootneuter Result : not successful some (05) error
    tried diffrernt option with bootneuter again no success :-(

    then i tried to fine my bootloader version and i noticed its 3.9_M3S2
    thre is noway i fount to replace it i gues the problem is with this 3.9_M3S2
    bootloader cause when ever i try to flash option in iLiberty or downgrade/upgrade option with say the bootloader is not 4.6 or 3.9 it just detect it as 3.9_M3S2 and then just abort the option

    I am also aving problems with WiFi

    I am smart enougf to understand the way you will guide me please help me out to get my sim network back I am in no garuntee and I am located in India. iPhone is not yet launched in India so many few people use it here

    expecting the earlist responce so that i can get back to other work
    already lost all data in my iphone :-( Photos, Videos, Application, Data


  69. MAX Says:

    Just now i did used ziPhone Patched by kIREmK and di some black and white thing on my screen even tho i didnt got through with my sim network problem i discovered that i am getting a new message popup on my screen….


    Please Help

  70. MAX Says:

    I have 3.9_M3S2 on 1.1.4 with 04.04.05_G Baseband

    Is there anyyy way I can change my bootloader 3.9_M3S2 to 3.9 I fell this might solve my problem please help me

    Just now noticed I also lost all my contacts data :-(

    HELP ME!!! PLEASE………..

  71. MAX Says:

    OPPS, I DID IT AGAIN :-) I just solved my problem myself all alone :-)

    After I used ziPhone Patched by kIREmK I just selected all the reflash baseband option from iLiberty and shocking me it was my last step
    just got my network back of my sim I hope this tips might help someone
    to fight with same problem remember a guy like me who plays with computer since last 12 years tooked 48 hours just to unlock my iphone it meens its not easy its time consuming and it need pacience


    BYE GUYS, HAPPY RnD to you all………. Keep Smiling……. :-)


  72. asa Says:

    Well Max it seemed you have been working hard on these posts… :lol:

    However, I wouldn’t advise using ziphone any longer and just stick with Winpwn… http://www.winpwn.com also multi has many guides to explaine how to use it. This is the latest and safest….

  73. Sandy Says:

    Hi guys –

    I am one of those unlucky ones in India who was lucky initially to get my hands on a new iphone (2G) before its release in india. I accidently upgraded it to 2.0 and locked my phone. I am struggling like crazy from past 48 hours to get it back. I followed all the steps on iClarified to first get it to 1.1.4 then ran winpwn without any luck, then tried iLiberty with some luck. I was able to turn on the iphone, but now it doesnt recognize the sim. I tried running bootneuter but it gives the dreaded Error: 5.
    Its on 1.1.4 but hte firmware is: 04.05.04_G

    Please please please tell me what to do next! I hope I dont have to go through some long process of restoring using winpwn / iliberty…. i am so tired and just want to see my iphone working again… please help!! much appreciated.


  74. zodiac Says:

    Hi Sandy
    I was stuck like you some weeks ago. I was not able to create a custom ipsw (failed to create ipsw message). Then I found the most simple and eficient way. Go and find a custom image (ipsw) in the web and restore your phone over itunes in DFU mode with shift-click referencing the custom image. After that everything was just great.


    The last thing was edge config (I tried the SSH way but did not work). This one is just great:


    hope this helps

  75. zodiac Says:

    oh and Sandy…. I was tired too, almost nightshifts. this is by far the most efficient way.


  76. Sandy Says:

    Hi Zodiac – I am sorry but i didnt quite understand what i should do next? thanks.

  77. Zodiac Says:

    Hi Sandy

    Aparently the moderator deleted one of my posts!

