Apr 07

I’ve had the chance to play a bit with customize v2 beta.

And i must say, the developers are close to a final release.

Most functions seem to work, however i experienced some minor difficulties.


When I installed the app for the first time, it asked me to fill in username + pass and e-mail information.
I complied with this, but the app wasn’t able to create my registration the first time.
I rebooted my iPhone, tried again, and i did pass the registration then.

I also had some issues when browsing themes, when changing some settings and when applying a full theme.

However, customize is now fully operational on my iPhone and it’s good to have it back working under 1.1.3 and 1.1.4.

Here are some screenshots, just until i write the review for the official release v2.0

So that’s it for now, soon full review :)

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