Apr 12

Now this is a very very interesting little app.

Imagine you’re going on a trip to a certain city, but you don’t want to cary a gps around, then this app is your friend.

It lets you save a map or a route for later viewing.
I know that some cities have town covered wi-fi, but a lot of cities don’t, and if you have a map of where you’re going … you can always find your way :)

How does it work?

You browse the map you’d like to save with the google maps iPhone app.
Then you start the app, and save the current sqlite file (in my case it is Westvlaanderen).

Now when you’re offline (not connected to wi-fi or gprs) you can still use that map or any other map you have saved.

The same goes for routes :)

If you ever need to backup your maps, the maps are located at /var/mobile/Library/Cache/MapTiles/.

Ok let’s have a look at how this works.

Before you install the Maps Offline app, make sure you installed the Jiggy runtime first.

1) Let’s start by installing the Jiggy runtime (javascript) first. You can find it in the development category.

2) Now Let’s begin with installing Maps Offline, you can find it in the Utilities category.

3) Let’s start the app.

4) After startin the app, you’ll arrive default in the cache map option.

What you can do here is:

Save your current map (the one you have browsed the latest).
The option to restore the backup map you made.
So if you are going to paris for ex.
First you go to the google maps app, browse the map of paris, zoom in and out untill you have covered all streets and everything you might need for your trip.
Then you start the app Maps Offline, and you go to cache, and you save the cache map you have as Paris.
You can do this for all regions you’d like. The same principle goes for the routes.

Now you can use any of your saved maps without being connected to the net.

This little app is available in the Installer.app through the Big Boss packaging source, see our sources page.

The updated screenshots for version 0.20 are here


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14 Responses to “Save google maps with Maps Offline for later viewing”

  1. Bux Says:

    would be better if you could put the map files together to make 1 big offline database but still a gr8 app… nice work

  2. Neil Conway Says:

    Hi Multinova, thanks for the post on maps offline. I have maps offline installed, saved a map of Sydney and jiggy says it has successfully restored Sydney from the cache. BUT WHERE IS IT?? You finished off by saying “now you can use any of your saved maps without being connected to the net”. Can you explain how to find your restored map from the cache?
    Many thanks neil

  3. Multinova Says:


    The moment you restore your map it just copies your old cache data back to your google maps application. So when you open the Maps app you will be able to browse it just as you would when you’re connected.

  4. drezziphone Says:

    Well, I did as explained here but once I go back to maps while offline… I do not find any cached map. as I understand, as for neil. sure you don’t need any other app to run maps offline?

  5. Multinova Says:


    you first need to browse the map while you’re online. Browse it untill all pages load without waiting.
    Then start maps offline, you will see that your mapTiles.sqlitedb will be big.

    Now press the save button and name the map like you’d like.

    Now disconnect your wireless, and go to the map apps. Tap the map you backuped, so it’s in your cache.

    Now you can start the google map app and just browse it as you did before.

  6. drezziphone Says:

    What a quick answer! WOW!
    Look, I did from the very beginning all you repeated here, but after loading the saved map in the cache, I just get a gray page in the ‘original’ maps application.

  7. Multinova Says:


    The developer has released an update version. Version 0.20.
    The new version has a direct button launch maps. Maybee this will help you :)

  8. Multinova Says:

    Check out the new small review http://iphonefreakz.com/2008/04/21/maps-offline-v020/

  9. manuel Says:

    hi, do you have a version for Nokia E51?

  10. Ashish Says:

    Hey, I couldnt find jiggy runtime in cydia >> development..
    i am using iphone 4 with ios 4.3.3.. (although i dont think that would make a difference).. pls help.. i really wanna save maps for offline use as here in india there are no public wifi hotspots..

  11. Tom Says:

    I cant find Jiggy too!

  12. WARLORD Says:

    Thank you soooo much :)

  13. Hfl Says:

    I couldn’t find Jiggy either.

  14. noor Says:

    i cant find jiggy. i am using iphone 4s firmwire 5.1.1. what should i do now

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