    Go and find a custom 2.0 ipsw file (there are plenty of them in the web, just make sure it’s got what you need in it). Just google with “iPhone1,1_2.0_5A347_Custom_Restore.ipsw”

    Go here:

    Start at step 16 and use the downloaded custom ipsw file


  78. MAX Says:

    just leave your cell number on this message board i will give you miss call then just call me back i’ll solver your problem for bsure cause i have already done lots of research on this best of luck

    i will check this message board again at night india time and will look for your cell number

    bye Sandy

  79. Sandy Says:

    Hi Max and Zodiac – thanks for offering to help.

    i will definitely explore the option and see if i get to unlock my phone.

    hey max – my number is +91 98228 56326 … am waiting for your call. thanks. sandy

  80. greg Says:

    hi can anyone help me! i upgraded to firmware 2.0.2 on i tunes, used quickpwngui to jailbreak. and used bootneuter to unlock my iphone. but when i insert any sim card i get service, but i get error message appear saying (different SIM detected please connect to itunes) and my iphone will not let me do anything else until i take out sim card. ps i can recieve incoming calls but leaves me on screen saying slide for emergency??? please can anyone help???????????????????

  81. Sandy Says:

    Hi Zodiac – Thanks for your advice. I managed to install the “iPhone1,1_2.0_5A347_Custom_Restore.ipsw” and now my phone is up an running. thanks again for the help.

  82. Justyn Says:

    Greg, I am having the same damn problem. It says I have to connect to iTunes, but when I do, iTunes gives me an error saying the SIM card is not supported. Has anyone found out what the cause is or the work-a-round? Help someone.

  83. Rizan Says:

    hey dude plz help me man….cuz my iphone jus 2weeks since i bought it aftr i upgrade to v2.0 i witot knowing played with bootneuter i changed the version to 4.6 and now my phone is stuck on the apple logo….i cant find a way to fix it…though i installed older version of firmware plz help me man it wil b so helpful..plz email me rizan666@hotmail.com as soon as possible ok..thankx hope u wil help.

  84. Palikwihi Says:

    Hi there, i have a problem, i upgraded to fw2.1 no problem. Everything works fine.
    Then i noticed that my edge is not working anymore. It was working perfectly on 2.02. Since i upgraded to 2.1 it says not connected.In bossprefs it says N/A, no ip. is this something with my phone or the fw2.1?? is there a solution for this? i tried restoring i did quickpwn they all go good except the edge/gprs connection.


  85. stephen Says:

    well i need help here i jus got the iphone 3g phone i need a lil more help understanding how to unlock the phone i’ve downloaded the fmware 1.1.4
    i also downloaded the zihone software, i have the winwn1.0 rc1 im so confused can any1 help me

  86. stephen Says:

    hey sandy i also downloaded iPhone1,1_2.0_5A347_Custom_Restore.ipsw to my desktop but im a lil stuck now i dont know how to unlock my phone with it can u help me email me at greeneyez071416@hotmail.com….thank u

  87. winton Says:

    Hey i just upgraded to 2.2 on the old iPhone and unlocked/jailbreaked it with osx QuickPwn.

    But with my att go phone SIM it doesn’t get any service.

    So I tried running bootneuter but it just freezes after it checks for my current settings.

    What should I do?

  88. Fred Says:

    exactly the same issue as Winton, any solutiuons yet?

  89. Winston Says:

    I finally just downgraded to 2.0.2 and ran bootnuter from there.

    Now it works fine, though it is kind of lame to have the old firmware. It also might work with 2.1, but I never upgraded to 2.1 and didn’t want to bother downloading the IPSW file.

  90. Cretzu Says:

    hey i tried to instal a firmware it worked i tried to jailbreak an after finsihing it stuck at bootneuter “please wait determining current settings…”

  91. khalid khan Says:


    can i unlock r downgrade 3g i phone with baseband version 02.30.02 if yes how can i follow the above instruction


  92. kez0 Says:

    I installed bootneuter and it gets the settings but just freezes. I dont get the option to hit the flash buttton because of it freezing. any ideas? thanx

  93. macattack Says:

    I have the same thing….
    Back story: I pwned it and had it working perfectly and nicely customized, but i didn’t unlock it when i originally jail-broke it. So I wanted too now… installed cydia, installer and everything, but none of the step tutorials seem to work. Using pwnage (mac) to create the custom ispw files, wouldn’t restore properly to the iPhone. Using quickpwn for windows to and following the steps to unlock it, it would say that it completed the process successfully, but when i put in a sim card from another carrier it would say: “different sim card detected” and it would want to connect to iTunes which would then say that the sim isnt supported.
    I installed bootneuter from cydia, it would look for the settings, then it would freeze right there on the loading screen. I dont have the option of hitting flash. It would say:
    Bootloader version: 3.9
    Neuter = on
    fakeblank = off
    unlock = on
    But it would freeze on that screen. I would need to have to reset my phone to get it out of there.

