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This is a question that pop’s up frequently.

How do you change the slide to unlock txt and power off txt on your iPhone/ Ipod touch.

If you still have firmware lower than 1.1.3, you can use the Customize app in the installer.

However as customize2.0 is still in beta, we have to do this another way :)

But have no fear i’m here to help you.

1) First of all open make a connection to your iPhone or iPod Touch with FUGU or WinSCP app (for a howto of this go here .

For completeness the username and password are

username :root
p: alpine

2) Navigate to the folder /System/Library/CoreServices/SpringBoard.app/English.lproj on your iPhone/iPod Touch. (if you’re iphone is set to another language, change the English.lproj to your language)

3) Copy the file SpringBoard.strings over to your desktop.

4) As the file is in Binary mode, we need to convert it before editing to XML format.
You can do this on thissite.
After the conversion, the file will be downloaded again to your desktop.

5) Open the file with Notepad or any TXT editor.

5) Search for
slide to unlock

6) Change the Slide to unlock to anything you want eg. Slide me Master. :)
So you have
slide me Master

7) Repeat the above procedure to change the slide to power off.
slide to power off
I will reboot master

8) Upload the file back to your iPhone/iPod Touch.

9) Reboot your iPhone/iPod Touch

10) After the reboot the changes will be visible.


Ps: The file SpringBoard.strings has a ton of other settings you can change, just check it, but be sure to make a backup first on your iPhone of the original file, so you can always go back !!


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38 Responses to “How to change the slide to unlock txt on your screen.”

  1. Victor Says:

    i did exactly the same thing that u said. but when i transfer the file back to my iphone and reboot. it just didnt work. and the unlock thing now appears like AWAY_UNLOCK_…, i even forgot to save the original one. what can i do now? and btw, do i need to convert the springboard.strings file to binary again before i send it to iphone?


  2. Multinova Says:


    Sorry to hear that it didn’t work for you.
    Normally you shouldn’t need to convert it back to binary. The iPhone/iPod touch takes it as xml file also.

    What firmware version are you running?

    Can you send me your file?
    I’ll have a look and see if i can fix it for you.


    Multinova ‘at’ domain above :)

  3. Gurvir Says:

    Can I do this on 1.1.4??

  4. Multinova Says:


    Yes you can, i did it with fm 1.1.4 but i suggest you try the app customize. It can do this also and lot’s more

  5. Gurvir Says:

    Thanks Multinova
    I am a new iphone user and having hard time with installing applications. Almost everything i install doesnt work properly. Do u have any suggestions??

  6. Multinova Says:

    Hi Gurvir,

    Can you be a little more specific please, like what doesn’t work? How
    (what app) did you unlock(ziphone or pwnage or iliberty). Do you have any other issues with wifi or such?
    Did you install the freebsd subsystem?

  7. Gurvir Says:

    I bought it unlocked…So i am not sure what was used to unlock it. I did install the BSD subsystem. There are no issues with wifi. The issues i am having are, for instance, i downloaded this program whose description said that my iphone will vibrate every 15 seconds when i have an unread sms, that didnt work. and then there was a program which was called calld i believe to delete single call enteries that didnt work. And above all the ringtones program is giving me a very hard time.

  8. Maximilian Says:

    Is there any way to add symbols to the unlock bar? I really want it to have something like this: こんにちは.

    I can get the txt file to read the symbols and show them, even as a .strings file but when it goes onto the iPhone it won’t read. Any Ideas ???

  9. Multinova Says:

    Yes it’s possible, but you will need to convert the plist file back to binary to show these characters.
    you will need to install Erica’s Utilities.
    After you done that connect to your iPhone through SSH
    go to the directory /var/root/bin

    there is a file called plutil

    after you have uploaded your modified Springboard file you will need to convert it back to binary with this command

    root# ./plutil –c binary1 /System/Library/CoreServices/SpringBoard.app/English.lproj/SpringBoard.strings



  10. Maximilian Says:

    Wow great! I spent all afternoon trying to achieve this. But you lost me a little at the end. using a mac, how to I convert the file back to binary using that command?

  11. Multinova Says:

    Hi Max,
    On the mac the app is already implemented. you can just use your terminal and use the command plutil

  12. Maximilian Says:

    I’m a little new to this: So I have replaced my modified springboard file back onto my iphone via cyberduck. Now I have opened on my computer the app, Terminal and tried to input the command plutil however i think I’m missing something. Sorry to be annoying but could you walk me through how to convert the file to binary.



  13. Pic van jouw spingboard - Pagina 16 - iPhone Forum - alles over de apple iPhone (in Nederland) Says:

    […] klopt, maar die slider kun je zelf toch maken (How to change the slide to unlock txt on your screen. » iPhone Tips& tricks » iPhoneFreakz). Thema is zeker wel […]

  14. Violet Chen Says:

    hi !
    the site that converts binary apple property list doesn’t work :(

  15. kyle Says:

    I’ve seen some guys phone had his cancel button changed to say something else on the slide to power off screen. Does this process do that because or would this be an icon issue.