    What can i do?

  94. Andy Says:

    this soft is not for new iphone, its for old iphone with bootloader 3.9 now, my iphone comes with bootloader 6.02 its even harder to downgrade..this guy should continue his job cos he can flash the bootloader which dev team couldnt do it till now

  95. Craig Says:

    I have a 2g iPhone with 3.1.2 installed. I got it jailbroken, but now I want to unlock it…any idea how to do that?

  96. Aws Says:

    No, you can’t unlock the 2g iPhone with 3.1.2 installed. Nobody can.

  97. blueuser Says:

    LAST COMMENT IS WRONG. You *can* unlock the 2g iPhone with 3.1.2 installed. I just did it.

    1) Start with 2g iPhone. I’m assuming that you already have firmware version 3.1.2 installed (maybe because you put the iPhone in recovery mode and iTunes restored it to that version, or maybe you “accidently” updated).

    2) Jailbreak the 2g iPhone using blackra1n RC3 from blackra1n.com (RC3 was released Nov 3, 2009).

    There should be several tutorials out there for this step. Note that “jailbreaking” is not the same as “unlocking”. Jailbreaking lets you install custom applications on the iPhone, and unlocking allows you to “unlock” your iPhone to use different SIM cards, like TMobile instead of AT&T in the USA. However, you need to “jailbreak” your phone to “unlock” your phone (You use a custom application to do the “unlock” step on 2g’s. On 3g and 3gs phones, the “unlock” step is available directly from the blackra1n app that is installed on your iPhone after you jailbreak it).

    3) Your phone has to be connected to a wifi network to do the unlocking step, at least the way I figured out how to do it. Make sure you can successfully complete a google search on your iPhone’s web browser, to verify wifi is working correctly. If wifi isn’t working, go to Settings > Wifi to check your wifi settings or find a local wifi network to join. Some people have trouble after the blackra1n jailbreak with wifi connections. You may have to Google about how to get wifi working again after blackra1n, there are several posts on it — i think you just have to do a “Network Reset” or “Network Settings Reset” which is located in the “Settings” application of the iPhone somewhere. I DID NOT HAVE TO DO THIS. I JUST HAD TO SELECT MY HOME’S WIFI NETWORK.)

    4) After jailbreaking and making sure your wifi connection is working, go to the blackra1n application on your iPhone, and install “Cydia”.

    4) Once Cydia is installed, you will need to use a tool called BootNeuter which you can install through Cydia (which was originally designed for iPhone firmware version 1.1.4, but still works even on iPhone firmware version 3.1.2).

    To do this, find a tutorial online about how to use BootNeuter / what settings to use.

    I used the tutorial here:

    That redmond site also has some tutorials for the jailbreaking step that may be useful if you’re not familiar with the “jailbreaking” process, which is required at step 2 above.

    I am successfully using a 2g iPhone version 3.1.2 firmware on TMobile in the US.

  98. blueuser Says:

    By the way, it was very difficult and tedious to peice everything together to get it to work.. googling about, understanding what blackra1n was and how to use it, finding the right tutorials, realizing that the 2g version of the phone isn’t unlocked by blackra1n but IT CAN BE unlocked in 3.1.2 by using the older “unlock” application BootNeuter, and then restarting the phone and hassling with the tutorials several times trying to get the phone to work. When in doubt, try rebooting the phone and/or reinstalling the application that is giving you trouble (whether that means restoring the iPhone to 3.1.2 through iTunes or that means uninstalling and reinstalling a Cydia application within the iPhone).

    Also, it may be helpful to know how to restart your phone if it truely gets “stuck”/”frozen” for more than say 10 minutes, and pressing the “home” button on the iPhone doesn’t do anything, and pressing the “sleep/wake” button on the iPhone doesn’t do anything. First, try powering down the phone by holding down the “sleep/wake” button (the button on the top-right of your phone) for about 5-10 seconds. A red slider should show up on the screen and you slide this slider to the right to force the phone to power down. You can then turn the phone back on.

    If that doesn’t work, you can try “force restarting” the phone, by holding down both the top-right “sleep/wake” button, and the bottom-middle “home” button at the same time for about 10 seconds. The phone should eventually just “flash” off, then turn back on and the Apple logo will show as it starts back up.

    If all is lost and neither of these seems to work, or your phone is stuck in a sort of loop and just goes to the same thing even after a “force restart”, then you’ll want to do some googling on how to “recover” / restore your iPhone. Part of this process involves putting your iPhone into recovery mode:

    To put your phone into recovery mode.. you can google for how to do this. Briefly, (assuming your iPhone is already on) while your iPhone is plugged into your computer and iTunes is running, you hold down both the top-right button of the iPhone (the sleep button), and the bottom-middle button of the iPhone (the home button) until the phone turns off. HOWEVER, unlike a “force restart”, you stop holding down the “sleep/wake” button right when the phone turns/flashes off, but you KEEP holding down the HOME button for about 10 seconds, typically until the screen shows a logo where it looks like an iPhone USB cord plugging into the iTunes logo or something. iTunes should recognize the iPhone is in the “recovery mode” and say say by prompting you with a message/alert about this. It may require you to allow it to “check” the iPhone version first, and then it may prompt you that the iPhone is in “recovery mode”.

    Hopefully you don’t/won’t need these last few steps/tricks, but these are things that I’ve run into / learned in my history of working with iPhones.

  99. Scotty Says:

    Ok I am waaaay out of my league here I have a 2g 3.1 and am wanting to get rid of the bugs from the last update.
    Will this help me?
    Should I update to 3.12?

  100. Vando Says:

    Hi everyone can help me? After upgrade 2g (firmware 1.1.4 on baseband 04.04.05_G) iphone to 3.1.2 jaibreaking used PwnageTool 3.1.4 (baseband 04.05.04_G). The iPhone 2g can’t detect my home wifi network.
    Please can anyone assist me?????????

  101. gavriella Says:

    after i finish flashing it and put my sim card in, it says tmobile in the corner but i still continues to say “different sim” and “connect to itunes” help please!!?

  102. nicole Says:

    so I’m completely and utterly incompetent when it comes to this stuff,
    but i JUST bought this iphone and its not compatible with rogers,
    which of course is who my current contract is with.
    I DLed blackra1n, and got cydia, then got this bootneuter 2.1,
    Hoping to unlock my phone evetually getting to this anysim compatability thing,
    but when ever i open bootneuter it just like freezes…
    I cant select neuter fake black or unlock.
    it just stops :(

  103. Brandon Says:

    hey im sure therse is lots of people that upgraded well i just happen to get ahold of a 2G its got firmware 3.1.2 well i am not sure whats its called jailbreak/unlock i used blackrain to be able to use the phone but now i need to make it where i can use ANY sim card .. not sure how to do this please someone help please email me jokerhdc@yahoo.com thanks hope someone can help

  104. ScottD Says:

    Ok, here is my problem. I just put my cingular sim in a Iphone 3G with latest version of the Iphone Software 3.1.2 and Jailbroke and hacked with Blackrain and the only problem I have is no data connection. When I use Redsnow it asked for my bin files and I had no problem with 3.0
    What do I have to do to make this work?

  105. Gus Says:

    Were you able to find a solution to what you said?

    mine still says the “different sim” and “connect to itunes” with the tmobile in the corner =/

  106. Gus Says:

    email me if you have a solution, please?