    Also i cant get the site to work that transfers the strings file to xml

  16. kyle Says:

    NM wouldn’t you know it the second i post this i figure out what i was doing wrong. All i had to do was grow the ballz to restart my phone.

  17. lakshmesh Says:


    i want to re-position my slide to unlock to some where to middle of the screen.
    reason being, i dropped my phone accidently and t lower bottom area is not working :(

    could you please let me know the steps to do it.


  18. schnedi Says:

    the link in the point 4 doesnt work for me,never,damn what can i do!

  19. Matt Says:

    hey well when i do it it comes up with AWAY_LOCK… and when i goto power off it comes up with something simmilar, what do i do? i’m running 2.1 firmware if possible could you email me as soon as you get a chance please.

    my e mail is: mattyb220992@gmail.com


  20. jonnyboi Says:

    the site for converting from binary form isnt working please help!!!!!

  21. shinigamiboi Says:

    LOL @ THE IPOD’s TIME !!!!

    LEET ! 1337

  22. PAPIII Says:

    i did what you said…i navigated to /System/Library/CoreServices/SpringBoard.app/English.lproj then copied it to my desktop but when i open it and search for AWAY_LOCK_LABEL..it finds it but slide for unlock isnt there…can i send u the file n u change it for me or can you help me!!!

  23. ddddd Says:

    do not kn ow how to convert file to plist mode :?:

  24. juan Says:

    ummmmmmm im a little late but the plist converter site doesnt work can yu help me find another one plese thanx bro

  25. help Says:

    :sad: :sad: :sad: :sad: :sad:
    HELP ME PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. panastros Says:

    download cyberduck for mac

  27. panastros Says:

    then download textwrangler and you won’t need to convert to binary…

  28. owen Says:

    Mac users
    download Cyberduck
    download Pref Setter

    1-use cyberduck to get file
    2-copy SpringBoard.strings to desktop
    3-rename SpringBoard.strings on desktop to SpringBoard.plist
    4-edit SpringBoard.plist with Pref Setter
    5-rename SpringBoard.plist back to SpringBoard.strings
    6-before copying back to iphone, rename SpringBoard.strings on iphone to SpringBoard.strings_old
    7-copy modified SpringBoard.strings to iphone

  29. imPerFecTi0n Says:

    Point 4 de link for conversion is broken? Help pls.

  30. darda Says:

    dude! i did that! but ma label shows that away to unlock! :S using 2.2.1

  31. imPerFecTi0n Says:

    Point 4 de link for conversion is broken? Help pls. I am a Vista User.


  32. Roy Says:

    the site for conversion from binary to XML is not working, could you give me an alternative site please

  33. Roy Says:

    Hi guys, try to downloan plist editor from this site, it works for me

  34. manan Says:

    hey guys …..
    how to convert in xml ..plz send me a link

  35. eleanor Says:

    i’ve linked to my iphone using a usb, following the steps in the other manual (the wifi thing didn’t work for me).
    i can’t seem to find system/… etc from step two though..
    i’m using total commander.
    i’ve never done anyhting like this before so i’m really confused!
    help! thanks.

  36. Andy Says:

    Guys, kindly follow the step-by-step guide as mentioned below. It worked for me. Hope it will work for you also.

    1. Download free plist editor for windows from the following link:
    2. Install the program.
    3. SSH your way to the SpringBoard.strings file as below:
    4. Copy the file to the desktop for editing (the file will be in binary). Dont worry, we will not convert it.
    5. Fire up plist editor and open the file (make sure you select “All Files” option while trying to locate SpringBoard.strings file)
    6. Scroll down to line 61:
    7. Change the parameter in line 62 between [string]YOUR CAPTION HERE[/string] to whatever you like. (keep it short and sweet :)….)
    8. In case you need to change the text during power off in the slider, scroll down to line 409: [key]POWER_DOWN_LOCK_LABEL[/key]
    9. Change the parameter between [string]YOUR CAPTION HERE[/string] on line 410.
    10. In case you want to change the text in lockscreen slider while answering a call, scroll down to line 549: [key]SLIDE_TO_ANSWER[/key]
    11. Change the parameter in line 550 between [string]YOUR CAPTION HERE[/string]
    12. After the changes are done, click on the floppy button to save your changes.
    13. Exit plist editor. While exiting if there is a prompt again to save your file click “yes”.
    14. SSH the new SpringBoard.strings file back to the original location in your iphone.

    Note: Always make a backup of your original SpringBoard.strings file in case something goes wrong.

    Hope I was able to explain you all in changing the texts. Do let me know in case you are successful as well as unsuccessful also, so we can look into other solutions as well.

  37. yes master Says:

    do you know how to get the iphone to say yes master once you unlock it?

  38. Jaggy Says:

    Same with me , Tell me when u get some way out of it

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