  107. Calvin Starnes Says:

    Is it safe to delete the bootneuter app off your iPhone once you’ve flashed and unlocked your phone? I had a fully updated 2G to 3.1.2 that I bootneutered and now I want to get rid of the app if I no longer need it.

  108. Sara Says:

    I unlock 3G iPhones alot, but latly have been doing 2G. Why am I getting an ERROR 2? I have successfully done 2 iPhones, on my third one I keep getting this. And some CommCenter message…Any help? Thanks

  109. Rizan Says:

    hi multinova,
    my prblm is tht when i upgraded my iphone to 2.0 and i didnt know anything abt this bootneuter thingy..but i by mistake went into it and pressed another version of BL then it said phone is flashing and then restarted and it was stuck on the apple logo forever i tried all the ways of restoring the firmware but never worked out..it says error when restoring.and my phone is 2G 8GB.. and it remains a brick for 3yrs.i used only a week.so worried..Search all over the net nothing worked out.Wish u can help me out plz plz….It wud b so so helpful if u could plz help me..im expecting ur reply.plz help me out fix this thing.plzzz

  110. lisa Says:

    i got a iphone that was unlocked but when i put it into my itunes it asked me to upgrade to the new software 3.1.2 or somethng like that, so i did.
    noy my iphone is telling me to insert a at&t sim card and i obviously dont have one. what can i do to fix this ?
    please help mee..

  111. Sib Says:

    yo, can u tell me if I can downgrade my baseband somehow??
    I got an iPhone 3G and my baseband is 04.05.04_G and i don’t get no service anymore since i once upgraded it to the latest version, which was a big mistake!!

  112. Peter A Says:

    PLEASE HELP. I am currently runnin a 3.1.2 Blackra1n jailbroken 2g iphone.

    but i want to unlock my phone, buit it doesnt work. it says different simcard inserted….PLEASE HELP …….i ran 3.9 BL and even 4.6 BL but it still doesnt work!


    EMAIL: knowledgeable@hotmail.co.uk


  113. tv Says:

    just got a first gen (silver black 16GB). it has 3.1.2. Jailbroken with Blackra1n) It has an old ATT sim and I thought I could swap my sim in…when I do i get the itunes icon and cable. When I put the old sim in…works fine (no phone though). Any ideas?

  114. huy Says:

    i got same issue with (tv ) i try to put my sim on and i just pop up itines icon and connector that all.i cant even turn off or go in side with any program..ahve any idea please email me let me know..thank you ( leechengx@yahoo.com)

  115. Mario ponce Says:


  116. Dorothy Says:

    Sorry – there was a typo on my last post.

    I tried to update my iPhone to the new OS 3.1 and iTunes will not let me update without signing a 2 year data contract. My phone was unlocked (although I had AT&T for voice calling and no data). Is it too late to unlock my phone again?

    How can I install the OS 3.1 and unlock my phone WITHOUT using iTunes?? Please help!

  117. javi Says:

    can u emial me on how to unlock a iphone to use on my tmobile account.. thanks

  118. Peter Says:

    Hi… followed all the instructions and not working. I have the original iphone 2g, with 3.1.2 and modem firmware 04.05.04_G

    I ran blackrain to put cydia on the phone, then i searched and loaded bootneuter.
    I run bootneuter turning neuter ON and unlock ON, and version 3.9.

    I get error : the bootloader flash failed error 5

  119. deshun Says:

    i have the same issue as tv and huy. phone is jailbroken with blackra1n, bootneuter is set into place and says it is unlocked, place in t-mobile sim and though it says t-mobile in oppose to at&t in the top left corner. the “connect to itunes” screen won’t go away. any suggestions would help.

  120. K'em Says:

    i upgrade my iphone to 3.1.3 unknow to me that it can not be unlock plese help me with solution.

  121. telo Says:

    i updated an iphone 2g to 3,1,3 too, I know how to unlock it I just need a binary code baseband bootloader 3.9 and 4.6. Do anyone knows where can I find these two?

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